Retro Mars Transit In Taurus Soon: Know Economic-Health & Worldwide Impact!

Mars, the red planet, is soon going to enter Taurus in a retrograde motion. This movement of Mars is going to impact all individuals in some way or another. Also, it will have a massive impact on the economy and health worldwide. In this blog today, we are going to cover the date and time of the Retro Mars transit in Taurus, along with its effect on individuals and worldwide impact.

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Let’s begin by knowing more about this transit.

Retrograde Mars Transit in Taurus

As per science, Retrograde motion of a planet is an apparent change in the movement of the planet through the sky. It is not real and the planet does not physically start moving backwards in its orbit. It just appears to do so because of the relative positions of the planet and Earth. But in vedic astrology it holds a huge importance and it majorly impacts people’s lives. Also, it simply means that the planets get diverted and distracted from its part, and the result and impact is also distracted and unexpected. When Mars gets retrograde, it gets a bit tough because Mars is an aggressive and fighter planet. And when a warrior gets distracted and diverted  from its path, it may lead to accidents and mishaps.

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Time Duration Of Retrograde Mars Transit in Taurus

Mars became retrograde on 30 October 2022 at 18:19 hrs in the sign of Gemini and following that, Retrograde Mars Transit in Taurus is taking place on 13 November 2022 at 13:32. It will remain in this sign and get direct in motion on 13 January 2023.

Impact Of Retrograde Mars 

Mars is the Deha Karka and fiery planet. Mars mostly controls all the fiery substances of our body. It controls vitality, physical strength, dedication, motivation to do anything, and energy to complete any task. Therefore its Retrograde is a time when your physical strength begins to slow down and behave weirdly. You may feel a bit irritated and have a sudden burst of anger some time. But being specific for natives, the effect of the transit will depend upon Mars’ placement in the natal chart and the Dasha of the native. 

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Problems Due To Retrograde Mars Transit in Taurus

  • Wrong decision in the Russia and Ukraine war; it can even get worse. Due to this the soldiers will suffer because Mars is the natural Karka for the army and soldiers. 
  • Performance of sports players will get affected and may not perform as per their expectation. 
  • Bad performance of real estate business during this time.
  • In general, people may face problems with their electronic items and vehicles.
  • Not a suitable time for buying and selling of property.
  • In general people also may suffer from a health point of view, especially problems related to blood.

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Retro Mars – Economic Impact

As we all know that Mars is the Karka for land, property real estate and its restoration will bring favorable results in real estate business. Lot of deals can get stuck in the middle due to misunderstanding or unfulfillment of the commitments. Or people in the construction business can face problems due to labor. There could be a tug of war like situation between owners and workers which will lead to delay in projects and financial losses. People in electronic item manufacturing units may face a lot of technical problems during this time.

Retro Mars – Health Impact

As mentioned that Mars is the Deha Karka significator of body and energy, there are very high chances that during this time people will suffer due to ill health and loss of energy. Number of cases of accidents will rise, as we know that cases of dengue are rising and we will see an increase in the number of cases during Mars retrogradation and more people will suffer due to fall in platelet level because it’s a blood related problem and Mars is the Karka for blood. So people are advised to take care of their health and immunity during this time and try to consume jaggery or jaggery made products regularly.

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Retro Mars – Worldwide Impact

Talking on a world level we will see the impact of retrograde Mars on Russia Ukraine War. Wrong decisions can be taken by the country in power like the U.S.A or Russia which can make the situation even worse. Due to this the soldiers will suffer because as mentioned above, Mars is the benefactor for the army and soldiers. 

Talking further on general bases we can see news of many fire accidents that can impact the labels and workers. Many other climate changes can happen mostly in the south direction. Because south is the direction of Mars, so you are advised to keep your south direction clean and junk free.

Easy-To-Follow Remedies 

  • Worship Lord Hanuman and  Chant Hanuman chalisa seven times daily.
  • Respect the labors class people and distribute eatables among them and help them if in need.
  • Offer bananas to monkeys on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • Consume jaggery regularly.
  •  Offer jaggery and peanut sweets in temples.
  • Do blood donation if your health allows.

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