Retro Mars Transit In Taurus (13 Nov): 3 Zodiac Signs Need To Be Cautious!

Mars is a very hot planet. All of the fiery components in our body are under the direction of Mars and the Sun, which is, It is physical strength, determination, and energy to achieve any goal. People that are influenced by Mars will be brave, impetuous, and direct. And now, the Retrograde Mars Transit in Taurus may cause some energy disruption.

The Retrograde Mars will transit into Taurus on November 13th, 2022, which will affect all the zodiac signs in different ways. Mars Retrograde is a phase when your motivation, energy, and physical strength begin to slow down and act strangely. Your temperament might fluctuate a lot and you may feel a bit irritated by minor issues.

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However, this transit of Retrograde Mars in Taurus will have specific impacts on specific natives of the 12 zodiac signs. Don’t worry, this blog by AstroSage will talk about all the effects of this transit of Retrograde Mars into Taurus in detail. To know which sign will have positive impacts and which signs need to be cautious, read our special blog.

Retrograde Mars Transit In Taurus: Date & Time 

According to the Hindu Panchang, this time Mars has gone into a Retrograde motion on October 30, 2022 at 6:19 pm in Gemini, which will later transit into Taurus on November 13th, 2022 at 1:32 pm. Mars will stay in Retrograde Motion in Taurus till January 13th, 2023.

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Retro Mars Transit In Taurus: 3 Zodiac Signs Need To Be Alert!

The change in the motion of planets causes a lot of disturbances in the behavior of every zodiac sign. Some zodiacs have positive effects of Retrograde Transits while others, not so much. Let us learn which signs have to be cautious of their health, behavior, and the people around them during this time period.


  • The natives of Aries must be careful of their tone since this transit of Retrograde Mars will cause a few clashes and fights in their families and work place. They may get irritated at small things and speak in a tone which might be considered rude by their peers. 
  • They could also get into a fight with their partners for being too possessive or cause a misunderstanding in their relationship.
  • There might also be sudden losses in their finances. The Aries folks need to mind their spendings and not start any new business during the Retrograde Mars transit.
  • Students of the Aries sign need to stay focused for this time can be very distracting. There will be no urge or energy to study, however, there will be a constant state of panic inside you to study.

Remedy- The Aries natives should chant Hanuman Chalisa seven times a day.

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  • The natives of Scorpio sign are ruled by Mars. Hence, it is obvious that its retrograde transit will have a huge effect on the people of this sign. 
  • The Scorpios will get aggressive and egoistic at this time, which may cause some arguments and clashes with their peers and partner. Their relationships would get through a lot of hurdles.
  • They can also get pretty protective of their work image which will have them involved in a lot of arguments with their professional partners. This might have a negative effect on their work life.
  • The health of Scorpio natives seems to be degrading. The ups and down in their work and personal life will force them to develop bad eating and drinking habits. Hence, the Scorpios are advised to stay cautious of their health and attitude during the Retro Mars Transit.

Remedy- Offer Goddess Lakshmi red flowers and worship her.

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  • The transit of Retrograde Mars will have a great impact on the health of the natives of Sagittarius sign. Their immunity will be low, causing lack of energy and strength. They will have a hard time trying to cope up with their health.
  • The students of this zodiac will face a lot of distractions. They will lack the will to focus on their academics, which will make them anxious as well.
  • There are chances of overspending due to a sudden, long distance, probably an international journey. The Sagittarius folks should be careful while spending money on this journey.

Remedy- The people of Sagittarius zodiac should consume jaggery on a regular basis.

These 2 Signs Will Have Positive Effects Of The Transit Of Retro Mars


  • It seems to be a very lucky and positive time for Cancer natives! All your desires and wishes will come true and all your hard work and wait will be worth it when you find the result. Your work life will be great but might give you a bit egoistic, don’t let that happen. 
  • Your health will be better during this time. If you were suffering from a disease for a long time, do not ignore it. Take proper treatment for it.
  • Students might be a bit careless and stubborn during the transit of Retro Mars into Taurus. You will face hurdles in your path and blame your peers for your failure. You are advised to concentrate fully on your academics without wasting your energy on things that will prove to be useless for you

Remedy- On a Tuesday, donate sweets and worship Lord Hanuman.


  • The students of Capricorn sign, good times are on your way! Your hardwork will pay off soon and you will have the motivation to achieve more of your goals. Sometimes it may feel like you have no energy or feel directionless, but it will turn out okay in the end. 
  • However, parents of this zodiac sign need to pay attention to your kids. Since they are full of energy during this time, it will be difficult for them to rationalize this energy into something useful. They might end up irritated and annoyed due to this.

Remedy- natives of this zodiac sign should donate red clothes to the needy children.

Survive Retro Mars Transit Using These 5 Easy-To-Follow Tips

Retro Mars transit can lead to irritation, lack of motivation, increase in bullying and gossiping, etc. To survive well through this phenomenon, we can follow these easy tips:

  • Stay determined and goal-oriented to achieve your targets, or else Retro Mars will make you lazy and you will fall behind all your important tasks.
  • All individuals must think thoroughly before reaching any important conclusions and taking prominent decisions. 
  • If you hear any gossip about yourself during this time, take a second opinion instead of reacting right away.
  • You must handle your personal relationships with care, love, and a lot of patience at this time.
  • If you feel anxious or stressed, take a break for yourself. Make your mental health a priority, especially during Retro Mars transit.

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