India’s Kundli & Republic Day : What’s in store for the Future?

This 26th January, India is going to celebrate it’s 72nd Republic day. Both Independence day and the Republic day mark many things with respect to the signs and planets in those signs. Also, if you wish to know about your own future, then you can go ahead and talk to our expert astrologer Acharya Raman.

Let us take a look at the horoscope of India with regards to this Republic Day. 

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In the horoscope, The lagna lord is in the 11th house, it is in conjunction with the Sun and Saturn, the lord of the 6th, 11th and 12th houses. Jupiter is the
Lagna lord. Mars is placed in the second house. Moon is in the 4th house being the lord of the 5th house. Venus the lord of 8th and 3rd is in the 10th house. Mercury is the lord of 4th and 7th house and is in the 12th house.

India is passing through the period of Moon’s Mahadasha(major period) till 21-07-2025, the Antara(sub-period) is of Saturn till 19-05-2021 and the there will be Antara of Mercury. Saturn is in the 11th house, being the ruler of 11th and 12th houses. It is in conjunction with the Sun and Jupiter, the lagna lord. There will be changes in the laws of the nation in the time to come. The laws will be changed for the good of the people at large. 

The government will remain strong willed to bring the changes. There will be a lot of opposition faced by the government but finally the win will be of the government. 

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There are going to be many communication related issues in the year 2021. People will try to spread wrong news and facts amongst the masses which will keep them confused and bewildered. Truth will have to make a really strong effort to come to surface and it will happen only by the efforts of the government. 

Jupiter is manifesting an excellent Neecha Bhanga, so initially there will be problems faced by the government but it will rise as the winner at the end. 

The government will try its best to do good for the masses and people will realize it later but not when all the work will be going on. The opposition will try to confuse people as the third house is occupied by Rahu, they will seem to succeed but will fail in the end.

The finances will improve in 2021 and there will be gains from tax collections, industries, engineering and electrical goods, ammunition etc. Indian Railway will make a new record in the year 2021. The relation of India will improve internationally and Indian army will get a lot of respect for the work it will do in the year 2021. 

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Enemies will be thwarted away. Terrorists will be shown the door to hell by our Army.

There will be a lot of impetur on health and health workers. From Janitors to doctors, everyone will be playing a major role in the year 2021 as the Sun is in direct connection with Jupiter and Saturn. There will be service to humanity given by these people.

India’s Prime Minister will gain a lot of name and fame this year. There will be international accolades for him. There will plots to harm the prime minister but they will all go in vain. 

Overall the year shows blessings, happiness, progress for one and all in the country.

There are many elections scheduled to take place this year and the most popular one is the one which is going to be held in West Bengal where there will be a close fight between TMC and BJP. Recently a TV channel showed that TMC is going to win again this year and Mamata Banerjee will be the ruler of the state again. But I asked a colleague of mine to choose and she chose BJP and gave me a number 137. According to this number, the result may not be exactly what the TV show has propounded and there will be surprises awaiting with regards to Bengal Elections this year. 

The Kisan Andolan/Farmer’s protest is also going on for many days now and no one seems to be in a mood to bend in the farmers but the government has done its best and is still doing what they can. So another friend of mine has asked me when this Andolan will be called off. I asked her to give a number for the timing whether this will end in January or not, so she gave me 240 and again Jupiter and Saturn are in the ruling planets like before when I had tried to predict the fate of this Andolan. So it may linger on for another many days without any major outcome.

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There will be many political conspiracies against the government through the social and electronic media and lies will be spread in the air like water in the milk but they will not succeed after March 2021 things will be in favour of the government.

There will be efforts to propagate certain Hindu Muslim riots, but will not happen in the capacity expected by the bad people.

In sports and Arts, India will do big, particularly in cricket.

Narendra Modi will be the PM in the year 2024 and 2029.

Stock Market will make new records in 2021 and will close in profit in the year ending 2021.

Indian Industries will spread to many other nations and Indian people and products will garner more respect for themselves globally.

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