Republic Day 2020 Special: India’s Kundli Reveals A Lot Of Surprises

Year 2020 marks the 71st celebration of Indian Republic Day, which is being celebrated today, i.e. 26 January, Saturday. The festivities are carried out in full force all over the country, and a sense of patriotism rises within the hearts and minds of Indians all around the globe. Hoisting the national flag of India is a common practice on this day, and people rejoice at the very sight of magnificent parades, acrobatic events, tableaux presentation and dance performances. This year, Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil, has been invited as the chief guest for this event.

Let’s move ahead and know some special facts about this eventful day and what role does Vedic Astrology plays predicting the future of India in 2020.

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Republic Day 2020: What’s Special This Year

With India celebrating its 71st Republic Day in 2020, several new developments have been introduced which are enough to make any Indian proud.

  • Captain Tania Shergill has been announced as the very first Woman Parade Adjutant for 2020 Republic Day parade.
  • Out of 56 tableaux proposals, a total of 22 proposals (16 states/UTs and 6 ministries/departments) are being exhibited at the parade today.
  • A total of 45 flying objects are being displayed by Indian Air Force, out of which there are 16 fighter jets, 10 transport aircrafts and 19 helicopters.
  • Chinook and Apache, two Attack Helicopters, are debuting at today’s event.
  • Contingents of the Sikh Light Infantry, the Grenadiers, Kumaon Regiment, the Parachute Regiment and Corps of Signals are participating in today’s parade.

Astrological Take on India in 2020

Predictions for Republic India in the year 2020 reveal a lot about its political, financial, religious and cultural scenarios. Let’s read how the position of stars and planets affects the country politically, culturally, religiously and fiscally. We have given the kundli of Independent India below to understand the case:


Independent India

(15-8-1947, 0:0:1, New Delhi)

The kundli of Independent India points out the fact that it has a Taurus ascendant and Cancer moon sign. Jupiter is the ruling lord of the eighth and eleventh house and placed in the sixth house, whereas the dominant Yog Karak planet Saturn is posited in the third house while being the ruler of the ninth and tenth house. Let’s know how the kundli and current planetary placement adds to the future of India:

Political Scenario Of India In 2020

The position of Saturn will highly influence the political vibes of the country in 2020 and add to the compatibility. From mid-December 2019 till July 2021, Saturn will undergo its Antardasha during Moon’s Mahadasha. The government will face major opposition from as well as conflicts within the ruling party’s members will arise. Hence, the time can be a bit challenging for the ruling party, since some collaborative parties may also walkout from the union.

Saturn is the significator of justice, and has transited in the zodiac sign Capricorn on January 24, which can lead towards major judicial transformation within the country. Hence, the public won’t face any further delays in court or legal matters, and gain accessibility to policies created by the government. All these acts will help in improving the image of the ruling government, however they need to step up and take drastic steps.

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2020 & Indian Economy

With Indian Economy currently undergoing several ups and downs, 2020 seems to be a significant year to make progress while rising the global charts. Jupiter has transited in Sagittarius on 5 November 2019 and added to the fiscal struggles, however, Saturn in Capricorn on 24 January 2020 has proved to be a blessing in disguise. Also, Jupiter entering this sign (Capricorn) on 29 March 2020 can result in financial growth at a rapid pace. It is during this time that the country’s budget will be announced, where a rise in the defence budget can be witnessed. Also, plans regarding health issues and public life will also be made. India’s foreign trade will grow, leading to good domestic profit. More transparency in the Indian Tax System will be introduced in order to avoid any case of tax evasion.

India In 2020 & Religion

2020 proves to be a year of religious and cultural progress since Jupiter, the representative of religious activities, is placed in its own sign Sagittarius and will move on from there on 29 March 2020. However, there are chances of communal conflicts arising in the country. In such a case, the government needs to remain alert. During this period, India’s defence activities will rise. 

Republic Day 2020 Celebrations

Republic Day is regarded as a national, gazetted holiday in India and observed with utmost respect by Indians all over the world. The main attraction is the Republic Day Parade carried out in Delhi by the Ministry of Defence. This parade normally begins from the Rashtrapati Bhavan, Raisina Hill, Rajpath marching past the India Gate and Janpath, and the salute is taken by the President. Various paramilitary and police forces also showcase their devotion by taking part in the parade. 

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Tableau displays for various states and ministries are also known to be the key highlight of this event. After this, camel and horse march is also being carried out, followed by daring motorcycle displays by CSS and Armed Forces units and flypast by IAF helicopters and jets. Several cultural activities such as regional dances by school students are also carried out. 

This is a yearly event which commemorates the day when the Indian Constitution came into effect. AstroSage wishes you a very Happy Republic Day 2020!


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