Miraculous Friday Remedies to Pacify Venus!

Venus holds the status of a special planet in Vedic astrology. The morning star is considered to be the benefactor of material happiness and marital or love relationship in the horoscope of any person.

If Venus is strongly present in the horoscope of a person, then such a person gets all kinds of material happiness in life. Mata Lakshmi has special blessings on such a person and also the marital or love life remains very pleasant. Obviously, now you must have understood how much effect Venus has on the common life of a human being.

In such a situation, in this article today we are going to give you information about the importance of Venus in Vedic astrology, the effect of weak Venus on the person and ways to pacify the planet.

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Significance of Venus in Vedic Astrology

According to Vedic astrology, the Sun and Moon maintain inimical relations with Venus. On the other hand, Mercury and Saturn are friendly planets of Venus. Amongst all the twelve zodiac signs, Venus is considered to be the ruling lord of Taurus and Libra. When it comes to the Nakshatras, it is the ruling lord of Bharani, Poorva, Phalguni and Poorvashadha Nakshatras. Pisces is considered to be the exalted sign of Venus and Virgo is considered to be it’s debilitated sign.

Let us now move on to find out how the weak state of Venus can impact one’s horoscope. 

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What Happens if Venus is Weak in the Horoscope?

  • If Venus is weak in the horoscope of a person, then the married life of that person’s marital life becomes traumatic.
  • In the event of Venus being weak, quarrels start between husband and wife over trivial matters.
  • In the case of weak Venus, such natives have to live in the absence of material pleasures throughout their life.
  • In the state of weak Venus in the horoscope, the natives have to face mental and social troubles.
  • When Venus is weak in the horoscope of men, their sensual powers are affected.
  • If Venus is in a weak position in the horoscope of women, then such a woman has to face the brunt of unwanted abortion.
  • Weakness of Venus brings poverty in the life of the person.
  • Due to the weakening status of Venus, the natives have to face eye and kidney related diseases.

Now, below are certain remedies which can be implemented to pacify Venus. 

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Remedies to Pacify Venus

First Remedy

Cleanliness is very dear to Shukra Dev. In such a situation, if the grace of Venus is water, then start keeping your body clean. Take a bath daily and wear clean clothes. Venus will be pleased. Along with this, maintain the cleanliness of your house and especially the bedroom. Take a bath by adding cardamom to the bathing water and while taking bath keep chanting the mantra :- “oṃ drāṃ drīṃ drauṃ saḥ śukrāya namaḥ”/ “ॐ द्रां द्रीं द्रौं सः शुक्राय नमः” 

Second Remedy

Worship Lord Shiva on Friday. On this day, wake up early in the morning and worship Lord Shiva after wearing clean clothes and offer white sweets and white flowers to him. Venus can also be pacified this way.

Third Remedy

The favorite colors of Shukra Dev are white and pink. In such a situation, it is quite auspicious to wear white or pink clothes on Friday. If you travel somewhere, keep a white handkerchief in your pocket, the journey will be successful. Donate white things like milk, curd, sweets, clothes etc. on Friday. Shukra Dev will be pleased with you. Even by feeding fodder to a white cow or bull on Friday, Shukra Dev or Venus can be appeased.

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Fourth Remedy

Seek blessings from small girls on Friday and also offer food to them. Donate clear white objects in charity such as white clothes, toys, pens etc. Do not forget to touch the feet of girls after the Kanya Poojan. Try to feed a needy girl on this day. Venus will give special results after performing these remedies.

Fifth Remedy

Keep fasts on Friday. Try to stay on a fruit diet on this day. If there is more problem, then rock salt can be used. Recite Lakshmi Suktam on this day. Due to this, the deity of Venus is very happy.

Sixth Remedy

You can also wear a silver ring to please Venus. Many people also wear Platinum. At the same time, some people also wear diamonds to appease Venus. But you are advised to take the advice of a learned astrologer before wearing any gemstone. Such natives can also wear six-faced or thirteen-faced Rudraksha.

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