2023: Performing These Remedies On The First Day Of 2023 Will Bring Immense Luck!

The year 2022 flew by in what seems to be a number of days and is about to end pretty soon. With its end, our mind goes toward a very common question– “How will 2023 treat me?” This is pretty obvious to think since everyone wants the upcoming year to be good for them, better than the previous one, to treat them with the blessings of goddess Lakshmi, along with peace, satisfaction, and happiness in their families. This is the reason why most people visit a temple on new year’s day. It is believed that any work started on the first day of the new year will always be successful and give auspicious results throughout the year.

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We know you want the upcoming year to be a good one with lots of luck and progress. Hence, AstroSage has brought this blog to you with lots of remedies and rituals to follow in order to bring happiness and prosperity into your household in 2023! But before that, let us learn about the things one should not do at the beginning of the new year.

Avoid Doing These Things On The New Year’s Day 2023

  • Avoid having fights and quarrels in your house or disrespecting the elders as the new year begins. Try to avoid any sort of unrest.
  • Do not wear black clothes on the first day of 2023 and married women should avoid wearing white clothes. It is believed that using these colors on the first day brings trouble for the whole year.
  • Avoid consuming non-vegetarian food and alcohol on the first day of the year. It is believed that consuming these things brings financial crisis to the household.

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  • Make sure you neither lend someone else money nor take a loan yourself on the first day of the new year as it displeases Goddess Lakshmi. 
  • Avoid using scissors or sharp objects on this day in any form, nor should these things be brought home.
  • Make sure you don’t have your purse empty on the first day of 2023 since it is believed that the person has to face financial difficulties throughout the year.
  • On the first day of the year (January 01), do not keep any cupboard or vault empty, as it invites negative energy in the house.
  • Avoid keeping the house dark in the new year, because it is believed that doing so on the very first day of the year brings negativity to the house.

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These Remedies Will Bring Good Luck This New Year 2023!

Saffron Tilak

Applying saffron tilak is considered very auspicious for people with jobs. On the first day of the new year, after taking a bath, apply saffron tilak on the forehead and navel. This makes sure there are no obstacles in your career. 

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The color green

On the first day of the new year, wear green clothes or you can also keep some green things in your office. It brings progress and removes hurdles in your professional life.

Chant the Gayatri Mantra

Chanting the Gayatri Mantra 31 times daily at the beginning of the new year will get you a good job and promotion. You will not only get mental peace, but also you will see good growth in your career. 

Offer Chola to Lord Hanuman

On the first day of the new year, worship Lord Hanuman and offer a Chola to please him. According to astrology, Chola must be offered at least twice a year.

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Plant Tulsi in your house

Tulsi is considered to be the most sacred plant in Hinduism. It brings positivity into the household it resides in. It is believed that by worshiping and performing Aarti of the Tulsi plant daily, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu are pleased and bestow their special blessings on their devotees. Hence, plant Tulsi in your courtyard on new year’s day, worship it and light a lamp in the evening. 

Use a coconut this way

As per the scriptures, a coconut can ward off the evil eye. On the first Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday of the new year, take a coconut and take it off yourself and your family members eleven or 21 times and then drown it in water. This can be done once every six months. With this, one gets rid of diseases and Doshas along with evil eyes.

Perform this rice remedy

Rice grains are considered very auspicious in Hinduism and are also called ‘Akshat.’ If you are facing financial issues, keep seven grains of rice in your purse. Doing this will stop you from spending money unnecessarily and will improve your financial condition as well. Apart from this, donating rice to the needy is also considered fruitful.

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