Remedies to Avoid a Potential Financial Crunch!

Given  the current time and situations, each and every native wants to remain in the possession of extensive riches, comforts and luxuries. The primary reason behind this is to take care of all the needs and necessities of their domestic lives. But no matter how much hard work they do, things don’t work out sometimes. The likelihood of a financial crisis remains quite high at all times. People end up losing their wealth in one way or the other. A debt like situation obviously follows. This obviously means that a financial crisis is always on the cards regardless of the time. 

According to astrology, this is due to the effect of malefic planets being seated in the birth chart of the native. Because of this, some people have to keep facing money related problems in their life. In such a situation, the native can put an end to such planetary defects residing in a person’s Kundli/horoscope, so that he/she can be diagnosed with the persistent financial constraints and can make his/her life happy and blissful once again.

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According to the science of astrology, the second house of one’s horoscope and it is also taken into account to know about one’s savings and accumulated wealth. Along with this, the eleventh house of the Kundli also determines one’s income and profit, while the twelfth house represents expenditures and losses. All these three houses are related to money. If these three houses are in a strong state in the Kundli, then the economic life of the person remains happy. If there is a conjunction of Rahu with the crescent moon in the eleventh house of the Kundli, then financial difficulties will always remain constant in such a person’s life.

Such natives have money in handy, but due to not being able to use it properly in life, they always come into terms with a financial crunch like situations. Along with the planets, one more probable reason for this could be the Vastu Dosha present in the house. Sometimes the native may not get proper and desired fruits of hard work, and Vastu Dosha can be the reason behind this. Let’s now move on to take a look at how you can overcome your financial troubles in accordance with the planets and Vastu Dosha. 

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Yogas which Propagate Financial Difficulties

Kemdrum Yoga

If there is no planet in both the next and previous houses where the Moon is present in your Kundli, or in the Kundli when the Moon is in the second or  twelfth house and there is no inauspicious planet in the front and backward phases of the Moon, then Kemdrum Yoga gets created. Due to this Yoga, the person is troubled by lack of money throughout his life.

Daridra Yoga 

If the lord of the eleventh house in any birth chart is situated in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house of the planet, then there is a presence of the Daridra Yoga in such a Kundli. The economic condition of the natives who come under the strong influence of Daridra Yoga remains weak throughout their life and such natives have to face financial crises many times in their life.

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  • If one offers raw milk to a Banyan Tree for 43 days and if he/she begins this task from Guru Pushya Nakshatra onwards, then the financial crisis propagated from the inauspicious planets sitting in the Kundli can be dealt with.
  • If there is a conjunction of Rahu and Moon in the Kundli, then in such a situation, the person will get rid of the problem of financial crisis and one should also start offering sugarcane juice to Lord Shiva for 21 days starting from Monday.
  • Whenever you go for a bath on Thursday, put a pinch of turmeric in the bathing water and take a bath with this water. If possible, offer some water to the banana tree and worship it. This will yield economic benefits.
  • If the statue of Lord Vastu Dhan Kubera and Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped daily in the household, then the person gets freedom from financial constraints.

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  • In order to make the position of Jupiter strong and auspicious in your Kundli, offer yellow Oleander flowers to Lord Shiva every morning.
  • Keeping the idol of Panchmukhi Hanuman ji in the south west direction of the house and worshipping him regularly removes all kinds of financial troubles.
  • If you worship black turmeric and keep it in the altar and worship it every day, then the economic problems surrounding your life can come to an end instantly.
  • By dipping a lotus leaf in ghee and offering it to Goddess Lakshmi, the financial troubles in one’s life are over.

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