These Planets Will Delay Your Marriage- Note Astrological Remedies!

Each parent wishes for their child to marry at the right time, right age, and with the right partner. They worry about this all the time and it increases when their children become eligible for marriage and they face a lot of problems getting married. There can be several reasons for a delay in marriage. Oftentimes, the marriage gets broken during the preparation while other times, the things don’t go as planned. It becomes difficult for anyone to find out the reason behind these problems. According to Vedic Astrology, one of the various reasons for the delay in marriage can be planetary defects (Doshas). 

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Several planets in one’s birth chart create problems in marriage-related matters. One can find these planets by analyzing their birth chart. So, if you are able to understand those planets and perform some astrological remedies then you will be able to get rid of all the problems coming in your marriage. So, moving ahead with the same idea, we are going to be telling you about the planets that create a problem for marriage, and along with this, we are going to tell you some remedies that will help you fight against these problems. 

Biggest Reason Behind The Obstacles In A Marriage

These Houses Can Create Problems In Your Marriage

According to Vedic Astrology, when in a birth chart, there is Dasha or Antardasha of the seventh house, Dasha or Antardasha of the planets situated in the seventh house, or Dasha or Antardasha of the planets aspecting the seventh house, or any Dasha or Antardasha related to the sixth house, then there is a delay in marriage. 

Per the astrologers, the sixth or tenth house creates problems in a marriage.  Also, if Saturn is in the seventh house, then there can be a delay in the marriage. 

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These Planetary Combinations Also Delays Marriage

On the other hand, if Mars, Rahu, and Ketu are present in the seventh house, then also the natives may happen to see a delay in their marriage. The conjunction of Saturn-Mars, Saturn-Rahu, Mars-Rahu or Saturn-Sun, Sun-Mars, or Sun-Rahu in the seventh house or eighth house can bring problems in a person’s marriage. 

Being Manglik Is One Of The Reasons 

One of the biggest and most important reasons for a delay in marriage can be being Manglik. The people who are Manglik marry early in their life. If Jupiter or any other auspicious planet is not a yoga factor in the seventh and twelfth house and the Moon is weak then there can be obstacles in a marriage. 

Houses In Birth Chart Responsible For Marriage

The seventh house is the house of marriage, if the auspicious planet or the lord of Gods, Jupiter or Venus aspect this planet then there are chances of marrying early. If Jupiter is in the seventh house, then the native gets married till the age of 25. However, if Jupiter is influenced by Sun or Mars, then there are chances of delay in a marriage for 1 or 1.5 years and if Rahu or Saturn influence your birth chart, then you may have to face a delay of 2 to 3 years in your marriage. 

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Remedies To Get Rid Of The Problems Coming In Your Marriage 

If you are experiencing a delay in your marriage or are coming across any kind of problem in your marriage then you must try the remedies written below; 

Worship Parad Shivling

If you are facing a delay in your marriage for a long time or things get worse in the process then you should worship Parad Shivling. Apart from this, you must regularly worship Lord Ganesha. Along with this, to get married fast, you should pray to Lord Vishnu and Maa Lakshmi ritually and after that, offer them Kheer. 

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Offer Wedding Items To Goddess Parvati 

It is important to follow this remedy in order to calm the planets that create problems in a marriage such as Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. The natives should observe a fast every Monday of Sawan and worship Goddess Parvati along with Lord Shiva. Also, wedding items should be offered to Goddess Parvati, this can help remove obstacles related to marriage. 

Remedy For Manglik Dosha 

According to Vedic Astrology, if one has a Manglik Dosha in their birth chart, they have to come across problems in their marriage. As per astrologers, a Manglik should get married to a Mangalik person only, if not, they may have to come across various problems in life. That’s why it is important to follow this remedy. To reduce the impact of Mars, you should keep a fast on Tuesdays. Visit a Hanuman temple and offer Ladoos to lord Hanuman. Along with this, offer orange Sindoor to him as it can lessen the impact of Manglik Dosha in your life. 

Observe A Fast On Thursday 

In Astrology, the lord of Gods, Jupiter is known as the planet of marriage and if it  is in a weak position in your birth chart then you may have to come across several problems to get married. So, to improve the position of Jupiter in your birth chart, you should wear yellow clothes and pray to Lord Vishnu according to rituals on Thursdays. Also, consuming yellow items like gram dal, banana, turmeric, and saffron will be beneficial for you. If possible, you can also fast for 11 or 21 Thursday. Doing this will be proven fruitful for you. 

Donate Secretly  (Gupt Daan) 

If there are problems in your marriage or it is not getting executed properly, then you can donate secretly (Gupt Daan) during your wedding if your financial condition allows. This remedy can resolve all the problems coming into your marriage. According to astrologers, donating secretly during a wedding can strengthen the position of Rahu in your birth chart. 

Offer Black Sesame On Shivling 

It is believed that the inauspicious position of Saturn brings hindrance in a marriage. To get rid of the problem that comes into one’s life due to the influence of Saturn, you need to offer black sesame to Shivling every Saturday. This can be proven extremely fruitful for you. Apart from this, donating whole urad, iron, black sesame, and soap tied in a black cloth on Saturday is also beneficial.

Place A Picture Of Radha-Krishna In Your Bedroom 

If we are to believe the astrologers, if your marriage has a lot of problems then you should put a picture of Radha and Krishna ji in your bedroom. Keep in mind that this picture should be placed in the east or north direction only then it will yield good results. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which planet helps in getting married suddenly?

Mercury helps in getting married quickly and if you have a Mercury present in the seventh house of your birth chart, then you may get married early. 

Which planets are responsible for the delay in a marriage? 

Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are some of the planets that are responsible for a delay in the marriage. 

Which house in the birth chart is responsible for marriage? 

The seventh house in a birth chart is of marriage and partnership. 

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