Numerology Holds the Key to the Success of Reliance Group of Industries

Reliance Industries and It’s The Success Secret 

The name, Reliance Industries needs no special introduction. Every single person in India is aware of its existence. The Ambani Group of Industries is now popular all over the world and numerous other companies wish to get associated with it to make larger profits.  

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The Reliance Group of Industries, led by Mukesh Ambani has hoisted the flag of success and prosperity very well and now it has established itself as a successful trade empire which generates a large amount of revenue for the country. Who knew that the 8 May 1973 initiated company will emerge as India’s largest company in the future and will make its major contribution in making Mukesh Amabani one of the world’s most richest person. Reliance Industries Limited is headquartered in Mumbai, the country’s commercial capital and the company operates in the fields of Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Retail and Telecommunications. In this blog today, we will talk about how Reliance Industries has achieved this position with the help of numerology and Vedic astrology. We will also know, what is that one thing about Reliance Industries, which makes it different from the rest. 

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How Astrology and Numerology Helped Reliance Industries to Become the No.1? 

If we look at the situation from the point of view of numerology, then it comes into notice that the foundation of Reliance Industries was laid on 8 May, 1973. This means that the root number( Moolank) of the company is 8 and the lucky number is 6 (8+5+1+9+7+3 = 33 =3+3=6). The company primarily deals with Petroleum which comes under the dominance of Shani or Saturn and the Root number or the Moolank is 8, which is also governed by the planet Saturn. This is the reason why the industry is making day by day progress in projects and tasks which are associated with the planet Saturn. The number 6 comes under the lordship of Venus, which also maintains extremely friendly relations with Saturn. This is the reason why the number associated with Venus has pushed forward the number associated with Saturn and given growth to the industry. Venus also represents a glamorous life which is why we notice the alliance and interaction of Reliance Industries Limited with the popular stars of the film industry.

What Does Mukesh Ambani’s Kundli Say About Him?

A king horoscope/Kundli must be strong enough to make him able to efficiently run his empire. In the same manner, the company head has an important contribution in making the industry/company run smoothly. Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman, Managing Director and the largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Limited was born on 19 April 1957. Let’s take a look at his Kundli now. 

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Mukesh Ambani Birth Chart

Birth Details

Name: Mukesh Ambani

Date of Birth: Apr 19, 1957

Time of Birth: 19:53:00

Place of Birth: Aden Berek

Birth Ascendant : Scorpio 

Birth Sign(Moon) : Sagittarius

Birth Nakshatra : Mool 

Mukesh Ambani’s Lagna Chart


Mukesh Amabani’s Navamsa Chart

download (1)

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Mukesh Ambani was born on 19 April 1957 at 7:53 p.m. in the evening in a place called Aden Berek. According to his birth details, his Kundli or horoscope is of Scorpio ascendant and his birth or the Moon Sign happens to be Sagittarius.

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The ascendant Lord of his Kundli is the fiery planet Mars, which is in the seventh house of Taurus. It is a stable zodiac sign which aspects the Lagna or Ascendant only to make it stronger. This is the reason why Mukesh Ambani comes out as a very big dignitary. Consequently, he leaves behind a great impression on people who want to follow him unconditionally. 

The ruling Lord of Sagittarius, Jupiter makes him a practical and knowledgeable person who can make it through the difficult times on account of his intellect and wisdom. Very often, people come closer to him to seek his advice and this helps him to earn more name and fame in the society. Sagittarius natives are goal-oriented and do not usually work very well under pressure. This trait can also be seen in Mukesh Ambani too. He has tremendous and exceptional leadership skills.

Because of being born under Scorpio ascendant, he also tends to understand others easily and he moves forward in life in accordance with this Mantra. This is why he has made many business related decisions keeping the needs of the people and the situations of the market in mind, which have also gotten him nothing but multi folded benefits in return.

The most notable things about his Kundli are mentioned below

  • Because of being born under Scorpio ascendant he moves ahead with great determination towards his goals. He is also not afraid of undertaking challenges and risks to make his dreams come true. The risk factor helps him to emerge as one of the most successful faces in the market.
  • According to the Kaal Purush Kundli, Scorpio is the zodiac sign of the eighth house which is considered to be a hidden house. This very trait is also seen in Mr Mukesh Ambani. He doesn’t share his plans and strategies with anyone else because of which no one can keep track of his upcoming moves in the market. This also helps them to climb the ladder of success in the market.
  • He kept the needs of the people in mind and launched the Reliance Jio project all of a sudden. Thus, he has proved to be a very successful game changer and earned profits in crores from it.
  • The Moon is situated in the second house of his Kundli which brings softness and pleasantness in his speech. Along with this, the same planet is also responsible for generating mature and practical qualities in him. Both of these qualities have played a very prominent role to earn the position where he is currently at.
  • Because of being born under the Sagittarius sign, he is passionate about his goals and goes ahead with full preparation to achieve them. He gives all he could to translate his dreams into reality. 
  • The ruling Lord of Sagittarius is Jupiter, which is also the governor of profits and increments. The second house is the house of wealth. Because of this reason Jupiter provides him with great economic success and a firm bank balance. 
  • Jupiter, the lord of the second house has taken a nest in the tenth house and it has helped Mr. Amabani to take his family business ahead and Jupiter also aspects the second house, which provides strength to its own house and creates possibilities of great economic endeavours. 
  • The ruling Lord of the tenth house is the sun which is taking a nest in an exalted state in Aries along with Mercury, Venus and Ketu. The same house is also being aspected by Jupiter. This is the reason why he turns out to be successful in most of his projects and he has been expanding his trade continuously.
  • The ruling Lord of the sixth house, Mars and the seventh house, Venus are in an exchange Yoga which makes Mr Ambani a successful business person and enables him to undertake risks.
  • If we take a look at the Kundli, then Saturn is present in the ascendant house and it is fully aspecting the tenth or the house of profession/Karam. Along with this, Saturn is seated in its own house, i.e. the seventh in the Navamansh and the Dashmansh Kundli, which is taking him to the frontline with regards to business ventures associated with Petroleum. 

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Year 2020 for Reliance Industries! 

If we talk about the year 2020, then the number which is derived is ‘4’. The ‘4’ is considered to be a friend of the number ‘8’. Because of this, it can be said that regardless of the economic threats Coronavirus poses for the market, the year 2020 will not turn out to be a disaster for Reliance Industries. Taking the current economic condition into account, Reliance Industries will keep moving forward and touch new heights of success. 

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