Rama Ekadashi Fast Before Diwali, Marks the beginning of Lakshmi Puja!

Ekadashi falling in Krishna Paksha during Kartik month is named as Rama Ekadashi. This Ekadashi falls a few days before the festival of Diwali. In such a scenario, the significance of this Ekadashi increases manifold. Lakshmi Puja also gets started from the very day of Rama Ekadashi.

Rama is also the name of Lakshmi Devi, primarily worshiped on Diwali. In such a situation, on the day of Rama Ekadashi, there is a tradition to worship Lord Vishnu Purnavatar Keshava as well as Mata Lakshmi.In this blog, we will let you know the greatness associated with this very day.

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What is Rama Ekadashi?

One of the names of Lord Vishnu’s wife is Rama. Owing to this very reason, this Ekadashi is named as Rama Ekadashi. This fast of this Ekadashi will be observed on November 11, 2020 i.e. Wednesday.

Parana/Timings of End of Fast : November 12, 2020 From 06:41 upto 08:51

Duration : 02 Hours 09 Minutes

End of Dwitiya on the day of Parana Tithi : 21:30 Hours

Commencement of Ekadashi Tithi: November 11, 2020 by 03:25 Hours

End of Ekadashi Tithi: November 12, 2020 upto 00:43 Hours

Usually, the worship of Lord Vishnu is performed on Ekadashi but on Rama Ekadashi, the tradition of venerating Keshav, the full incarnation of Lord Vishnu, has been defined. It is said that whosoever observes this fast, faces no problems financially.

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Rama Ekadashi Pujan Vidhi

  • Keep devotion for Lord Vishnu on the day of Rama Ekadashi.
  • Wake up early in the morning on this very day and worship after wearing clean clothes.
  • Worship Lord Vishnu with due rituals. Must keep Maa Laxmi and Kehav Bhagwan while venerating.
  • Offer Bhog to the Lord and must keep in mind to distribute Prasad among others after the worship. 
  • Reciting the Path of Gita on this very day holds immeasurable significance.
  • Venerate Lord Vishnu in the evening.
  • Worship the following day in the temple and perform donation. You can also invite Brahmins at home and serve them with food as per your financial ability on the same day. 

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Significance of Rama Ekadashi Vrat 

Although all the Ekadashis falling in a year have their own significance, Ekadashi i.e. Rama Ekadashi falling before the festival of Diwali holds immeasurable significance. This Ekadashi is considered to be highly fruitful compared to all other Ekadashis. It is said that one is blessed with the fulfillment of all wishes owing to the influence of this fast. Also, one is set free from all troubles in life. 

As per Puranas, the fast of Rama Ekadashi showers fruits equivalent to that of Kamadhenu and Chintamani. One who observes this fast, must be blessed with  prosperity and success. Owing to this very fast, you may only please Lord Vishnu but also Maa Laxmi. With the observance of this fast, one gets from all kinds of sins and attains Vishnu Lok after death.   

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Things to Be Avoided on Rama Ekadashi

  • Avoid Eating Rice: Eating rice on every Ekadashi should be avoided. In this pretext, the same should be avoided on the day of Rama Ekadashi. As per religious scriptures, having rice on the day of Ekadashi causes fear in heart and owing to this, the mind tosses over several things. Therefore, on the day of Ekadashi and the day before Ekadashi, eating rice should be avoided.
  • Avoid Items of Intoxication: Avoid the consumption of any kind of intoxication on the day of Rama Ekadashi.
  • Avoid Anger and Live Free: Avoid your anger and live free on the day of Rama Ekadashi. It is believed that negative vibes are formed in the heart owing to anger and tension. With this, one is unable to worship sincerely. 
  •  Avoid the Basic Oral Hygiene on this Very Day: Do not clean your teeth on this very day. Usually, it is seen that people clean their teeth with Datun on fast-festivals but avoid the same on the day of Rama Ekadashi. Otherwise, Lord Vishnu and Maa Laxmi may be annoyed with the breaking of twigs.
  • Avoid Sleeping on Bed: Avoid taking a sleep on bed on the day of Rama Ekadashi. As per religious beliefs, one must sleep on the floor instead of bed in order to be blessed with full benefits. 

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Legend/Katha Pertaining to Rama Ekadashi

It is said about Rama Ekadashi that there used to be a king in ancient times whose name was Muchukunda. He was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. He had a daughter named Chandrabhaga. When Chandrabhaga attained the age of getting married, her father arranged her marriage with Shobhan, the son of Chandrasena.

Shobhan was very weak. Chandrabhaga believed in Ekadashi fasts immeasurably and always observed the same. Once, Shobhan also observed the fast on the advice of his wife, had nothing and died. Chandrabhaga immersed the dead body of her husband and started observing the fast of Rama Ekadashi.  

Owing to the influence of the fast, Shobhan was taken out from the river and he got his breath again. After this, he became the king of a state in Mandarachal Parvat. Meantime, the Brahmin of Mukund city went to meet Shobhan. Then, Sobhan said that he was unable to meet his wife due to the instability in the city.

When Chandrabhaga came to know about this, she prayed to Lord Vishnu during the fast of Ekadashi and went to meet his husband in the city. After reaching the city, she sat on the Singhasan. Exactly after sitting on Singhasan, the city turned stable. It is believed that their lives turned blissful forever owing to the effects of Rama Ekadashi Vrat. 

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