Rajbhang & Budhaditya Rajyoga Bringing Success For These Zodiacs

Rajbhang & Budhaditya Rajyoga: In the realm of astrology, the alignment of specific planets gives birth to the auspicious Raj Yoga. When two benefic planets are positioned in the Kendra and Trikona houses of a birth chart, it signifies the formation of a favorable Raj Yoga: Rajbhang & Budhaditya Rajyoga. 

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Continuing along this line, Venus, the planet of love, beauty, material comforts, and attraction, entered the Cancer zodiac on August 7th. With the conjunction of Venus and the Sun, a Rajbhang Yoga has been formed. Furthermore, the combination of the Sun and Mercury is creating the Budhaditya Raj Yoga. 

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Formation Of Rajbhang Yoga In The Birth Chart

When the Sun is less than 10 degrees in Libra and is aspected by Saturn, forming a Kendra relationship between the Lagna (ascendant) and the 6th house. When Saturn is in the Lagna or Kendra and is aspected by the Sun and Moon, while no benefic planets aspect Saturn, Rajbhang Yoga is formed.

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Rajbhang & Budhaditya Rajyoga: Fortunate Zodiac Signs

Let’s delve into the impact of Rajbhang & Budhaditya Rajyoga on each zodiac sign


The Sun-Venus conjunction will bestow success across various domains. Investment and purchasing opportunities may arise unexpectedly. For Aries natives, both Raj Yogas promise success in all areas of life, bringing material comforts and pleasures. Old investments will yield favorable returns, ensuring financial stability. Career progression awaits those in jobs or professions, and a pilgrimage plan might be in the cards.

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The Sun-Venus conjunction will trigger the Rajbhang Raj Yoga for Cancer natives, indicating potential job promotions or salary increments. Married individuals could plan a journey with their partners, leading to financial gains and overall success. This period presents the chance for personal and professional growth, solving ongoing issues. Opportunities for job advancements or favorable business ventures may arise.


Leo individuals will experience the benefits of Raj Yogas, enhancing their physical comforts and material happiness. Old investments will bring positive returns, strengthening financial situations. Career and business prospects look promising, and sudden gains could significantly improve economic standing. The conjunction of Mercury and the Sun contributes to self-confidence and career development, with partnership prospects proving advantageous.


The Rajbhang Raj Yoga forming for Libra natives during August suggests a favorable period for education and career growth. Jobholders may expect promotions or new job opportunities, and businessmen could witness financial gains and new avenues. Competitive exams might bring success for students. Business endeavors are likely to flourish, and partnership endeavors could yield fruitful outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which Yogas give fame?

Ans: Gaja Kesari Yoga, Panch Mahapurush Yoga and Adhi Yoga

Q2. What if you have Rajyoga?

Ans. Native with Rajyoga in horoscope will succeed and prosper in life. 

Q3. What is the benefit of having Dhan Rajyoga?

Ans: This Yoga helps the native to accumulate huge money and become rich.

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