Rahu-Venus Conjunction In Pisces: Fortune Is Entering Lives Of 4 Zodiacs

Rahu-Venus Conjunction In Pisces: The planet of grandeur, wealth, comfort, property, luxury, and love, Venus. In astrology, it is considered to be such an important planet, that its auspicious impact on a person gives them a luxurious life like a king. Venus will transit in Pisces a few days after Holi. The shadow planet Rahu is already present in Pisces and thus, as soon as Venus enters Pisces, the Rahu-Venus conjunction in Pisces will form. In astrology, this conjunction is considered very auspicious. It will affect people of all 12 zodiac signs while there will be certain zodiac signs that will get excellent results till 24th April because this conjunction will last till 24th April. The natives of certain zodiac signs will make strong progress, especially in terms of career. So, let’s move ahead and know the zodiac signs who will prove to be lucky during this period.


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Venus Transit In Pisces 

The Venus transit in Pisces will happen at 04:31 pm on the evening of 31st March, 2024. In Vedic Astrology, Venus is considered an important planet because it is responsible for providing the comfort and luxuries of life. Venus will last here till 24th April, 2024 night, 11:44 pm, and then will enter the Aries zodiac sign.  While Virgo is considered to be the debilitated sign of Venus, Venus is in its exalted state in Pisces.

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Rahu-Venus Conjunction In Pisces: The Zodiac Signs Who Are Going To Get Special Treatment


The Rahu-Venus Conjunction is going to form in the house of fortune for the Cancer natives and as a result, you will get the complete support of luck on your side. You will love traveling to new places during this period. You will enjoy visiting beautiful places and may even go on long-distance trips with your loved ones. These trips will turn out fruitful for your business and may even introduce you to many new people which will increase the chance of progress in business. Your problems will reduce and you will also get the support of luck on your side. There will be many auspicious chances to make financial benefits. If any of your work is stuck or pending for long, then it will also get fulfilled. There is a strong possibility of projects getting restarted. During this time, there may be signs of change in your job and you may even get a big opportunity for a new job. You will concentrate a lot on religious activities this duration. During this period, your honor and respect in the society will increase. This time will be favorable for your siblings and you will also spend favorale time with your friends, which will make you happy. 

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For the Leo natives, the Rahu-Venus Conjunction will happen in the tenth house which is going to be extremely fortunate for the natives. During this period, there will be strong chances of gaining financial benefits. You might receive sudden and unexpected money which will improve your financial condition. If you have previously invested your money somewhere, like in the share market or so, then you will get its result now, which will strengthen your financial condition from before. You will be more inclined towards spiritual activities during this period and will be immersed in religious activities. If you are in a relationship then the love between the two of you will increase more. There are even speculations that you may want to marry your lover and introduce them to your family now.  The married natives will get the support and love from their partners. Your relations with your in-laws will flourish well and there may be a wedding at the natives’ in-laws house or you may get a chance to attend someone’s birth ceremony. This will be a time to make progress in business.

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The Rahu-Venus conjunction for the Virgo natives will happen in their seventh house which will be considered fruitful for you. If you are married then the love between the two of you will increase a lot. The two of you will give enough time to each other which will enhance your bond. The atmosphere of the house will be positive and the love will increase. The natives involved in a business will earn a lot of profit and may even sign new deals. Good coordination with your business partner can become a success factor for the growth of your business. If you are an employed native then there are chances of promotion in your job. There will be a reduction in health issues that will improve your health. Your personality will get better and people will get instantly attracted to you. This time will also bring progress alongside happiness and you will also get the love from your closed ones. 

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The Rahu-Venus conjunction will happen in the fifth house for the Scorpio natives. As a result, the duration till 24th April will be the best for you. Your love life will be favorable and there will be a better understanding between you and your partner. The two of you will try to keep each other happy. If you are in a relationship and are trying to marry your partner but your family doesn’t seem to give you their permission then there are chances that you will get the permission for the same now. This will be the time to blossom your love. If you are still a single native then this is the time when “someone special” can enter your life. The Scoprio natives who are employed will get many new opportunities in their job and there are even chances that they may even get an offer to switch their jobs for a better career. The natives may get a new job with a better salary. The natives can be blessed with a child. You can also go abroad for your education. This transit will be helpful for students to get hold of education very easily. You will be able to reap the rewards of the hard work that you have done so far. 

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