Rahu-Venus Conjunction In Aries Forms “Krodh Yoga”, These 5 Signs Must Be Careful!

In Astrology, both Venus and Rahu planets are considered to be friends. Venus is the owner of Love, Marriage, Beauty, and Dark Complexion. On the other hand, Rahu owns Secret Relations and Love Relations. If both the planets are together in any horoscope of a person, then the inclination of that person towards the opposite sex increases. 

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Rahu-Venus Conjoins On 27 May

In Vedic astrology, if we look at the transit conditions of the year 2022, Rahu had transited from Taurus of Venus to Aries of Mars on the morning of 12 April 2022. Now on 23rd May, Venus will also transit from Jupiter’s Pisces zodiac sign to the Aries of Mars at 8:16 pm, 2022. Where their amalgamation will be with the existing Rahu, due to which the conjunction of Rahu-Venus in Aries will form ‘Krodha Yoga’

This Conjunction Will Form “Krodha Yoga” In Aries

According to the learned astrologers of AstroSage, if there is Venus with Rahu in the Ascendant house of a horoscope, then it will create ‘Krodha Yoga’ in that horoscope. As a result, the person will be furious by nature and will always be entangled in fights and disputes. Venus is a female planet, because of which Venus is responsible for marriage, wife, and enjoyment in the horoscope of men. Therefore, if there is a conjunction of Rahu with Venus, then the person will indulge in luxuries.

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Rahu-Venus Conjunction: Opinion Of The Astrologers

According to many astrologers, the conjunction of Venus with the shadow planet Rahu can make a person inclined towards wrong habits. Due to this, Rahu gradually starts to degrade morality from inside the person. Such persons choose the wrong path without their will. Because of these conjunction effects, there are changes in the life of a person, Rahu ends all the auspicious results that come with Venus in the horoscope.

This conjunction will affect all the 12 zodiac signs. But 5 zodiac signs may have to suffer the most from this combination. Let us understand more about these zodiac signs: – 

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List of 5 Zodiac Signs That Need to be Careful


Rahu-Venus conjunction will be very significant for you because both the planets will meet in your zodiac sign in your Ascendant house. Due to this, some anger can be seen in your nature and there will be disputes with the people around you on small things. Such negative influences in your nature will also trouble your partner in your personal life due to which they will try to part ways with you.

Remedy: Feeding milk and Chapati to street dogs will be fruitful for you.


Rahu-Venus conjunction will be formed in your second house. Due to this, you will spend a large sum of money on the non-desired items. This will not only spoil your image, but you will also have to suffer from a lack of money in the future.

Remedy: On Saturday, float 5 coconuts in the flowing water.


This conjunction will be formed in your fifth house. Because of this, your love life will be affected. During this time, you will try to get closer to the partner while taking your relationship forward, and this can lead to uncomfortableness between you two. Therefore, avoid doing anything against the will of the partner.

Remedy: Apply sandalwood tilak on your forehead daily and use sandalwood fragrance on the body.


This conjunction will be formed in your seventh house. For this reason, most married people are advised to be careful because the influence of Rahu will create many worrying situations in your married life. There is also a fear that some people may take a break from their relationship and decide to part ways with their partner for some time.

Remedy: Protect yourself from Rahu’s wrath with the help of Rahu Shanti Puja online.


Rahu-Venus conjunction will take place in your eleventh house, due to which there will be a lot of desire in your mind regarding enjoyment and luxury. And due to this, you will not be able to focus on any other work. If you are married, then your attraction towards someone of the opposite sex apart from your partner may increase.

Remedy: Chant the Beej Mantra of Rahu planet and Venus planet 108 times daily.

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