Rahu Transit In Pisces 2023: 3 Zodiacs On Their Way To Get Lucky!

The planet Rahu does not exist from an astronomical point of view. However, in Vedic astrology and Hinduism, Rahu is an important planet, paired with Ketu, which together are considered inauspicious. Unlike other planets, Rahu is not the lord of any zodiac. It’s also known as the wicked planet. It is to blame for the harsh tone, thievery, skin problems,  anger, aggression, ruthlessness, mischievousness, provocation, and mystery. This planet is also supposed to make people less religious and to encourage planning, scheming, and conspiracy. 

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Furthermore, Rahu multiplies a planet’s essential qualities when it unites with it, as Rahu begins to operate as a planet itself. However, if Rahu decides to stay in a horoscope positively, it can prove to be very lucky and successful for that person. Most people get scared when they hear the names of Rahu and Ketu as their tales are pretty famous, but you do not need to be. With Rahu Transiting into Pisces in 2023, the shadow planet will bring good luck to three special zodiacs. This article by AstroSage will talk about the three zodiac signs which will get lucky during the Rahu Transit in Pisces 2023, along with some remedies to reduce its ill effects on your horoscope. 

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These Three Zodiac Signs Will Get Lucky During Rahu Transit In 2023

The planet Rahu will be transiting into Pisces on October 30, 2023, at 2:13 pm. This transit will have a special impact on three zodiac signs which will make them richer, more successful, and happier in the upcoming new year! So let us move further and learn about these lucky signs.

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The Rahu Transit in Pisces will prove to be very favorable for the natives of Taurus as the planet will bring smoother money flow and income into your zodiac. Along with this, you will see a better environment at your workplace and work towards a successful professional life. If your business is related to trading or import and export, this transit will bring a lot of profit to you. 


Positivity will knock at your door with the Rahu Transit in the upcoming new year. This transit will take place in the fifth house of your horoscope, or the house of love and children. The natives of Scorpio will be exceptionally more romantic than they have been in the past and take the next step in their relationship. Couples in a relationship may get married during this transit of Rahu. There are possibilities of conceiving a child in this period. Students who are preparing to get admission abroad will get great opportunities to make their dreams come true. 

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Rahu transiting into the second house of your horoscope, which is considered to be the house of communication and finances, will bring prosperity and wealth to your life in this period. You will gain respect in politics, society, and your workplace. Along with this, you will see many forms of materialistic profit in your business, and investments, and receive the money that was stuck somewhere for a long time.

Remedies To Reduce Negative Effects Of Rahu

  • Donate jaggery, copper, and wheat on a Sunday
  • Feed a complete meal to visually-impaired folks
  • Have a black dog as your pet
  • Wear silver around your neck or as rings
  • Drop some coriander and almonds in flowing water
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and non-vegetarian food, along with performing any form of adultery
  • Keep fennel seeds or anise under your pillow while sleeping

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