Rahu Transit 2024; These Zodiac Could Witness Detrimental Effects!

Rahu is a negative planet, as AstroSage has already stated. In Vedic astrology, they are supposed to be nasty and cruel planets that provide good and terrible effects to the person based on their state and location in the horoscope. In this case, Rahu’s transit into Pisces in 2024 may exacerbate the challenges of some zodiac signs. However, Rahu entered Pisces on 30 October 2023 and will remain there until 2025. However, their influence will be felt by all zodiac signs. 

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Let us begin this post by finding which zodiac signs would face difficulties during Rahu transit 2024.

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Rahu Transit 2024: Rise In Difficulties For These Zodiacs 


Rahu transit 2024 is expected to be tough for Virgos. Rahu will transit your seventh house, which governs partnerships, friends, and agreements, among other things. In such a case, these folks may experience problems from their pals in 2024, and they may obstruct your efforts. In love, there may be ups and downs. Due to a lack of mutual understanding, you and your partner may have opposing viewpoints. In this case, both of you must keep your egos in check.

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Rahu transit 2024 in the new year, i.e. 2024, may cause a reduction in luxuries in the lives of Sagittarius individuals because it will be in your fourth house. You may experience discomfort and stiffness in your legs at this time. In such a case, you should take care of your health and avoid being casual with it. You may also have to spend extra money getting the house built or upgrading it. Rahu transit 2024 will likewise be regarded unfavorably for family life.  Any legal issue or property conflict may occur in the family.


Rahu will be in your second house for Aquarius folks. As a result, in the year 2024, you may experience family strife. Financial problems may also occur, and it is possible that your spending will skyrocket during this time, making it impossible to handle them. When it comes to health, you may experience issues such as eye and tooth pain. Avoid being negligent while traveling during Rahu transit 2024, otherwise you may incur financial losses. Apart from that, you are likely to have disagreements with family members, which may disrupt family peace. 

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The year 2024 may be unpleasant for Pisces people due to Rahu transit 2024. Rahu will be present in your zodiac sign’s first house. In such a case, these people’s health may suffer a minor decrease. Aside from that, stomach-related disorders and allergies, among other things, can cause you problems. You should avoid stress during this period. If you make an important decision without thinking it through, you may end up in trouble. During Rahu transit 2024, there is a chance you could become involved in a legal conflict. You must remain calm in such circumstances. 

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