Rahu Transit 2024: Turbulence & Problems For 5 Zodiac Signs!

Rahu Transit 2024: Rahu, the shadow planet, is widely regarded as inauspicious and believed to herald unfavorable outcomes for individuals. Alongside Saturn, Rahu and Ketu evoke fear in people as planetary influences. Astrologically, Rahu’s transit through a zodiac sign spans approximately one and a half years, significantly impacting human life. 

Notably, Rahu entered the Pisces sign on October 30, 2023, and is set to remain there until 2025. This Astrosage blog aims to enlighten readers about precautions necessary during Rahu transit 2024, prompting an immediate dive into its insights.

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Rahu Transit 2024: These Zodiacs Should Exercise Caution


Rahu’s passage through Leo, the sign of the Sun, might not be advantageous as it could entail overseas travel for professional reasons. Consequently, individuals belonging to this sign may face heightened pressure concerning finances and career prospects. Luck might not be on their side during this period, hence they are advised not to rely solely on luck but rather encouraged to put in hard work to attain success. Post-May 2024, there could be a surge in expenses. Additionally, during Rahu’s transit, individuals may contemplate taking out loans to meet their needs and obligations. As for health concerns, Leo natives should be particularly mindful, as issues related to their eyes and teeth could trouble them.

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For individuals born under the Virgo sign, Rahu Transit 2024 may not bring favorable outcomes. This transit will take place in your seventh house, potentially causing challenges arising from your friendships, as they may pose hindrances along your journey. Moreover, this period might also entail obstacles in your romantic life, potentially leading to disagreements or conflicts with your partner, often rooted in a lack of mutual understanding and compatibility. Furthermore, the growing emotional distance in relationships could foster a sense of arrogance within you. Hence, individuals in this situation should refrain from arrogance, as it could exacerbate issues in their romantic lives.

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For those born under the Sagittarius sign, the Rahu transit 2024 through Jupiter’s sign could pose some challenges. You might experience a lack of comfort and conveniences during this period. Additionally, health issues like allergies, foot pain, and stiffness could cause distress, emphasizing the need for precautionary measures. It’s important to note that this transit might also impact your mother’s health, necessitating careful attention to her well-being. Furthermore, from a family standpoint, this period may not be favorable, as there’s a risk of your family getting embroiled in legal disputes.

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For Aquarius individuals, the Rahu transit 2024 through Saturn’s sign presents challenges. During this period, financial difficulties and family issues may arise. An unexpected increase in expenses may pose a management challenge. Health-wise, issues related to the eyes and teeth may occur. Carelessness during travels could result in potential harm, hence caution is advised. Arguments with family members may disrupt household peace, and disputes with your partner could strain the relationship, leading to unhappiness.

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For Pisces individuals, Rahu transit 2024 may bring some unfavorable effects, potentially affecting their health. This could manifest as allergies and digestive problems, underscoring the importance of prioritizing health care. It’s crucial to refrain from hasty decision-making during this period of Rahu’s transit, as impulsive choices could exacerbate existing issues. Moreover, Pisces individuals may encounter legal disputes during this time, necessitating careful handling and navigation.

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