Rahu Transit 2023 Will Be Luck Altering For 3 Zodiacs!

Rahu transit 2023: Like Ketu, the planet Rahu is also known as a shadow planet. It is often seen that both these shadow planets have certain impressions on people and they get scared when they hear their names. People think that these planets will only bring negative impacts on lives, but this notion doesn’t always turn out to be true every time. According to astrology, when Rahu transits into a zodiac sign, it, as a result, gives both positive and negative outcomes to the natives. This year, Rahu will leave the zodiac sign of Aries which is ruled by Mars on 30th October at 2:13 pm and will transit into the zodiac sign of Pisces. For your information, we inform you that Rahu is always moving in a retrograde motion. So, through this blog, we will inform you about those 3 fortunate zodiac signs which are going to receive prosperous outcomes from this transit of Rahu

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Rahu Transit 2023: Dazzling Outcomes For 3 Zodiac Signs


The astrologers believe that the transit of Rahu 2023 in this year is going to benefit the zodiac sign of Aries. Auspicious results will be there for the Ram natives. They will receive financial gains by which their financial conditions will strengthen. Besides this, these natives will also attain incredible success in jobs and their income will increase as well. With this Rahu transit, the reputation of these natives will be on the rise too!


The natives of Cancer will also receive immense benefits from this transit of Rahu. Cancer natives who are into business will receive progress during this period and these natives could also buy a house or a vehicle for themselves. However, it is advised to these natives that they remain patient during this period. In addition to these advantages, you will be able to finish all the work that was somehow stuck or stopped. 


The third and the last zodiac sign which will receive wonderful benefits from this Rahu transit is Pisces. During this time, the natives of Pisces will receive special benefits, and they will attain financial success. If in the past you have lent money to someone then during this period, you will receive your money. Regarding your career, you will also receive progress. Apart from that, you might come to hear good news from somewhere during this period as well. 

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Rahu Transit 2023: Testing Times For These Zodiacs

We have discussed above that the transit of Rahu is known to bring both negative and positive outcomes to the natives. We also now know which three zodiac signs will attain utmost benefits from this Rahu transit. So, now let’s learn which zodiac signs need to stay wary and alert during the transit period of Rahu. Besides this, in order to ward off the negative effects of Rahu we will also discover simple and effective remedies!

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The Rahu transit of 2023 might be heavy for three zodiac signs and they are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Negative effects might loom over these natives, but you should not worry as we have brought these remarkable remedies for you. By applying these remedies you can save yourself from the ill effects of the shadow planet Rahu!

  • In order to make Rahu strong and to receive its beneficial outcomes, one must install Rahu Yantra in their home and should recite Rahu Mantras as well. 
  • One should worship their Gods and Goddesses and must perform Havan in their home. If you are somehow not able to perform Havan yourself then you can take help from AstroSage Pooja at home
  • Besides this, you can also recite Rahu Stotra and Rahu Kavach. By following these remedies regularly you will start to come across positive changes in your life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the luckiest transit in astrology?

The transit of Jupiter is considered the luckiest transit in astrology. 

Q2: What are the benefits of strong Rahu?

The natives with strong Rahu receive luck, fame, reputation, intellect, and wealth. 

Q3: Which planets are Rahu friendly with?

Rahu shares cordial relationships with both Venus and Saturn.

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We hope that this Rahu transit brings prosperity and peace to all your lives; thank you for visiting AstroSage!


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