Rahu, Mercury And Venus Union Formed Inauspicious Yoga, Hazardous To Three Zodiacs!

Trigrahi Yoga 2023: The prince planet Mercury is a symbol of intelligence, great reasoning power, and effective communication in Vedic astrology. After the Moon, Mercury is the smallest and fastest-moving planet. It has an impact on the native’s intellect, capacity for learning, proficiency with a language, etc. Among the Nakshatras, Mercury is the ruler of the constellations Ashlesha, Jyestha, and Revati. Let us inform you that on March 31, 2023, Mercury left its debilitated sign, Pisces and joined the sign of Aries. 

Trigrahi Yoga has already formed in Aries as a result of the planets Rahu and Venus being present in this sign already. While all 12 zodiac signs will be impacted by this Yoga, three of them will need to exercise extra caution. As a result, let’s learn in this exclusive AstroSage blog about the three zodiac signs that should practice extra caution during Trigrahi Yoga. But first, let’s learn how Trigrahi Yoga is formed.

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Know, How Trigrahi Yoga Is Formed

When three planets are located in the same sign, trigrahi yoga is created. Tri means three and Graha means planet in Sanskrit, which is where the term “Trigrahi” originates. The zodiac signs are therefore impacted by three planets when Trigrahi Yoga is created. Trigrahi Yoga is forming this time in Aries. The trinity of Mercury, Venus, and Rahu is forming this Yoga.

Chances Of Financial Loss For Three Zodiacs


Trigrahi Yoga might not be favorable for Taurus natives. From a health perspective, you should take extra care of your partner during this time as nervous problems may worsen due to anxiety, disorder, or depression, which may necessitate the purchase of medications or other medical care. During this time, your needless spending might rise. In terms of romantic relationships, those who are committed to one another are more likely to experience betrayal at this time.

On the other hand, businessmen could be deceived by their business partners. A large investment should also be avoided because you run the risk of getting exploited or losing money. It is recommended that you avoid frequent arguments during this time because you might become arrogant and get into disputes with a coworker or member of your family.

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Trigrahi Yoga doesn’t seem to be advantageous for Virgo people because this conjunction is in your eighth house. You might experience a lot of difficulties as a consequence of this. You should take a little extra care with your health now because this yoga will have its greatest impact on your wellbeing during this period.

You might experience skin-related issues, and unforeseen issues could wear you out. In addition, you might show aggressive behavior during this time, which might lead to both personal and work difficulties. You’re advised to maintain self-control in such a situation. It is advisable to put off starting a new project if you have plans to do so because there is a risk of losing money.


Because this alliance is forming in your zodiac sign’s sixth house, Trigrahi Yoga may prove to be somewhat harmful for Scorpions. You should focus more on your health at this time because you might experience acne issues, fatty liver, appendix pain, or stone pain. During this time, your friends might treat you like an enemy, so it’s risky to put your trust in just anyone.

It is recommended that you refrain from lending money to anyone at the time because there is a chance that you won’t get your money back. Avoid making any big decisions because you might have to deal with ups and downs in your money situation. In addition, you might experience disappointment in judicial cases. Your thoughts must be under control if you don’t want bad things to occur.

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Easy Remedies To Prevent Inauspicious Impact Of Trigrahi Yoga

  • One should donate clothing to lepers in order to lessen Trigrahi Yoga’s unfavorable effects.
  • Offer red Chunri at Maa Durga’s temple.
  • Worship Shri Hari Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Along with that, every Saturday and Monday, anoint the Shivling by putting some black sesame seeds in water.
  • After consulting an astrologer, wear a ring of an emerald, silver, or gold that weighs 5 to 6 carats.
  • Gift something in green color to your father or any other elderly person in your family.
  • Donate books and clothing to schoolchildren and poor children.
  • Every day, worship the Tulsi plant by lighting a Desi Ghee lamp in front of it.

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