Rahu Mahadasha: Lucky Period For Zodiacs That Lasts For 18 Years

Rahu Mahadasha: In Vedic Astrology, there is specific importance in positioning malefic planets like Rahu in the horoscope. There are special effects of Rahu Mahadasha & Antardasha on all 12 planets that impact the lives of individuals differently. It leads to both positive and negative results across zodiacs that should be analyzed correctly. The positive placement of Rahu in the horoscope will get you auspicious results and the negative positioning will bring a lot of troubles in the life of natives. The effects of Rahu Mahadasha last for 18 years and the natives need to be careful in this period. But, the AstroSage blog puts the focus on the zodiacs that will benefit from the Rahu Mahadasha period. 

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Effects Of Rahu Mahadasha In The Horoscope 

Rahu is the planet that impacts the lives of natives in multiple ways and the duration of Mahadasha lasts for as long as 18 years. The type of planet brings intense results in the life of natives and the individuals need to be aware of the positioning of such planets in the horoscope. In Rahu Mahadasha, the zodiacs get influenced by the habits of their surroundings and thus become influenced by the attributes & intentions of others. 

Positive Effects Of Rahu: As per Vedic Astrology, the positive positioning of Rahu in the horoscope will enhance the overall personality of individuals. The natives will also feel confident about themselves and thus gain good repute in society. There are also chances of success in a political career and earning the right income from different fields. Also, make the right progress in your career with the correct placement of Rahu in the horoscope. 

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Negative Effects of Rahu: The inauspicious placement of Rahu in the horoscope will yield negative results in the lives of natives. Due to the influence of malefic Rahu, natives deceive and cheat other people. There is also the rise of bad habits among individuals and the affected personnel also face hiccups in their life. The inauspicious position of Rahu in the horoscope also results in different kinds of health troubles, madness, gastro troubles, intestinal issues, ulcers, and others. 

Two zodiacs are benefiting due to Rahu Mahadasha and let us look into the details of benefits. 

List Of Zodiacs Benefitting Due To Rahu Mahadasha 


For Capricorn natives, it will be the best time to settle their careers and achieve the expected level of success. It is also the right time to make the most of the Rahu Mahadasha and gain the right amount of wealth. The health of individuals will also remain protected during the period and there are hardly any chances of health problems during the timeline. There will be ample opportunities to take your business and professional ahead successfully. Businessmen can get into new deals in the period and thus earn the right amount of profit for suitable deals. All your plans will be successful as luck will favor the Capricorn natives. 


In the Rahu Mahadasha, it will be an idle opportunity for Aquarius natives to come out of troubled times. Your family life will remain protected and enjoy all the comforts with family. The natives will be able to support their family members in multiple decisions and it will be the suiting period to build your family as per expected lines. You’ll be able to keep track of loyalists or corrupt people influencing your life and thus specific decisions can be taken providing you the accurate results. Rahu Mahadasha works as the boon in the life of natives and the classical way to gain repute in your surroundings. 

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Q1. What are the negative effects of Rahu Mahadasha?

Ans. The negative effects of Rahu Mahadasha for 18 years will result in confusion in the minds of natives and an inability to make the right decision. 

Q2. Which is the zodiac with the strong Rahu?

Ans. Rahu is in a strong position in Virgo and its different placement across houses brings positive results. 

Q3. Which lord can help natives tackle Rahu?

Ans. Jupiter is the kind of planet or lord that can help you effectively tackle Rahu. 

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