Rahu’s Presence In This House Can Maximize Your Wealth!

Rahu is a shadow planet in the north node of the Moon and this planet holds great importance in Vedic Astrology because it represents the work of our past lives and the unfulfilled goals as well. 

Rahu is considered to be the planet of expansion and passion. It inspires one to achieve or attain the things that one should not have morally but still, they wish to have those things near them. It is a kind of planet that creates a desire to achieve something that can’t be achieved. Apart from this, Rahu also excites a person to use shortcuts to get things done. 

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There are 12 houses in a birth chart and the effect of Rahu is unique in each house.  In this blog, we have laid an in-depth impact of this planet in all 12 houses. Along with this, we are also going to tell you some astrological remedies to please Rahu. 

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Impact Of Rahu In Each House Of The Birth Chart 

It’s time to uncover the impacts of Rahu in each house of the birth chart; 

First House 

The presence of Rahu in the first house infuses a strong desire in a person to achieve success and popularity. Their personality becomes attractive but they have to hustle or struggle hard to create an identity for themselves. 

Second House 

When Rahu is in the second house, the person runs after materialistic happiness and stability. They have to face certain challenges or uncertainties in their financial life and they always have a yearning to invest in the share market. 

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Third House 

If Rahu sits in this house, a person has a strong desire and ambition to achieve success and get recognition. Their communication skills and networking skills are excellent but they have to face hard times to set up good relations with their siblings. 

Fourth House 

This placement of Rahu makes one want emotional security and stability. They stay worried about the atmosphere at their home and get tense about their family situation. 

Fifth House 

When Rahu is in the fifth house, the interest of the natives is high in creative things. They want to express themselves and make a name for themselves. These natives like to indulge in the stock market and may have to witness uncertainties in their love life. 

Sixth House 

If Rahu is in the sixth house, then the natives may have to face challenges and hindrances in their day-to-day lives. They may have to face several health issues because they stay stressed and worried all the time. Apart from this, they work more than their ability. 

Seventh House 

Rahu in this house creates a strong desire for relationships and partnerships. There can be a significant change in their married life and some problems can arise as well. 

Eighth House 

The presence of Rahu in the eighth house may increase a person’s interest in magic or esoteric science. A sudden change can come into their life and they are mysterious in nature and like to take risks. 

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Ninth house 

Whenever Rahu is present in this house, the native desires to grow spiritually and gain knowledge. They can question traditional beliefs and can adopt unconventional paths for higher knowledge and philosophy. 

Tenth House

Rahu’s presence in the tenth house infuses a strong sense of achieving success and creating identity. These people are ambitious but they have to face challenges and controversies in their career. 

Eleventh House

When Rahu is in the eleventh house, it makes the person ambitious and they have a desire to make an identity for themselves or get success in the society. They make new friends all of a sudden while their old friends leave their side.

Twelfth House

Rahu in this house makes a native walk on the path of salvation and spirituality. These people feel confused and they stay attracted to hidden activities. 

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Rahu Have Made These People Successful 

When Rahu is placed in the third, sixth, and eleventh house, it provides great results to a native. Rahu was present in the third house of the birth chart of Dhirubhai Ambani and during Rahu Mahadasha, he became the biggest entrepreneur in the world. 

Mahatma Gandhi also had Rahu in his birth chart at 10th position and that’s why, he was honored as the “Father of the Nation.”

Rahu is in the twelfth house of the birth chart of legendary singer Aasha Bhosle.  The actor Sanjay Dutt and legendary singer, Lata Mangeshkar also share the same placement of Rahu in their birth chart. 

Baba Ramdeva and Osho Rajneesh also had Rahu in their birth chart in the eleventh house which as a result got them popularity. 

Remedies To Appease Rahu 

According to Vedic Astrology, if Rahu is in an inauspicious position or it is giving inauspicious results then the person may have to go through a lot of challenges and hindrances in their life. Nevertheless, there are still some astrological remedies that can lessen the negative impacts of Rahu. In this blog further, we have listed all those remedies down! 

  • You can take an astrological consultation for a gemstone based on the position of Rahu in your birth chart. 
  • Chant the Rahu mantra or get Rahu Shanti Pooja done. The mantra to pacify Rahu is ‘Om Bhraam Bhraam Bhraum Sah Rahave Namah’.
  • Donate coconut oil and mustard oil in the temple of Rahu on Saturday. It is believed that this remedy makes Rahu happy and its negative effects are reduced. 
  • Donate on Saturdays. Offer help to orphans or the needy and poor people.
  • To lessen the negative effects of Rahu or get his blessings, you can also chant its Beej Mantra. 
  • You should worship Sarasvati and recite Durga Chalisa. Rahu can also be pacified by these measures.
  • To wash away the negativity of Rahu and bring happiness to life, one can also chant “Gayatri Mantra”. 
  • Avoid wearing blue clothes. 
  • Rotate the coconut seven times over your head in the opposite direction and then float it in the flowing or running water. 
  • Take a bath by adding coffee powder to the bath water.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What will happen if Rahu is in the 12th house? 

Rahu in the 12th house can indicate involvement in foreign affairs, spiritual pursuits, or hidden enemies. 

In which house is Rahu Powerful? 

Rahu is powerful in the 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th, and 11th houses.

Which color is lucky for Rahu? 

Black is the color that represents Rahu and is considered lucky as well. 


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