Rahu in 12th House: Unveiling Effects & Celebrities With This Placement

There are 12 houses in a birth chart and in each house, the planet gives a unique outcome and has a unique influence. Today, we are going to tell you about the influence of the placement of the shadow planet, Rahu in the 12th house of a birth chart. Along with this, we are also going to tell you the people who get the opportunity to reach the pinnacle of success due to Rahu being in the twelfth house. 

12th House Of Birth Chart 

The 12th house of a birth chart represents solace and silence. This house also showcases spiritual liberation. The presence of Rahu in the 12th house affects the aura and intelligence of the person.  

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In Vedic Astrology, Rahu is one of the sinful and malefic planets. Due to this planet, the natives immerse themselves in bad habits such as betting and theft. The presence of Rahu in the 12th house of the birth chart infuses negativity in the natives and makes them a bad person for others.  

The natives enjoy their life to the fullest when Rahu is in the 12th house. They also form a strong relationship with their life partners in this period. However, this also pushes the person to do illegal activities and some misunderstanding can also arise between the husband and wife which brings uncertainties in their relationship. 

When Rahu is in this house, the expenses of the natives increase as well which brings instability in their financial situation and the number of sudden expenses increases. Due to health issues, there is a constant danger for the natives to spend on their health. Nevertheless, because of having a good income, they do handle their expenses perfectly. 

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Positive Impact Of Rahu In 12th House

When Rahu is in a positive position in the 12th house, the natives actively participate in donation and also have an increased interest in spirituality. They help the poor and needy and become kind towards others. 

Negative Impact Of Rahu In 12th House 

When Rahu is in a negative position in the 12th house, there is an unexpected and sudden increase in the expenses which creates financial problems in the natives’ life. They immerse themselves in the bad practices which ruin their image and reputation. Their health doesn’t also remain at its best. 

Notable Positions Of Rahu In the 12th House 

Rahu In Taurus: The presence of Rahu in Taurus is considered exalted and in this situation, the natives feel complete and they get financial benefits. Their income increases due to hidden sources. The sudden financial gains from foreign sources offer them prosperity. 

The natives want to work in a Multinational company or abroad somewhere. They get extreme success and progress in their field of career. 

Rahu In Scorpio: Rahu in Scorpio is considered debilitated. In this planetary position, the native may wish to make a career in a field like esoteric science. Their personality also becomes mysterious. 

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Famous Personalities Who Have Rahu In The 12th House Of Their Birth Chart 

Mukesh Ambani: Mukesh Ambani is on the top among the biggest and most successful entrepreneurs in the country. He has Rahu in the 12th house of his birth chart and because of this, he has touched the pinnacle of success in his business. 

Swami Vivekananda: He was a Hindu spiritual leader. He has played an important role in the Vedanta philosophy in the United States and England. Rahu was also present in the 12th house in his birth chart due to which, his inclination towards spirituality and religion increased. 

Nelson Mandela: He was the first black President of South Africa. He was also awarded the Nobel Prize for Peacekeeping in 1993. 

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Yogas That Form When Rahu Is In 12th House

Guru Chandal Yoga: The conjunction of Rahu and Jupiter forms Guru Chandal yoga and it brings several obstacles and hindrances in the life of a person. They face challenges in fulfilling or accomplishing their work. They also misuse their power or position to make profits. 

Grahan Yoga: The conjunction of Rahu with either the Sun or Moon forms a Grahan yoga. When Rahu forms a conjunction with Sun, the native may have to go through problems in the works related to government. They may have to bear losses in the government projects and they may get stuck in a case against them. On the other hand, when Rahu forms a conjunction with Moon, the native may suffer from mental stress and they have to bear pain for several reasons. 

Sheshnag Kalsarpa Yoga:  When Rahu is in the 12th house, Ketu in the 6th, and all the planets fall in between Rahu-Ketu, then Sheshnag Kalsarp Yoga forms. Due to the negative impacts of this yoga, the natives have to go through disputes with their enemies. There are even chances that someone may even file a case against them. 

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Astrological Remedies For When Rahu Is In 12th House 

To lessen the negative impacts when Rahu is in the 12th house of your birth chart, you can follow the remedies mentioned below; 

  • Don’t eat food outside the kitchen. Make your food and have it in the kitchen itself. 
  • For good sleep, keep sugar and fennel under your pillow. This can reduce the ill effects of Rahu in the 12th house. 
  • Put some fennel seeds in a red cloth and keep it with you. This will keep your mind calm. Also, give some money from your income to your aunt or sister. This will help calm Rahu. 
  • Wear Silver around your neck. Apart from this, drink water in a silver glass. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Rahu in the 12th house good?

Rahu in the 12th house can lead to spiritual pursuits, foreign travels, and expenses.

Which houses give Rahu fame?

Rahu in the 1st, 5th, 7th, and 10th houses can give fame.

What is the result of the 12th house Rahu? 

Rahu in the 12th house often brings isolation, expenses, and spiritual growth.

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