Sleepless Nights Are Related To Rahu Dosha, Know The Remedies Now!

In Vedic Astrology, all the planets do have their impacts on every zodiac sign. If we talk about Astrology, then there are only 2 planets, Rahu and Ketu, which are known as the “Shadow Planets”. The impacts and transits of these planets affect human life the most.

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The weakening of Rahu in a horoscope can not only give a person sleepless nights but can also make him go from a king to a pauper in an instant. That is why there is a huge significance of Rahu-Ketu in Astrology. 

Today, we will talk about Rahu’s Dasha. This information is important to discuss as the directions of these planets are capable of bringing negativity and have the power to create turmoil in the life of every living being. Maybe that’s why according to the Hindu calendar, doing any auspicious work during Rahu Kaal is avoided. It is believed that the work done during this phase turns out to be a failure and from that work, one only gets ill-fated results. 

According to Astrosage astrologers, Rahu does have different effects on all the 12 houses in the horoscope. Today, through this write-up we will try to explain to you the negative effects of Rahu Dasha. And also some of the measures that will help you to avoid them.

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The Negative Impact of Rahu in Horoscope

In Astrology, Rahu is considered to be a cruel planet, and hence its position is only responsible for the bad or good outcomes in a person’s life. That is why, if Rahu is strong in any horoscope then it works as beneficial for the person. On the other hand, if Rahu is weak in any horoscope then that person will suffer a lot with the hurdles or challenges in life. Moreover, the weakening of Rahu or its direction can impact a person’s health and he/she may suffer from incurable diseases. However, some simple remedies have been suggested to make Rahu strong. One can consider these remedies to correct the bad Dasha of Rahu in their horoscope.

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Signs of a Weak Rahu in Horoscope

• Sudden irritability in nature.

• Sudden quarrels among the members of the family.

• The person gets addicted to drugs etc.

• Getting angry over normal talk.

• The tendency of the person to move towards witchcraft.

• Frequent sleeplessness or nightmares during the night, or getting frightened or restless while sleeping.

• A sudden incident of breaking any stone or glass in the house.

• Having problems like stomach-related diseases, gas problems, impulsive headaches, etc.

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Remedies for Rahu Dosha in Horoscope 

  • Flowing 2 silver-made snakes in flowing water will make Rahu strong.
  • Observing fast on Saturdays will help you remove all sorts of Rahu Doshas from the Horoscope.
  • Set up Rahu Yantra in your house and worship it daily.
  • If you are unable to sleep at night due to the weak position of Rahu, then keep some barley grains on your pillow and donate them the next morning.
  • You can also get rid of other sorts of mental, financial, and physical problems by removing the bad impacts of Rahu through online Rahu Shanti Puja.
  • Chanting Rahu’s Beej Mantra ‘oṃ bhrāṃ bhrīṃ bhrauṃ saḥ rāhave namaḥ’ 18,000 times will also help you.

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