Rahu & Its Significant Effects On Your Zodiac Sign In 2023!

In the year 2023, the planet Rahu will transit into the zodiac sign of Pisces, and it will put its pronounced effects on the natives and their areas of life, such as professional, personal, love, marital, health, and business, etc. This blog will shed special light on the date, period, time, and the remedies to counteract the effects of Rahu. It is not that the planet Rahu is always bad and harmful for your life and its related fields; there are some cases in which Rahu provides favorable effects and conditions. The people who are actively participating in the fields of politics and diplomatic relations receive good effects of Rahu. The planet Rahu in general terms is considered harmful, but it has its positive effects too, and we will talk about those as well!

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The Relation Between Rahu And Lord Vishnu

We all know about the Churning Of The Milk Ocean (Samundra Manthan), and there is detailed information available in the Hindu Puranas and scriptures about it. The two most important things that happened during the Churning Of The Milk Ocean was about poison and holy water. The poison was swallowed by Lord Shiv, and he blocked the poison in his throat; that is the reason he is also known by his other name Neelkanth (one with the blue throat). The second aspect was about the holy water (Amrit), when it got out of the Milk Ocean, both the Gods and the Demons wanted that. A fight erupted between both the forces in order to possess the holy water.

Lord Vishnu himself intervened to stop the fight between Gods and Demons; he came in the form of a Mohini Avatar. He separated Gods and Demons and made them sit in two lines; then he started giving them the holy water. A demon named Swarbhanu by deception sat in the lane in which all the Gods were seated. He took holy water and when Lord Sun and Lord Moon got to know about this, they informed everything to Lord Vishnu. After that, Lord Vishnu took his weapon out (Sudharshan Chakra) and separated the head from the body of the demon Swarbhanu. The head came to be known as Rahu and the body came to be known as Ketu. After that, it is said that Rahu and Ketu both put eclipses on the Sun and the Moon. 

There is no question in doubting the effects of the shadow planet which can exhaust the radiant light of the Sun and the Moon by putting them on an eclipse. In this blog, we will discover in detail what kind of effects the shadow planet has on our lives, and on which fields its effect takes place. Additionally, we will also find out why the planet Rahu is known as a deadly and harmful planet and the ancient lore associated with it. 

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Negative And Positive Effects Of Rahu 

In general, people considered the planet Rahu and the planet Ketu to be harmful and disadvantageous; but this isn’t completely right. The planet Rahu doesn’t do only harm, but it also exudes positive effects on the life of natives, and by its results they receive immense prosperity and success. So let’s take a deeper look at how the positive and negative effects of Rahu can change the trajectory of your life!

Positive Effects

The planet Rahu makes the native intellectual, and with its positive effects the natives receive sharpness in their minds and their faculties. The planet Rahu is also known as the giver, whose effects take place immediately as if the outcomes are promptly received. The natives in whose horoscope the planet is auspiciously situated or placed in a positive state, give the outcomes of prosperity and instant success. If natives are blessed with the positive consequences of Rahu, they might make incredible progress in politics and diplomacy. With this we can say that whichever house Rahu gets situated in is bound to receive progress and prosperity. 

Negative Effects 

Now let’s take a look at the gloomy effects of the planet Rahu. Due to its negative effects and situations, natives are bound to receive confusion in their lives. With its ill effects, the person might take a deeper interest in illegal work and work related to drugs. The natives who are not blessed by Rahu, often stay in their imaginary world and are always trying to run away from facing or accepting the truth. Besides this, Rahu has dominance in the field of media, technical field, and aircraft. It is believed that if the native wants to prosper in any of the above-mentioned fields, they must seek the blessings of Rahu. 

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Rahu Represents Inferior Habits

In astrology and its scriptures, the planet Rahu is considered to be a disgraceful planet. The diabolical planet Rahu can also produce undesirable effects on the natives and with the outcomes of such effects, they are further pushed toward engaging in bad habits. The natives in whose horoscope Rahu is weakened, often find themselves indulged in alcohol, smoking, deception, and fraud. Overall, we can say that with the negative effects of Rahu, a person becomes non-religious. 

Rahu Transit 2023: Date And Time 

The planet Rahu always moves in retrograde motion, and after every one and a half years, it changes the zodiac sign. In the year 2023, until 30th October, Rahu will stay in the first and the fiercest zodiac sign of the cycle, Aries. After that, on 30th October 2023, at 02:13 pm, Rahu in its retrograde position, will enter the zodiac sign of Pisces. 

In accordance with the horoscope, let’s take a look at those signs which need to be aware and alert during the transit of Rahu in Pisces; especially those signs that need to be careful and vigilant with their finances!

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Now let’s take a closer look at which zodiac signs are in for positive benefits and prosperous outcomes due to Rahu Transit in Pisces!

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Strengthen Rahu With These Subtle Remedies

  • To make Rahu dominant in your horoscope, one can possess the Onyx stone, but make sure you are taking consultation from an expert astrologer first before wearing the stone. 
  • To strengthen Rahu offer Naag and Naagin made of silver to Shivling. 
  • Rahu Dosh is removed when Rudrabhishek is performed in a temple or at home.
  • Keep black sesame seeds on a blue cloth and donate that on a Saturday. 
  • Apart from this, in order to make Rahu happy one can also possess an eight-faced Rudraksha. 

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