This One Gemstone Can Change Fate Of Many Zodiac Signs; Know More!

You may have seen many people wearing various types of gemstones, and that’s because gemstones hold a special significance in astrology. Each planet is associated with a particular gemstone that is worn to influence that planet’s energy. Astrological experts suggest wearing gemstones that resonate with the ruling planet to bring about positive changes in one’s destiny.

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This Gemstone Can Change Your Fate

According to an expert astrologer of AstroSage, the gemstone known for its ability to change fate is the Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj. It is particularly beneficial for individuals born under the Sagittarius (Dhanu) and Pisces (Meen) zodiac signs. Pukhraj is considered their most auspicious gemstone as it aligns with their ruling planet, Jupiter.

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For those who cannot afford to wear Pukhraj due to its high cost, the alternative gemstone Sunela (Citrine) is a more affordable option. Sunela is also considered equally effective as Pukhraj in many aspects.

As per experts, these gemstones have the power to enhance your self-confidence and boost your knowledge. They are believed to provide financial stability and aid in career advancement. They can help in unlocking your talents and bring prosperity in various fields, including jobs and business. Additionally, these gemstones are known to have a positive impact on one’s overall health. They are said to improve marital relationships and help in overcoming obstacles.

Considering the significance of these gemstones, they are not only beneficial for Sagittarius and Pisces individuals but also for Cancer (Karka) and Leo (Simha) individuals. The gemstone Pukhraj is associated with these zodiac signs as well.

Now, let’s take a look at the proper method and day for wearing these gemstones:

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Right Method Of Wearing Pukhraj

The most auspicious day for wearing Pukhraj or Sunela is Thursday. To prepare the ring for wearing the gemstone, it should be designed in a way that the stone touches the skin of the finger. If wearing Pukhraj is not feasible due to its high price, Sunela can be worn as an alternative. Sunehla holds significant value similar to Pukhraj.

Astrologers recommend performing the following steps before wearing the ring: on Thursday morning, after bathing, immerse the ring in raw milk mixed with holy water (Gangajal) and then rinse it with honey. Afterward, wash it with clean water and wear it on the index finger. While wearing the ring, chant the mantra “Om Brahm Brihaspataye Namah” to activate its energies.

It is important to note that wearing any gemstone, including Pukhraj or Sunela, should be done under the guidance of an astrologer. However, wearing gemstones associated with your ruling planet is generally considered beneficial. Many individuals choose to wear their zodiac-specific gemstone without seeking astrological advice.

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These Zodiacs Must Avoid Wearing Pukhraj, Or Else…

Nevertheless, it is advisable not to wear Pukhraj or Sunela without proper consultation if you belong to the Taurus (Vrishabh), Gemini (Mithun), Virgo (Kanya), Libra (Tula), Capricorn (Makar), or Aquarius (Kumbh) zodiac signs. These gemstones are not specifically recommended for these signs. Moreover, experts caution against wearing Pukhraj with other gemstones like Panna (Emerald), Gomed (Hessonite), Neelam (Blue Sapphire), Heera (Diamond), or Lehsunia (Cat’s Eye), as it may lead to adverse effects instead of benefits.

Gemstones have been valued for their mystical properties for centuries. While they are believed to have the potential to change fate, it is essential to seek professional advice and wear them responsibly. These gemstones can serve as powerful tools for self-improvement and can enhance the positive aspects of your life.

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