Pukhraj: Benefits Of Wearing This Gemstone

You must have heard so many things about the gemstones. There are certain gems that can change the very life of certain people. In fact, Ratna can help many to reach greater heights in different areas of life. The gems can make a person walk over the path of success. All such things can be possible only by knowing the exact methods of wearing the gemstones and choosing the right one as well. Now, the question arises which gemstone can be favourable for us.    

Correct gemstone can only be suggested on the basis of Nakshatras and planets present in one’s horoscope. In this regard, if you are curious to know about auspicious gemstone for you, you can consult our renowned astrologers and get the best guidance. Apart from this, you can also gather healthy information by clicking on Gemstone Calculator

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Why Gemstones Recommendations Are Important

Gemstone is not only shiny and beautiful but also has various implications for different people. With regard to Astrology, gems retain divine energy through which a person touches great height in life. As per astrologers, gems should be worn in line with one’s horoscope to get the best results. On the other hand, if gems are worn without any consultation, then a person can be adversely affected. 

Every gemstone is associated with one or the other planet. If any planet is in a debilitated state or weak position in one’s horoscope, then they are asked to wear the gem of that particular planet. 

Which Planet is Linked to Which Gemstone?

Planet Gemstone
SunRuby (5 Carat)
MoonPearl 3 Carat
MercuryEmerald (5 Carat)
Jupiter (Guru)Yellow Sapphire (3 Carat)
SaturnBlue Sapphire 
KetuCat’s Eye

After knowing the link between planets and gems, let’s move forward and find out who should wear Pukraj, which is connected with Jupiter (Guru). Along with this, we are also enlightening you with the rules to be followed before wearing it. We would like to tell you that this blog has been prepared through the ink of our great Acharya Avinash Pandey Ji. We do hope that you will have all the answers to your queries through this blog. 

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Jupiter (Guru) & Pukhraj

In Astrology, Jupiter is considered to be extremely important among all the nine planets. It has attained the status of Guru. It is also known for impacting 5 zodiac signs at the same time.    

Transit of Jupiter (Guru) in 2022: The transit of Jupiter is taking place in Pisces on April 13, 2022. 

Who should wear Pukhraj?

Those natives who come across challenges in their marriage, business, owning a house, foreign travels, etc. should wear Pukhraj Stone

Pukhraj: Favourable For These Zodiac Signs

Pukhraj can be beneficial for those natives who belong to Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn. If Pukraj is worn with due rituals, it blesses the people of these zodiac signs with unexpected success. 

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Methods To Wear Pukhraj

  • First of all, the Pukhraj should be equal to the weight of your body. For example, if your weight is 70 Kg, then Pukhraj should be of 7.5 Ratti. Also, keep in mind that the Pukhraj should be moulded in gold or copper.
  • Besides this, it should be worn on Thursday under the influence of Guru Pushya Yoga and auspicious Nakshatra.
  • Pukhraj should be kept on a yellow coloured cloth. Then, it should be bathed in Gangajal, cow’s milk, curd, pure ghee, honey, and sugar. After this, clean it with pure water. Again, place the stone on yellow cloth and worship it by lightning Diya and offering Roli, rice, yellow flowers, incense sticks, etc.
  • Remember that until you worship Pukhraj, the lamp/Diya should remain lit. After the worship, meditate on the Guru and recite “ॐ ग्रां ग्रीँ ग्रोँ स:गुरवे नमः”। / “oṃ grāṃ grī~ gro~ sa:gurave namaḥ”।
  • Pray to the Guru to incarnate into the Gem. 
  • Recite ‘ॐ ब्रँ ब्रस्पतये नमः’/ ‘oṃ bra~ braspataye namaḥ’ 108 times and go on putting one rice grain aside. Sing the hymns of Guru after performing this Puja and wear the gem ring in the index finger early in the morning and pray to the Guru for his blessings.   

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The Guru will feel pleased and will shower his blessings on you. Pukhraj is also auspicious for education and wealth.  

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