Birth Chart Reveals the Relationship Between Psychological Disorders & Astrology

A person’s Birth chart gives plenty of hints as to what makes him/her sick. All of the Moon signs have their positive and negative impacts but the water signs  are  more  prone  to  mental  illness.  Water  signs  are very sympathetic and thoughtful of all the others. Afflictions in water signs can cause depression, anxiety, drug or alcohol addiction, bipolar illness or schizophrenia. 

Astrology is one of the branches of Science that helps a person to know  about himself  and evaluates life. It  relates us to  the family,  informs  about  the  financial  and  health  status,  predicts the misfortunes, provides the right direction for the efforts and provides insight to improve  the deeds for a better future. Astrology can answer  all the queries of a man and inform him what is good for him and what he needs to take precaution of. The Moon, Mercury and Jupiter are  the most important  planets responsible for  the wellness of the mind. When these  planets along with the fifth and sixth house of the birth chart are afflicted by any means, then mental  illness occurs.  

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Moon governs  the mind, person’s intellect and if in one’s cart Moon is afflicted affliction  it  will cause  mental excitement or depression.  Mercury  controls  the  entire  nervous  system, communications,  active  thinking  processes,  intelligence  and  an affliction to Mercury  will cause mental  imbalance. Gemini is  sign of reasoning  and Cancer is  sign of  emotions and  severe afflictions both signs may cause cause mental disorder in  Astrology,  the  mental  status  could  briefly  be  assessed  by  the Moon  (the  stability  of mind),  Mercury (nervous system) and Jupiter(maturity / wisdom / ethical value). 

When all three of those planets are afflicted  in  the  horoscope  of  an  individual,  conditions  leading  to mental  illness  are  high.  The  fifth  house  corresponds  to  learning, education,  logic  and  wisdom  whereas the  sixth house  refers to  the mental  ability  and  thought  process.  The  presence  of  Jupiter in the fifth house in  its own  or friendly  sign without  malefic influence  (especially from the eleventh  house)  can  give  the  best  results.  The  students  with Jupiter  in  fifth  house  are  extraordinarily  intelligent  and  high  rank achievers. The  presence of Rahu in  its own  sign Virgo and in its own position  in the sixth  house  of  the  horoscope  leads a person to be the most  efficient businessmen and intellectuals.  Even Saturn  in Libra in the sixth house of horoscope gives a high intellectual level.

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However, the planet placed in the first  house  of  the  horoscope  (referring  to  head)  also  contributed equally to Mental wellness. As a rule, the seventh house adjacent to every house has a significant effect on it.  So, the  planet at position 1st and seven,  5and  11,  6  and  12 houses  should be  keenly observed  to assess  the situation Based on results obtained after studying  numerous natal charts  of psychological  disorder  cases,  the  findings  have  been  systematically summarized  below  that  can  help individuals  to  initiate preventions  and seek  remedy  well  in time,  in  case  any chart  shows any symptom of mental disorder.

1. Psychological Disorders due to malefic Moon

Mental problems occur when the Moon is afflicted. These  vary from mental  abnormalities  to  neuro-psychotic  disorders.  The Moon  suffers afflictions when it  is weakly placed  in the sixth, eighth and  twelfth house and under the aspect or influence of malefic  planets. The Moon can very easily get afflicted. 

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  • The Moon  afflicted  by the Sun  makes  a  person  quarrelsome,  self critical. 
  • Moon afflicted by Mars makes a person aggressive and can also make him/her violent.
  • Moon  afflicted  by  Saturn can  cause  acute  depression,  mania.
  • Moon  afflicted  by  Rahu  leads  to  schizophrenia,  phobia  and suicidal tendencies.
  • Moon  afflicted  by  Ketu  causes  suicidal  tendencies  and  irrational behavior. 
  • Moon  afflicted  by  Mercury  causes  depression,  isolation  and suicidal tendencies.

Depression  is a very  common  problem  associated  with the afflicted Moon. The condition  can worsen if the Moon is placed in an enemy sign  in the first  house  alone and the  person is  under the Moon ruling period.  The condition of the patient changes drastically in no moon  and  full  moon  night.  Moon  in  combination  with  Jupiter  in Cancer  sign  makes  a  person  highly  emotional. The Moon in Cancer sign leads to a  condition of over  excitement and frequent  mood swings as well. Presence of the Moon in the sixth, eighth and twelfth house is also one of the  indications  in  the  horoscope  of  an  individual  of  his  sudden, premature or untimely death. 

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2. Psychological Effect due to malefic Mercury

Mercury  should  be  well  placed  in  the  horoscope  for  the  proper functioning  of the nervous  system as Mercury rules our nervous system. Nervous  breakdown  can  be  easily predicted by the combination of Mercury and Saturn depending on its placement in  the horoscope. Speech disorder is frequent if Mercury is weak or afflicted by any malefic planet. A weak or retrograde  Mercury in the fifth house can  lead to insane,mental problems or poor reflex action. 

.3. Psychological Effects due to malefic Saturn

Saturn  is a justice loving planet  that  evaluates human  strength  under  tricky conditions, time and again. It classifies our deeds and pays off the consequences when  Saturn comes into  rule,  according  to the horoscope in the Major period,  Minor period  and  mainly  in the yearly horoscope  that  governs  for  a  specific  year.  Saturn  alone  or  in conjunction with  Rahu  in the first and the second house  in the horoscope makes a person  addicted in  some way either  to drugs, smoking, tobacco or alcohol. Saturn on its own as well as in enemy sign easily leads to unwise decisions, inhuman, immoral or insane behavior. Saturn in first house and Mars in fifth, seventh or at ninth position leads to insane behavior. Saturn with the Moon in the twelfth house too leads to insane conditions.  Saturn in conjunction with Sun leads to aggressive  behavior,  anxiety,  isolation  and  psychological  disorders. Saturn gives bad results in the eighth house. 

4. Psychological Effects due to malefic Venus

Venus  is  mainly  associated  with sexual  behavior  in  humans’  life. Venus is debilitated in  Virgo  sign and not good in the sixth  house  of  the horoscope.  It  leads to  over excitement  in the Cancer  sign. Venus  affects the sexual behavior if afflicted by Saturn, Ketu and Rahu.

The sexual desire drastically  increases when  Venus is  afflicted by the Sun. The sexual desire  drastically decreases when Venus is afflicted by the Moon.There  is an increase in  sexual  frustration when Venus is afflicted  by Mars, Ketu and Saturn. A combination or malefic influence on Venus By  Saturn, Ketu  and Rahu  can  be  easily  seen in  the horoscope  of a person of low moral character. 

This sexual frustration can even lead to a disturbed  mental  setup  and  anxiety.  They  are  always  involved  in seeking  multiple  sex  partners,  rape  tendency  or  criminal actions. Presence  or influence  of  the Sun  in  addition  to  these  combinations further enhances the sexual desire. A combination of Venus  and Rahu  makes a  person slave  to neverending sex  desires, especially  in Virgo  sign leads  a man to cross all  the ethical,  moral  limits  and  lead  to  bisexual,  homosexual  behavior. However,  the  influence  of  Sun, the presence  of  Jupiter  and  Mercury  in ineffective state in  addition to  these combinations can deteriorate  the situation  further.  Effect  of  Rahu  on  Venus  leads  to  sexual dissatisfaction,  sexual  dysfunction,  the  person  can  affect  his  own health and be a sexual maniac. 

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5. Psychological Effect due to malefic Mars

Mars  has a major  effect on  man’s  courage, fidelity,  energy and sportsmanship. An adverse effect of Mars indicates the disorder to be more chronic and physical. Native with Mars and Rahu in the first, third, fifth  house have  a criminal  bent or  can  be  a  terrorist. Grave  mental bipolar  disorders  are  to  be  feared  if  Mars,  Saturn  and  Rahu  cast adverse  aspects  on  the  Moon,  Mercury  and  the  5th,  6th  and  8th houses. Every normal human being is liable to some disturbing mental issue due to the influence of Mars or Saturn during a lifetime  but it is only in the extreme case of mental illness that the destructive effects  are  visible.  A  combination  of  Mars  and  Saturn  leads  to isolation, harsh and antisocial behavior. 

6. Psychological Effect of malefic Rahu, Ketu 

Rahu affects the thinking and imagination of an individual. The  person  can complain of phobia or interactions with evil spirits if the lord of the first house is weak or  placed  in an unfriendly  sign or  in sixth,  eighth  or  twelfth  house. It Happens when Rahu is placed in the first house or the lord of the first house is in  combination  with  Rahu  in a certain  house.  Rahu  and  Moon Combination  too  gives similar results. Rahu / Ketu / Saturn / Sun opposition  second  of  the  horoscope  leads  to “Vani  Dosh”  in which  a person  speaks  something  that  hurts  other  feelings.  It  can  ruin  the personal and  professional life  very easily  and leads  to depression.  Rahu and  Ketu  at  position  fifth makes  a  person  fussy,  illogical,  irrational chatter. Rahu  placed in the 8th house  creates health problems  for  the  patient that  is either not identified or diagnosed properly. 

7. Psychological Effect of malefic Jupiter and Sun

A  good  aspect  of  Jupiter  can  evade  mental  disorders.  Jupiter  in retrograde stage or under malefic influence or situated in sixth, eighth, twelfth house can lead to several unnatural behavior, psychological /neural disorders and  phobias. Visiting  religious places, temples is  not favorable  in such  cases  when native  have  Jupiter  in such positions  in birth  chart  or  in  varshfal, Sun in the second house can enhance the ego problem or lead to overconfidence. Over excitement in Virgo, Gemini Sign  due  to Sun  can be observed. Lack  of  confidence  can  be  seen in horoscopes with the Sun at position sixth and twelve.

Remedies for Psychological Disorder:

The primary astrological remedies for psychological disorders are many. It is important to understand their methods and significance. Here I’m going to elaborate you the astrological remedies for peace of mind. Few are as follows:

  • Worshipping in chanting of mantras of afflicted planets
  • Wearing Moon Yantra permanently to keep the mental stress away
  • Donating Silver and other associated metals which will help you to curb mental tensions.
  • Regularly worship Lord sun, the Moon, and Mercury with flowers, sweet and incense.
  • Observe remedies to the please planet responsible for mental stress. 
  • Worshipping with full devotion and making Lord Shiva happy is amongst the best astrological remedies for mental tension.
  • Chanting Om Sri Ganeshaya Namaha will help you relieve all the mental stress.

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