Delayed Marriage? Know the Reasons Behind and Necessary Remedies

As per Indian religious scriptures, the parents of marriageable children get worried about the marriage of their children whenever the marriage season begins, approach astrologers and consult them to understand the marriage prospects. As per astrology, if a person is unable to find a girl/boy of his choice or if there is any delay in marriage, then it becomes a worry not only for boy or girl but also for the family members.  

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These Doshas in Kundali Can Create Hindrance in Marriage 

The entire game depends on planetary effects and their movements. It is said that if the seventh house of horoscope of any person is influenced by the effects of malefic planets, then he/she faces problems in family life the marriage prospects of the concerned person get delayed. There are some other conditions as well. Let us find out what they are.

  • Pitru Dosha in horoscope.
  • Conjunction of planets in the seventh house.
  • Manglik Dosha present in horoscope.
  • The ruling lord of the seventh house along with debilitated sign is placed in an inauspicious position, then marriage is delayed.
  • If the conjunction of Mars, Saturn and Venus is taking place in the seventh house, then marriage takes place at a later age.
  • If Mars, Sun and Mercury are placed in Lagna of the girl’s horoscope and Guru is in the twelfth house, then marriage of girls takes place at an advanced age.
  • If the Sun is in a debilitated state in the seventh house, then marriage is delayed or hindrances crop up time and again. 
  • If the seventh house or Lagna of Navamsa Kundali is dominated by Saturn then, the marriage takes place at an advanced age and obstacles crop up time and again.

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Remedies to Overcome Delays in Marriage

  • Donate twelve hundred grams of gram lentils along with one and one fourth litre of milk for eleven Mondays and eulogize Lord Vishnu. By doing so, all the hindrances in the settlement of marriage get removed.
  • Distributing Nail Polish to unmarried girls for forty three days to different girls leads to the possibility of early marriage and all the hindrances vanish.
  • Recite Durga Saptashati to Argala Stotram by taking a resolve for twenty one days and worship Maa Katyayani Devi.
  • If there is a  delay in girls’ marriage then the girls should worship Lord Shiva by placing five coconuts in front of the idol and reciting the Mantra “ॐ श्रीं वर प्रदाय श्री नमः”/“oṃ śrīṃ vara pradāya śrī namaḥ” five times with the beads of garland and offer all the coconuts in a temple.

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  • If there are hindrances in your marriage owing to the planet Saturn in your horoscope, then offer black sesame on Shivling on Saturday. Also, tie the whole Urad, iron, black sesame and soap in a piece of black cloth and donate on the same day i.e. Saturday. By doing this, all the reasons for delay fade away and marriage takes place in a short time. 
  • If there is a delay in marriage owing to Manglik Dosha in horoscope, then the person must recite Path of Mangal Chandika Stotra and recite the Mantra  ‘ॐ ह्री श्री क्ली सर्व पूज्य देवी मंगल चण्डिके हूँ फट स्वाह।’/ oṃ hrī śrī klī sarva pūjya devī maṃgala caṇḍike hūm̐ phaṭa svāha।
  • Those who are facing delays in marriage are advised to water the roots of the Peepal tree for thirteen consecutive days. By doing this, all the hindrances will vanish. 
  • Every day, put a pinch of turmeric in water and take a bath and on Thursday, the cow should be fed with two dough balls of flour duly sprinkled with some turmeric and jaggery with wet gram lentils.
  • If there are hindrances in marriage due to Manglik Dosha, then worship Lord Hanuman by observing the fast on Tuesday. Offer Ladoos made of wheat flour and jaggery to Lord Hanuman and then, apply vermilion (Sindoor).

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