Hidden Secrets Behind Different Positions Of Mole In Palm

This blog by AstroSage consists of information related to the significance of different moles present in your palm. Know what the presence of moles in your palm represents and if they will bring favourable or unfavourable results in your life. Read the article further to find out more!

Mole has great importance in palmistry. A lot can be ascertained about the future of the person from the position of the mole in the palm. In some places on the palm, these moles give auspicious results, while in other places, the natives get inauspicious results from these moles. In today’s article, we are going to tell you which mole present in which position of the palm gives auspicious or inauspicious results.

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Mole in the Palm

If there is a mole on the mount in palm

In Vedic Astrology, the Sun is considered to be a benefactor of commanding respect in the society. In the palm, the mount of the Sun is present just below the ring finger. A mole at this place is not considered auspicious. The people whose mole is present on the mount of the Sun have to face slander in society, and they do not get the respect they deserve.

If there is a mole on the mount of Saturn

Saturn or Shani is considered a malefic planet in the realms of Vedic Astrology. Saturn is also called the god of justice because Saturn gives fruits according to the deeds of the people. The mount of Saturn is present under the middle finger of the palm. Having a mole on the Mount of Saturn is not considered good. The natives who have a mole on the mount of Saturn in their palm, have to face obstacles in any work they pursue. The activities taken up by such people also get ruined.

If there is a mole on the mount of the Moon

Moon is considered to be the factor of the mind in the horoscope of any person. Along with this, the Moon is also considered to be the lord of all liquid substances of the world. The mount of the Moon in the palm is present in front of the end of the Mastishk Rekha. If a person has a mole on the mount of Moon in his palm, then the marriage of that person gets delayed for a long time. Such people are prone to water-related diseases too.

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If there is a mole on the mount of Venus

Venus is considered to be the significator of worldly pleasures, luxurious life and love. The Mount of Venus is present under the thumb in the palm. It is considered favourable to have a mole at this place. Such people have no shortage of money in their life. However, such people also love to spend a lot of money, due to which there are ups and downs in their financial life.

If there is a mole in the middle of the palm

If a mole is present in the middle of the palm of a person, which is covered when the fist is closed, then such a mole is considered very auspicious. It is believed that such people are financially very strong, and at the same time, they are very fortunate. They achieve a lot in life even with less hard work.

If there is a mole on the headline

The middle line is considered as the headline among the three major lines of the hand. If a person has a mole on the headline, then such a person is always at risk of injury in life. Along with this, such people are surrounded by mental stress. Apart from this, these natives always have quarrels with their relatives.

If there is a mole on the heart line

The top line of the three major lines of the palm is called the heart line. Having a mole on the heart line is not considered auspicious. Such people have to face heart-related diseases in their life. The risk of heart attack is always present in the life of such people.

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