Solar Eclipse 2022: Precautions For Pregnant Women During Last Solar Eclipse of 2022

According to the Hindu Panchang, the last Solar Eclipse of the year will be observed on October 25th, the day of Kartik Amavasya 2022, or the day after Diwali 2022. The first Solar Eclipse of the year was observed on April 30th, 2022. This period is very crucial especially for pregnant women. 

Hence, we are here to explain every little detail, from how to take care of yourself and be cautious during the eclipse to what precautions pregnant women should take. Let us read further and learn about the Solar Eclipse of 2022 in this blog.

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The Meaning And Significance Of Solar Eclipse 2022

According to astronomy, a Solar Eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs when the Moon blocks the rays of the Sun coming towards the Earth by coming in between them. In other words, Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon travels between the Sun and the Earth. This phenomenon occurs usually during the Amavasya (New Moon). However, there are four types of Solar Eclipse that depend on the Sun-Moon-Earth alignment.

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According to religious beliefs, since it feels like night time during the day, Solar Eclipse is considered inauspicious. It also challenges nature’s rules. However, historically speaking, solar eclipse brings positive and calm energy into our lives, since the Moon represents calmness and the Sun represents our souls. 

Hence, it is believed that solar eclipses are a good source of positivity for achievements and determination towards our goals.

Date and Time of Solar Eclipse 2022

Date: October 25th, 2022

Day: Tuesday

Beginning of the Solar Eclipse: From 4:49 pm 

Ending of the Solar Eclipse: till 6:06 pm

Maximum eclipse: at 5:42 pm

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Your Health Conditions May Change During The Solar Eclipse

It is believed that there are five types of changes seen in one’s health during solar eclipse-

  • Laziness and Fatigue: According to the spiritual sources, you can experience fatigue and sickness. Avoid taking important decisions during the eclipse.
  • Impact on Pregnant Women: It is believed that solar eclipse has an effect on pregnant women as well. In these situations, the fetus in the womb can suffer from illness or psychological issues. Hence, it is advised that pregnant women should take necessary precautions during the eclipse hours.
  • Eye-related Problems: The sunlight is very bright and can harm the naked eyes. While looking at the solar eclipse with naked eyes, the sun rays may harm your retina and cause you blindness. Hence, it is prohibited to look at the solar eclipse with naked eyes. There are specific sunglasses available for such purposes.
  • Digestion-related Problems: Similar to other beliefs, solar eclipse can cause digestion-related issues as well. This is the reason why it is prohibited to eat during solar eclipses.
  • Psychological Issues: It is the opinion of many experts that solar eclipse can affect a person psychologically. They can have nightmares, feel anxious, and have ups and downs in their relationships. It is advised not to sleep during the hours of the eclipse.

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Pregnant Women Should Take Care Of These Things

According to mythological beliefs, pregnant women are especially vulnerable during solar eclipse. It can have an effect on the mother and the child since the negative energies during solar eclipse are very prominent. Hence, the mothers-to-be are told to take extra cautions during the solar eclipse. 

  • Expecting women are not allowed to go out of their homes during solar eclipse. It is believed that the effects of the eclipse are seen on the fetus and the mother.
  • Avoid looking at the solar eclipse while carrying a pregnancy.
  • Avoid bathing during the eclipse. Always shower before and after the eclipse.
  • Pregnant women should not use sharp objects like knives or needles.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry and objects made of metals like safety pins, hair pins, etc.
  • It is believed to be inauspicious to sleep during the eclipse.
  • Do not let the rays of the Sun enter your room. Do not come in contact with the Sun in any way.
  • According to the astrologers’ advice, pregnant women should have Durva (cow grass) on their beds during the Solar Eclipse.

Children Should Not Do These Things During The Solar Eclipse

  • Do not look at the Solar Eclipse with naked eyes. If you wish to see the eclipse, use UV filter glasses or a telescope.
  • Understand the meaning, positive and negative effects, and significance of the solar eclipse by your elders.
  • Avoid bruising your teeth, chopping off or brushing your hair, and clipping your nails during the eclipse. 
  • Avoid consuming food during the hours of eclipse since it is believed that the digestive system is weak in these hours. 

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Solar Eclipse Impact On The Nature

People experience weird and strange activities during the eclipse. According to the experiences of the people, it affects nature as well. Let us read what strange incidents have people encountered during the hours of solar eclipse. 

  • The shadows formed during the hours of Solar Eclipse are different from the normal shadows we see.
  • There is no wind flowing during the Solar Eclipse in the atmosphere.
  • Even the birds are quiet during the hours of eclipses.
  • The temperature drops around 10-15° Fahrenheit.
  • Animals seem lost and scared as well while some fall asleep.
  • Around an hour after the solar eclipse, there is complete brightness and light in the environment.

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We hope this blog will prove helpful to you in taking care of your and your loved ones health and protecting you from the ill effects of the Solar Eclipse 2022.


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