Saaho: Astrology Predicts Box Office Records

Prabhas starring Saaho is all set to hit the box office on 30 August with its thrilling story line and power-packed star cast. It is an upcoming 2019 movie shot in three major languages, i.e. Hindi, Telugu and Tamil under the direction of Sujeeth. The movie stars Bahubali fame Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor in leading roles. The amalgamation of Hindi and South Indian Cinema will be interesting to watch, as this movie marks the debut of Prabhas in Bollywood and Shraddha in South Indian movie industry. 

It is said that the movie has been produced on a gigantic budget of ₹350 crore and shot on IMAX Cameras for high-quality experience. Various beautiful locations were used to shoot the movie, some of which include Romania, parts of Europe, Mumbai, Abu Dhabi, and many more. Being an action-thriller, the movie comprises of various action sequences on which money has been spent wholeheartedly. Prabhas’ fans are eagerly waiting to see their hero striking the big screens with his attractive gaze and powerful performance. 

Below mentioned is an astrological evaluation of the movie Saaho, where we have analysed its Prashna Kundli and gave you a quick movie review as per astrology.

Saaho: Movie Review As Per Astrology

  • Date of Release – 30 Aug – 2019
  • Time of Release – 9:00 AM
  • Place – Mumbai (Mumbai is the base of Bollywood)

saaho review

Prashna Kundli for Saaho Movie

  • As per the Numerology (Ank Jyotish), Prabhas’s Moolank or Root Number is “4” and Shraddha Kapoor has “7” as her Moolank. On the other hand, the feature film “Saaho” has the Moolank “8”.
  • Moolank 4 is Ruled by Rahu.
  • Moolank 7 Ruled by Ketu.
  • Moolank 8 Ruled by Shani.
  • In this prashan kundli – Rahu and Ketu are favourably placed in the kundli, which means Prabhas and Sharaddha Kapoor will get all the appreciation for their acting or performance.
  • The concerning dasha that will be operative on the release day will be of Ketu – Jupiter – Mercury – Ketu. Ketu is the key planet for Shraddha Kapoor. So you can say Shraddha kapoor’s work will be highly praised (more than expected).
  • Shani, the Moolank lord for Saaho movie, is also favourably placed in the Sagittarius sign. Moreover from this Sagittarius house, it will bless the Virgo house which is the 1st house. Virgo is a friendly sign for Saturn, and in this case it is boosting the strength of the Lagan (1st house). This means Saaho will also be a super hit movie.
  • One point to be noted here is that overseas box office collection will be more than Indian collection.

We wish all the best to the full star cast and crew members.


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