Post Solar Eclipse Remedies To Evade Harmful Aftereffects

Post-Solar Eclipse remedies to escape the harmful effects of the event.

The Solar Eclipse that fell on the longest day of the year, summer solstice, is now over. It was the biggest event of the year 2020, since December 2019, and its impact will also be significant. Taking place in the zodiac sign, this astronomical event will be known for its effects that remained for a very long time. Moreover, the significance of this occurrence rises because at the time it took place, six of the navagraha were in retrograde. The retrogression of so many planets will always have a profound impact on the lives of the natives. How will that or the Grahan Dosha influence your personal life? Click here and know the answer by connecting with our astrologers. 

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Now that the Eclipse is over, you may want to know what next? With this article, we will discuss some post-Solar Eclipse remedies that you can easily observe to escape the malefic aftereffects of the event. They will help bring success in your life. 

What Next After Solar Eclipse 2020?

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The conclusion of the Solar Eclipse does not mean that its effects will also come to an end now. On the flip side, this astronomical event will continue impacting us for almost six months. The Sun is a visible (astrological) planet that influences our daily living. The energy emanating from it is the basis of our life, and an Eclipse causes negativity to spread throughout the atmosphere. Its effects are visible on all Zodiac Signs. This is why we must observe certain measures to evade its malefic influences. The following post-Solar Eclipse remedies will help gain freedom from the problems it creates as well as move forward in life. Let us take a look at these remedial procedures.

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Special Remedies To Reduce The Effects Of Solar Eclipse 

Mantras are potent because they influence a person for a long time. Therefore, we are going to mention several mantras as per your zodiac sign that will be beneficial for you. In addition to the chanting, we will also include some special post-Solar Eclipse remedies for you. However, before that, here are some general remedial measures that anybody can observe. 

  • To avoid the malefic aftereffects of the Solar Eclipse, clean your house as soon as the event concludes.
  • Sprinkle Gangajal everywhere, and everyone in your family should take a bath for the purification process. If there is a river near your place of Residence then taking a dip in a holy river is considered to be the more auspicious Solar Eclipse remedy. 
  • After that, cleanse the place of worship within your home. Bathe the idols that you pray to, and once again establish them on the pedestal with new clothes. 
  • If you had put aside something for donation during the Eclipse_period, then you can go ahead and do so now. Even if you did not keep anything, you could still do charity work at this time. 
  • As per another post-Solar Eclipse remedy, do not forget to take out food (Gau Gras) for the holy cow. 
  • Take off the clothes that you were wearing during the Eclipse and wash them.
  • If you had added Tulsi or Kusha to beverages during the Eclipse_period, to keep them pure, then you can use them now. Otherwise, ensure that you do not drink them.

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  • Water all plants and trees in your home after the Solar Eclipse to purify them.
  • Cook food, offer it as an oblation to the Gods and Goddesses first and then eat it yourself.
  • For another simple post-Solar Eclipse remedy, go to a temple in the evening because worshipping can resolve all your problems.
  • Chanting the Gayatri mantra or any Mahamantra of Lord Shiva will be extremely beneficial.
  • Offering food to the needy or Brahmans, as well as keeping out food and water for animals and birds, are auspicious post-Solar Eclipse remedies.
  • You can also do the tarpan to appease your pitras.
  • According to another Solar Eclipse remedy, offer black or brown coloured leather shoes to a needy person.

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Post Solar Eclipse Remedies: Charity & Mantras As Per Your Sign

You can observe some of the post-Solar Eclipse remedies given below according to your zodiac sign. In addition to that, we have also included a Mantra for each sign. By chanting this, you can appease Lord Sun and remain free from the malefic influences of the Solar Eclipse:


  • Aries natives should offer water to the Lord Sun every day with a copper vessel, after the Eclipse, and recite the Hanuman Chalisa. 
  • Donating wheat, jaggery, and grams will be an auspicious Solar Eclipse remedy. 
  • To attain the blessings of Lord Sun, chant the mantra: ॐ अचिंत्याय नम:/oṃ aciṃtyāya nama:


  • Worshipping Lord Maha-Ganesha will be highly beneficial for Taurus natives. 
  • According to another post-Solar Eclipse remedy, you should present bangles to little girls. You can even gift makeup items (Shringar) to a lady. 
  • Chanting the following mantra will help you evade the adverse effects of the Eclipse: ॐ अरुणाय नम:/oṃ aruṇāya nama:


  • Gemini natives should recite the Shri Vishnu Sahstranaam Stotra every day to attain blessings quickly. 
  • Donation and charity work is another post-Solar Eclipse remedy that is beneficial. You should donate sweets, black gram, gram flour, grams, or any other grains. 
  • To negate the influence of the Eclipse, you should chant the following mantra as much as possible: ॐ आदि-भूताय नम:/oṃ ādi-bhūtāya nama:

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  • Worshipping Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is another post-Solar Eclipse remedy that will help you gain freedom from the malefic effects of the astronomical event. 
  • Donating comb, wafers (papad), pot, sesame seeds, kohl (kajal), gram, urad, etc. will also be beneficial for you. In addition to this, you can also donate sesame seeds. 
  • Chanting the following mantra will bring favourable results quickly for Cancer natives: ॐ वसुप्रदाय नम:/oṃ vasupradāya nama:


  • You should recite the Aditya Hriday Stotra to avoid the malefic influences of the Eclipse and gain the blessings of the Lord. 
  • As per a post-Solar Eclipse remedy, donating milk, flour, fuel, spices, etc. will be favourable for you. You can also offer food to a needy. 
  • Surya Dev is the Lord of your Zodiac Sign; therefore, you should chant the following mantra as much as possible and offer water to him: ॐ भानवे नम:/oṃ bhānave nama:


  • You should serve your father for favourable results. If possible, you can follow another post-Solar Eclipse remedy, which is to feed jaggery to a bull and offer wheat to the poor as charity. 
  • Donating whole mung beans will also be auspicious for you. In addition to this, you can also put out seeds/grains for birds and sugar or wheat for ants. 
  • To gain the blessings of Lord Sun and avoid the impacts of the Eclipse you should chant the following mantra: ॐ शांताय नम:/oṃ śāṃtāya nama:

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  • To strengthen your fortune, you should worship Goddess Durga and recite the Durga Chalisa. 
  • Donate wheat and jaggery, as a post-Solar Eclipse remedy. In addition to this, you can also offer red lentils or red coloured objects in charity. 
  • Chanting the given mantra will help Libra natives gain freedom from the negative influences of the Solar Eclipse: ॐ इन्द्राय नम:/oṃ indrāya nama:


  • Worshipping Lord Hanuman will bring you optimum results. If possible, read the Sunderkand. 
  • Charity work is a significant post-Solar Eclipse remedy, and you can donate sugar or rice for the same. Another option is offering camphor to a temple. 
  • Scorpio natives should chant the following mantra: ॐ आदित्याय नम:/oṃ ādityāya nama:


  • Those born under the sign of Sagittarius should worship Lord Krishna and chant his mantra as part of a post-Solar Eclipse remedy: ॐ क्लीं कृष्णाय नमः/oṃ klīṃ kṛṣṇāya namaḥ
  • Donating Bengal gram lentils or green leafy vegetables to a needy person, and feeding green spinach to a cow will be auspicious for you. 
  • You should chant the following mantra dedicated to Lord Sun ritualistically: ॐ शर्वाय नम:/oṃ śarvāya nama:

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  • You should worship Lord Maha-Ganesha as well as Goddess Mahalakshmi, according to a post-Solar Eclipse remedy. 
  • Donating blue coloured clothes, coal, black sesame seeds, and so on will be auspicious for you. 
  • Chanting the following mantra will bring favourable results for Capricorn natives: ॐ सहस्र किरणाय नम:/oṃ sahasra kiraṇāya nama:


  • Aquarius natives should meditate on their Isht Dev and worship them. 
  • Donating copper coins, wheat, sweet fruits or apples will be auspicious for you, according to a post-Solar Eclipse remedy. 
  • Chanting this mantra will help Aquarians gain freedom from unfavourable influences of the Eclipse quickly: ॐ ब्रह्मणे दिवाकर नम:/oṃ brahmaṇe divākara nama:


  • Offering water to Surya Dev and donating wheat on Sunday will be a beneficial post-Solar Eclipse remedy for Pisces natives. 
  • You should also offer green-coloured clothes and green cardamom in charity as well as feed the needy. 
  • Chanting the following mantra will help you evade the malefic influences of the Solar Eclipse: ॐ जयिने नम:/oṃ jayine nama:

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We hope that the aforementioned post-Solar Eclipse remedies will help you avoid the adverse effects of this astronomical event. 

May you attain utmost success in your life and remain healthy. In this time of Coronavirus, we wish that you continue to be rosy cheeked, and stay safe from this pandemic. 


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