Three Major Planets Become Retrograde in May: What’s The Impact?

Amid Corona Outbreak, this month of May will bring major life changes as it is going to witness three planets becoming retrograde within the span of three days, i.e. from 11th May to 14th May. This is a very strange interplanetary phenomenon happening in the celestial sphere and likely to bring unexpected results with it. Although these planets will turn retrograde, they will not change positions yet and the transitory motion will take place later. 

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These Three Planets Are Becoming Retrograde In May

  • During this month, Saturn will retrograde in its own sign of Capricorn on 11th May 2020 at 09:27 AM. It will remain in retrograde motion till 29th September 10:30 AM and continue for 141 days. 
  • Venus will be the second planet this month that will go into its retrograde motion in its own sign of Taurus on 13th May at 12:12 PM. It will remain in retrograde motion till 25th June 2020. This Venus retrograde will continue for 44 days. 
  • The next planet to retrograde is Jupiter, which will be transiting in the sign of Capricorn at that time. Jupiter will enter into the retrograde motion on 14th May, 19:58 evening. This Jupiter retrograde will continue for 47 days before it moves back into its own sign Sagittarius on 30th June 2020 at 05:25 AM. 

General Impact of Planets in Retrograde

Saturn will be retrograde in its own sign of Capricorn. The zodiac sign Capricorn stands for discipline, authority, responsibility, determination, and delegation. As Capricorn sign also stands for traditionalism, the retrograde Saturn here indicates that we may have to move ahead of time by breaking traditions and boundaries that we may have set for ourselves. Try and not be rigid in this time duration and take responsibility for all your actions and health-related habits, especially in this time when the world is fighting a pandemic.

Venus will be retrograde in its own sign of Taurus. Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac Belt or Kaal Purush Kundali as we say in Vedic astrology. This sign signifies the resources, accumulated savings, material possessions, food tastes, and the most important aspect that is Family. So, it indicates that this is the right time to assess what we already have and love before coming to a decision. As Venus represents love, beauty, romance, this period is favourable for introspection and reflecting on learning from previous experiences. Since the Nationwide Lockdown has been imposed due to Corona Outbreak, we all have been confined within the walls of our homes. During this time, you can bring out your creativity and any talent hidden inside you. Apart from this, you can work on your relationship with your family members while trying to infuse positivity within the house. Also, now is the time to think about what new can be done in order to bring harmony and balance in relationships. 

The Jupiter retrograde will take place in the sign of Capricorn. This is also the sign in which Jupiter remains in its debilitated state. As the planet represents wisdom and knowledge, it is the right time to take a step back and see what we have learned and gained while it was in its direct motion. In this duration, we may not be very optimistic about things, execution of plans will be slow or may get stalled. So, the main thing to do in this transit is to slow down and look inside for answers rather than searching outside. This will help open your mind and make you listen to your own voice, thus bringing better results during this transition. Use your wisdom and plan a better strategy for the future.

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Retrograde Planets and Effects on Zodiac Signs

Now see what results the retrograde motion of these three planets brings for all zodiac signs: 


This transit is going to affect the second and tenth house for the Aries sign. This indicates that keeping a check on your speech is necessary; otherwise it will create problems in your family life. Utilize your resources or savings optimally to keep your expenses under control. Also, during this transit you may have to do things repeatedly in order to achieve results in your workplace. Don’t lose heart and be consistent in your approach. However, give up on your decision to change your job or workplace for the moment.


Taurus natives may feel a lack of confidence and face problems when making decisions that may lead to struggles in the workplace. Some problems may also reappear on the health front, since this transit is affecting the first house of self and personality. There will be recurrent obstacles in the execution of your plans as luck may not be on your side because this transit affects your ninth house of fortune and luck. It indicates that this is the time to take things slowly and revise your skill set once again. This will help you set a solid foundation for the future. This is also a very good time period to reflect what kind of relationships you share with your idol, mentor, and teachers, which will help you establish a good rapport with them.  


This duration may make Gemini natives a little anxious and insecure about the future, as they may face some recurrent challenges or obstacles in their workplace. This is also going to bring some negative effects on their personal life and health. So, this time frame requires you to be slow and concentrate on improving the task that is on your hand  rather than undertaking new things. Though, this transit may bring in auspicious results for the natives looking forward to visiting abroad or foreign lands. However, proper planning and documentation will be necessary to avoid delays. You are advised not to think about such travels for this time since a world pandemic has dominated the world. This duration may also require you to keep a check on your expenditure as they are likely to increase.


Cancer natives may find some problems and ups and downs in their personal relationships during this time duration. Those doing business in partnership may face some differences of opinion with their business partner. So, this period requires you to be patient, optimistic in your approach and introspect. This may help you to bring harmony in relationships. Though, professionals of this sign may once again come across an exceptional opportunity that they may have missed in the past. It also indicates that an old friend might create new grounds for income that you may not have expected before.

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Health issues especially related to stomach may come up during this transition of retrograde planets in their sixth house of diseases. Your loans and liabilities may increase and your creditors may again bother you during this time. You may also face some challenges from senior management and enemies which may result in stagnation of your growth professionally. However, this time period is here to test your devotion towards your work. Therefore, accomplish your tasks with great dedication and devotion. 


Virgo natives might face some issues when it comes to implementing ideas which may result in decreased efficiency and productivity in their workplace. So, this indicates that they need to take another look at the way things are structured right now and bring necessary changes for improved performance. Though, it will be a very good transit and will help you resolve any sort of problems or rifts that may have appeared in the relationships. Some of the natives may also witness a comeback of their ex-lover in their lives. In terms of family life, differences with father are also set to dissolve and you may start to share a great rapport with him. However, undertaking any sort of journeys should be avoided during this time. You may also be inclined towards reading religious scriptures that will help you to resurrect your faith. 


Renovating or redecorating your home may take up most of your time during this period. However, take care of the expenditure that you incur while doing your home, as that may cross the budget that you had set. Some issues regarding the health of the mother may resurface again. However, this is the right time that should be used wisely to support your loved ones.

Also, this retrogradation of planets may also give you some doubt in your abilities despite having good potential and skills. This may result in negative thinking and spike the tendency to quit things easily. However, this is the right time to introspect and connect with yourself that may help you to discover the hidden potentials within. 


This is the right time for Scorpions to spend some quality time with their siblings and clear the rift that may have arisen before. In their workplace, they may face some communication problems or may not be able to communicate the message clearly to their support staff. This may lead in decreased efficiency and productivity in their professional space. This transit also indicates not to take on the work or make promises that you cannot deliver during this time, as non-fulfillment of promises may lead to your image being tarnished.

However, this is a very good time duration that will help you clear the air in your relationships. The only thing that you need to do is to take responsibility in relationships rather than leaving it all on your partner. 


Sagittarius natives may face some constraints or hurdles in their finances which may force them to shift their energies into saving more. So, this is an auspicious time period if you want to open a bank account or invest in some venture for the long term, that may secure your and your family’s future. Though, it is a very favourable time to clear the air with your subordinates which may bring in improved performance in your workplace. 

However, some issues with health may resurface again amid the Corona Crisis. Basically, it is indicating that you may have to change your lifestyle. So, following any daily routine that includes exercise, meditation or yoga will help you achieve great results. 

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This period during the World Pandemic may make you a little gloomy, pessimistic in your approach, lazy and may make you doubt your own abilities. This may have a negative impact on all aspects of your life as you may shy away from responsibilities and your dependency on luck and miracles will increase. This is the time for introspection when you should rely more on yourself and your efforts rather than fate. However, this duration will be very auspicious to spend quality time with children as that may help you connect with yourself which may result in your enhanced creativity. 

This duration will help you to address all the problems in your relationships and enable you to feel happy and joyful. Professionally, it is a very auspicious time to execute your plans, as they will add to your productivity.


This duration is likely to bring a decline in health and an increase in expenses. However, you can curb your expenditures by taking care of yourself and remaining fit. Although, you should avoid travelling at this time, however, if unavoidable, then ensure that you are carrying all the necessary paperwork and following health guidelines. During this period, certain health issues can resurface for your mother. However, if you are thinking of dealing in real estate, then the time seems favourable.


This time seems favourable for writers and publishers of this zodiac sign as they can use this period to edit their unsent work. You may rectify your mistakes which will help you get proposals this time. However, this period may make you over desirous, so, keep a check on yourself as often they remain unfulfilled and in the end one is left with emptiness. During this time, there are chances of you reconnecting with your old friends and acquaintances after a long time, which can open up new doors of opportunities.

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