No Success In Job Interviews? Jupiter-Saturn- Sun Can Be Responsible!

A good job is a dream for everyone but sometimes, even after having complete knowledge and working hard, the natives easily pass their exams but they have a hard time getting through an interview. And, it’s natural to feel hurt when even after working hard, we don’t pass an interview. A lot of times, people are unable to assess their faults, shortcomings, or the reason for failure in the job interview. Well, there can be several reasons for not being able to clear the interviews but one of the reasons is the planetary defects or the Graha Dosha in your birth chart. 

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The planetary defects in a person’s birth chart lead to obstacles and challenges in progress and advancement in an interview or career. Oftentimes, a lot of hard work and effort doesn’t also help you clear an interview. According to Vedic Astrology, some planets have an important role in helping you make progress and advancement in  your job or career. People should not only work hard to clear their job interviews but they can also follow some remedy to strengthen the plants responsible for career and job advancement. So, moving ahead, we are going to know the planets that are responsible for not helping you clear your job interview. 

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Planets Responsible For Interview 


In Vedic Astrology, Saturn is the planet of Job. The stronger his position is in your birth chart, the more the chances of the native to crack their interview. Also, you are likely to end up getting a good job as well. While, if the position of Saturn is unfavorable in your birth chart, then you will get tired of giving interviews but will not succeed in any of them. Overall, the success and failure that you are getting in your career are all because of the position of Saturn in your birth chart. According to Vedic Astrology, the natives whose birth chart has Sade sati, Dahiya, and Antardasha, may have to go through some problems in their jobs. 


In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is considered an important planet and if its position is weak in a birth chart, then it becomes hard for the native to achieve success in their career, and their life also gets filled with problems. The weak position of Jupiter in the birth chart of any person becomes the reason for bad luck for the person and they have to face a lot of difficulties in their career and job. Jupiter is also known as the planet of success and kindness and it also represents knowledge. In this situation, if the position of Jupiter is weak in the birth chart of a person, then they may have to face failure in their job interview even after having a lot of knowledge. Apart from this, they may also have to face several other kinds of problems in their job as well. 

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According to Vedic Astrology, the weak position of the Sun in the birth chart of a person leads to the compromise of their respect and honor at their workplace and even after giving several interviews, they fail. They have a hard time getting success regardless of the kind of career they choose. They have to face several kinds of problems in their work. Oftentimes, the natives are able to pass their exams because of the favorable positions of other planets but the unfavorable position of Sun leads to failure in the job interview. 

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How To Strengthen The Planets For A Successful Job Interview? 

  • If you are preparing for a job, then you should strengthen the planet Jupiter. According to Vedic Astrology, to strengthen this planet, apply saffron tilak on your forehead every day from Thursday of Shukla Prasad, by doing this your luck will shine and you will also get the support of luck. Also, you will get auspicious results in the job and interview. 
  • The natives who have a weak position of Jupiter in their birth chart should observe a fast for at least 11 or 21 Thursdays. Worship the planet Jupiter on this day. Also, to get the auspicious blessings, one should chant the mantra, ‘Om Gram Green Graum Sah Gurave Namah’ 108 times on Thursday.
  • To strengthen the position of Jupiter, you can also wear Topaz or semi-precious stone Sunela or Sonal because these gems are considered good for removing Guru Dosha. However, before wearing this gemstone, you must take advice from an astrologer.
  • Donating yellow things strengthens the planet, Jupiter like; Gram dal, maize, turmeric, banana, etc. is said to be extremely auspicious. 
  • Now, Mercury is the planet that represents intelligence. So, before going for an interview, chant the mantra of Lord Ganesha, the god of wisdom. Also, write the mantras of Lord Ganesha with a red pen and keep it in your bag or pocket. Apart from this, donate to the needy and help them as per your capacity. 
  • If Mercury is at a weak position in your birth chart, then you may have to compromise on respect and fame, and there can be problems in your job. People who have weak Mercury in their birth chart should meditate on Lord Vishnu. 
  • Every morning, one should offer water to the Lord Sun by putting Roli in it and chanting the mantras of the Sun. By doing this, you will get lucky. 
  • To get success in an interview, worship Lord Saturn on Saturdays and offer blue flowers to him. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Which planet helps to get a job?

Saturn is the planet that helps to get a job.

Which house controls your career? 

10th is the house that controls your career 

Which planets make your career? 

Saturn, Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter are some of the planets that make the career of a person.

Which planets give government jobs? 

If the position of the Sun is strong in your birth chart, then you can get government jobs. 

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