Three Major Planets That Brighten Your Career

As per astrology, it is believed that the present and future events of our life are directed by the movement of planets and transits. If there is a favourable conjunction forming in one’s horoscope, they can achieve success even with their fewer efforts while if the planetary movement is indicating negative results then they are unable to meet success despite giving their best. It is evident that everything is dependent upon the movement and position of the planets. To know the favourable and unfavourable position of planets in your horoscope and their impact, AstroSage Brihat Horoscope can be quite helpful in letting you aware of everything.

In this blog, we will apprise you of the impact on career due to the position of Sun, Mars, and Mercury. Along with this, we will shed light on some simple remedies through which you can strengthen planets by getting rid of their malefic effects or surfacing them.  

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Sun-Mars-Mercury Impact on Career 

In the domain of Vedic Astrology, the Sun plays a very important role in everyone’s life. In the realm of astrology, the Sun is also known as the significator of the soul, the inducer of research, the king who bestows blessings, the efficient administrator, the planet that grants fame and fame. Its position in the horoscope is completely helpful in changing the direction of life of a native.

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The graph of success and failure of a person’s life depends a lot on the position of the Sun. To get hold of progress in a person’s job and career or business, it is very important for the Sun to be auspicious. Without this, no person can get success. The Sun is given the status of a father. The whole Universe is moving ahead with the power of the Sun, so at the time of analyzing the horoscope, one should note down the house where the Sun is situated.

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So, let us go on to discover today how the lord Sun and its conjunction with Mercury or Mars can brighten your career! 

Sun-Mars-Mercury in First House and Impact on Career 

If the Sun is situated in the first house along with Mars and Mercury in a person’s horoscope, then there is a special kind of aura seen on the face of such natives. Such people are powerful and make a different identity in society.

Besides, they hold higher positions in the field of administration, army, etc. They also represent the country on a national level. These natives have great intuition power. Seeing from a business point of view, these people come out to be big businessmen and they not only establish themselves in their own country but overseas as well.   

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According to the Manasagri Granth, it is said that when conjuncted with the cruel planets (Surya-Mangal/Sun-Mars), such people become a little stubborn and want everything done on their insistence.

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These Three Planets Decide the Fate of your Career 

If the planets Sun, Mars and Mercury are situated in the house of profession in one’s horoscope, then the natives tend to be sharp-witted, successful in work and business, well-versed in the scriptures, utilizing self-earned wealth, good orators and a good practitioner of everything in general.

They lead people to make the fullest to whatever they have got into their hands. Even in foreign-based companies and organisations, people are seen occupying higher positions.

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Apart from this, such people take an active part in matters of religion and work and are always pioneer in performing charity. In his /her life, the act of staying away from parents or staying abroad remains constant. Such people get foreign citizenship very easily and they can acquire respect easily by getting various works done. Such people also turn out to be good politicians and social workers.

Remedies to Pacify the Sun

  • Worship Lord Vishnu.
  • Worship Lord Sun.
  • Chant the Aditya Hriday Strotam.
  • Fast on Sundays to strengthen the planet Sun.
  • Donate jaggery, wheat, copper.
  • Wear Ruby gemstone to get the happiness of Sun God

Remedies to Pacify Mars

  • Worship Hanuman ji.
  • Worship Lord Kartikeya.
  • Read the Sunderkand Paath.
  • Fast on Tuesdays, as it helps to strengthen the position of Mars.
  • Donate red lentils, wheat, copper utensils.
  • Wear Coral gemstone to pacify Mars.

Remedies to Pacify Mercury

  • Worship Lord Vishnu.
  • Worship Budh Dev.
  • Chant the Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram.
  • If possible to strengthen the planet Mercury, then observe the fast on Wednesday.
  • Donate items made of green grass, Sabut Moong and ivory.
  • Wear the Emerald Gemstone to pacify the planet Mercury.

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