6 Planets’ Grand Conjunction in Capricorn : Know the Impending Impacts!

On the 10th of February there will be a conjunction of 6 planets in Capricorn.  These planets are Venus, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Mercury out of which Mercury will be in retrograde motion. Usually it is not considered auspicious for so many planets to be constituted in one sign as they do not indicate anything good as usually only bad things come into the forefront due to this. Acharya Raman has already predicted many good and bad occurrences taking place in the country and worldwide. You can click here to talk to Acharya Raman on call and know about the impending impacts of the grand conjunction of planets in Capricorn.  

Out of the six, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and the Moon will be in the Nakshatra of the Moon, which is Shravan.  Shravan is a fast paced Nakshatra and is used in Muhurat shastra for travels, shifting , anything which is temporary in nature. But Mercury and the Sun will be in Dhanishta, which is ruled by Mars and is placed in the centre with these planets. 

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6 Planets’ Grand Conjunction in Capricorn : Impacts

  • There are possibilities of earthquakes, snowfalls, accidents and war like situations in the time to come. 
  • There is an agitation going on in the country which will have more wings after February 10, 2021 because the conjunction is taking place in the earthy sign Capricorn and Saturn is the planet of the masses. 
  • For India, this conjunction is happening in the 9th house and interestingly enough, there is a conjunction of five planets in the third house of India’s natal chart, so this will be an opposition of sorts. 
  • We can expect the death of an eminent personality in a few weeks or months in the fields of arts, drama, politics and media. 
  • Some media persons may be ashamed nationally for their wrongdoings. 
  • There can be a rail accident and plane crash. Tremors or earthquakes can be felt. You can click here to talk to Acharya Raman on phone about the impending impacts of the grand conjunction of planets in Capricorn.  
  • Weather will be completely haywire. 
  • The third house is also of neighbors and this conjunction is taking place in the 9th which is the 7th to the third and thus there will be bad news coming from Pakistan and China too. 
  • Nepal can also be affected adversely. 

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6 Planets’ Grand Conjunction in Capricorn: Impacts on All Zodiac Signs

All the natives should avoid and C-section delivery till these planets part ways from one another and the other possible effects on the 12 ascendants the effects can be like:

  1. Aries: There will be sudden problems at work. You will have disagreements with your seniors. There will be an urge to quit the existing job. Relations with your spouse will not be good. 
  2. Taurus: Your elders in the family may not feel well health-wise. There may be serious problems for your elderly members. Your teacher may suffer from fever. There may be some heated arguments with elders.
  3. Gemini: Do not travel this week. Avoid investments of any kind. You should not eat heavy food and avoid driving.
  4. Cancer: Keep your temper in control. Take care of your family matters and spouse first and then work. Be careful with your kids. 
  5. Leo: Health should be your first priority. Something very unexpected may happen. There can be a loss to you through your servant. 
  6. Virgo: Avoid any surgery or treatment administered physically. You may experience strange things like ghosts or shadows. Do not be scared or otherwise. Do not invest in stocks for a week or so. 
  7. Libra: Your mother may not feel well, take care of her. You can call Acharya Raman and get remedial consultations on how to strengthen her planets and enrich her health. There can be some natural damage to your vehicle. Do not indulge in public discussions for a week or so. Try to avoid public places. 
  8. Scorpio: Be courteous to your neighbour, do not quarrel even if there is an instigation as you will be at loss later. Your phone, laptop, camera, router etc may get stolen or damaged.
  9. Sagittarius: Think twice before you say anything at all. Don’t give money to anyone no matter how close the person is. Do not eat outside as there may be stomach problems due to it or have food at a reputed place only. 
  10. Capricorn: Do not quarrel; do not have suspicions of any kind on anyone. Try to have a balanced mind. Do not get confused and decide on major things after 10-15 days. Avoid long travels. 
  11. Aquarius: There can be health issues to elders in the family, you should not travel long distances, get your court cases postponed, do not make any investment and don’t buy any land or vehicle in this week. 
  12. Pisces: Take help from people if you are in need, help will be just a call away. Have fun and enjoy the time with friends. Do not overeat or drink. Try to be polite to everyone and don’t let ego take over you.

Go ahead and call Acharya Raman to know more about the impacts of this grand conjunction of planets!

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