Vedic Astrology: These Planets Bring Turbulence In Career- Note Remedies!

All of us want to get settled and have a good life. We want a good job, a timely promotion for the progress of our career, and a lot of money. But, in modern times, it has become a challenging task to get a good job and earn a good amount of money. Even if some people somehow get a job after hard work, they have to face many problems and challenges in moving ahead, like not getting a promotion even after working hard or not getting a salary increase, etc. They are troubled by all kinds of problems. Because of not making progress in their career or not getting expected results, several health issues surround them as well. The reason behind all of this can be planetary defects, originally known as Graha Dosha. Due to Graha Dosha, one has to go through these kinds of problems in their life. 

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According to Vedic Astrology, each planet holds a meaning and leaves an impact on the life of a person. Likewise, there are also planets associated with jobs and careers in our birth chart, which are responsible for bringing either success or failure in our careers. If the position of these planets is weak in a birth chart, the natives may have to face challenges in receiving a job offer, promotion, or an increment. While, on the other hand, if these planets are positioned strongly in someone’s birth chart, they make great progress in their job. So, moving ahead with the same idea, we are going to discover the planets that offer progress in a job, and Along with that, we are going to reveal the houses in a birth chart associated with jobs. 

Important Houses For Promotion In A Birth Chart 

According to Vedic Astrology, planets such as the Sun and Jupiter play an important role in a birth chart. If the lord of Gods, Jupiter is present in an auspicious position in a birth chart, then the job of these natives remains permanent and these people also make fast progress in their jobs and advance it a lot. At the same time, if you want to get a promotion or success in a job then it is very important for Mars, Mercury, and Saturn to be in an auspicious position because due to the strong position of these planets in a birth chart, the native gets a promotion in their job. 

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House Related To Job In A Birth Chart 

  • The tenth house in the birth chart of any native is associated with a career or tells about the career of the native, like the kind of job the native will get when their promotion happens or when they have to face professional world problems, etc. 
  • As a result of the relationship of the lord of the tenth house of the birth chart with the ascendant lord, the natives don’t face any challenges or problems in the job all throughout their lives and get the proper results of their hard work. Along with this, they move towards success. But if there is a malefic or ineffective planet in the tenth house, the job does not remain permanent and several uncertainties occur in the job for the native. 
  • Now, if there are malefic and illusive planets like Rahu-Ketu or Mars in the tenth house of the birth chart, then there are possibilities for the native to lose their job. 
  • If Jupiter or the Sun is present in the tenth house of the birth chart, then good results of hard work are obtained. Also, there are chances of getting a promotion. 
  • The natives who have Jupiter and the Sun present in an auspicious or exalted position, their jobs remain permanent and they have strong chances of getting a promotion from time and again which leads them to their satisfaction with their career. 

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Planets For Good Job And Promotion 


According to Vedic Astrology, if only the Sun is present in the tenth house of the birth chart of a person then there are stronger and higher chances of a government job in their life. If the position of the Sun is strong in a person’s birth chart, then they have strong leadership skills and they can be a great boss. Sometimes, these people also have the ability to become a team leader and CEO. 


If the position of Mars is strong in a person’s birth chart, then their status in the workplace remains intact and respect increases. Not only this, everyone respects the person and their efforts are appreciated. 

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If you have been facing problems in your career for a long time now or your work is not getting praised then you should understand that the position of Saturn in your birth chart is weak. According to Vedic Astrology, Saturn has the ability to make a person king from a pauper and vice versa. The inauspicious position of Saturn brings failure in the job. To get rid of these problems, the natives should not consume alcohol, meat, etc, and shouldn’t keep the south direction of the office dirty and unsanitized. 


Mercury is the planet of intelligence, voice, skin, and money. In such a situation, the position of Mercury in a birth chart matters. The favorable position of Mercury in a person’s birth chart means they are going to make a lot of progress in their career. As a result, these natives use their intelligence to make the right decision and become the favorite of their boss, on the other hand, if the position of Mercury is unfavorable in the birth chart of the person, then a lot of opportunities are missed by them and even after several efforts, they are incapable of making a progress in their career. 

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Remedies To Strengthen Sun, Mars, Saturn And Mercury

  • If the position of the Sun is weak in your birth chart, then Arghya should be offered to the Sun in the morning and also the mantra, “Om Hram Hrim Hrum Sa: Suryay Namah” should be chanted. 
  • The easiest way to strengthen the position of Mars is to worship Bajrangbali and recite Hanuman Chalisa. 
  • For the auspicious effect of Saturn, Shani Stotra should be recited 7 times on Saturday. 
  • To strengthen Mercury in the birth chart, Maa Durga and Lord Ganesha should be worshiped as per the rituals. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


Which planet is good for a career? 

The planets such as the Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn are responsible for a career. 

Which planet is responsible for an acting career?

Venus is the planet responsible for an acting career. 

Which house decides the career?

The tenth (10th) house decides the career of a native.

Which planet is responsible for success?

Jupiter and Venus are responsible for success as they offer opportunities for growth, recognition, and success in professional endeavors. 

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