June 2024 Planetary Transits – 4 Major Planets Bring Fortunes To These Zodiacs!

Planets keep changing their positions across zodiac signs as per Vedic Astrology. In a similar way, the month of June 2024 is going to start and 4 planetary transits are going to happen in this period. In it, one planet will transit twice and the other 3 planets will change their positions. The planets that are going to transit in the month of June 2024 are Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. The transits in June 2024 will prove very auspicious for the natives of lucky zodiac signs. Before that, let us talk about the planets that are going to transit in the month of June. 

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When Will Planetary Transits Take Place In June 2024?

The month of June 2024 starts with Mars transit, the planet responsible for courage and bravery. On 01 June 2024, Mars transits into the Aries zodiac sign. After that, on 12 June 2024, Venus, the lord of love & material pleasures, transits from Taurus to Gemini sign. After two days, on 14 June 2024, Mercury, the planet responsible for speech & intelligence, will transit into the Gemini sign. 

On 29 June 2024, Mercury, the prince of planets will transit from Gemini to Cancer zodiac sign. Other than that, on 15 June 2024, Sun, the king of planets, will move from Taurus to Gemini sign. After that, on 29 June 2024, the change in position of Saturn will retrograde in the Aquarius zodiac. Also, in this month, the planets like Mercury and Jupiter will change their conditions. 

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As a result, the planetary transits in June 2024 will prove very beneficial for some zodiac signs. Let us now move ahead and check details about the lucky zodiac signs in this period. 

Planetary Transits In June 2024 Benefits These Zodiac Signs 


In June 2024, the planetary transits will prove very favorable for the Aries natives. In this period, all their pending tasks can be completed easily and they will get a chance to travel across trips with their families. The Careers of Aries natives will move ahead in the path of progress and they will get multiple opportunities. They will feel confident in completing various tasks successfully. They will get benefits across various aspects of their lives. Business professionals can get benefits from partnerships and can acquire profits across different operations. Their respect will increase in this period. 

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The planetary transits in June 2024 will prove very auspicious for the natives. During this period, there are possibilities of completing many auspicious activities successfully. The natives can also attain good fortune and happiness. The period is favorable for employed people and will be favorable for the careers of people. They will also get the chance to meet influential individuals. Business persons can earn a lot of benefits. They will get money through ancestral property. 

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The planetary transits in June 2024 will bring auspicious results in the lives of Leo natives. In this period, they will get a lot of opportunities to gain profits in their personal & professional lives. They will be able to fulfill their responsibilities successfully. The intellectual capacity of Leo natives will strengthen with the grace of Lord Mercury. Whereas, Lord Sun, increases honor & respect and planet Venus will enhance the luxuries & comfort levels. The marital life of the Leo natives will be very successful. 

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In June 2024, the planetary transits will be a boon for the Virgo natives. They will get a lot of personal & professional benefits. They will take part in charitable activities. The financial condition of people will remain strong and they can get money from different sources. The auspicious influence of these planets will fulfill the wishes of Virgo natives and can fulfill their responsibilities successfully. There will be peace, happiness, and prosperity in the family lives of Virgo natives. 

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The planetary transit in June 2024 will bring glory, happiness, and prosperity in the lives of Libra people. There will be more happiness in the family and work life. They can also experience mental peace in their lives. The Libra natives facing health troubles, will get all kinds of relief in their lives. Also, there will be many opportunities for financial gains and their overall bank balance will rise hugely. They will be successful in their careers and all their wishes can be fulfilled in this period. There will be sweetness in the marital and married life. 

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The major planetary transits in June 2024 will change the luck of Sagittarius natives. It is the best time for people to move ahead in their careers. Luck will favor the natives to complete various unfinished or pending tasks. There are chances of getting money from various sources. The employed people can get new job opportunities and thus get a unique position in their work life. The business persons will prepare new plans for expansion and thus the business position will strengthen in various ways. Family differences can end in this period and there are chances of traveling to religious places. 

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Q1. Will there be a Saturn transit in 2024?

Ans. No, there will be no Saturn transit in June but it will be in a retrograde position this month.

Q2. When will Mercury transit take place in June?

Ans. Mercury transits in June 2024 on 14 June and 29 June. 

Q3. When will the Sun transit into Gemini in June?

Ans. On 15 June 2024, the Sun transits into the Gemini zodiac sign. 

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