Planetary Transits In December 2023: 5 Zodiacs To Embrace Luck & Positivity!

Planetary Transits In December 2023: The last month of the year, that is December, is considered highly significant from the perspective of the planetary transits. The transits and planetary movements taking place in this month determine how the beginning of the upcoming new year will treat your zodiac sign. 

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If we look at the planetary transits in December 2023, there will be a total of 5 planets moving around from different positions to different signs. The five planets transiting this month are the Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter. The Sun and Mercury will be present in Sagittarius, forming the Budhaditya Yoga. Further, there will be a conjunction of the Sun, Mars, and Mercury in Sagittarius, forming a Trigrahi Yoga. Additionally, there will be a conjunction of Mars and the Sun which will create the Aditya Mangal Rajyoga.

The impact of these planetary changes in December will affect all 12 zodiac signs, but there are some signs that have the potential to gain tremendous benefits from these transits. This blog by AstroSage will let you learn about the planetary transits in December 2023 along with those lucky zodiac signs that will flourish during these movements. So let us start with our blog then!

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List of Planetary Transits in December 2023

On December 13, the planet Mercury will become retrograde in Sagittarius, and then on December 16, it will enter Sagittarius. After that, on December 25, Venus and Mars will transit to Scorpio, and on December 27, they will enter Sagittarius. 

On the other hand, Mars and the Sun will create the Aditya Mangal Yoga, and on December 28, Mercury will become retrograde and enter Scorpio. On December 31, Jupiter will retrograde in Aries.

All these planetary movements will have a huge impact on five very lucky zodiac signs. Let us talk about them now and find out how these transits will treat your zodiac!

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Fate Of These Zodiacs Will Flourish With The Planetary Transits in December 2023


In December, individuals born under the Taurus zodiac sign can anticipate a period of good fortune. Attaining the job or career of your choice is now within reach. Moreover, the upcoming year, 2024, holds numerous opportunities for progress. Your family will provide unwavering support, standing by you with strength. Whether you’re investing efforts in your business or pursuing a career, luck is likely to be on your side. Similarly, individuals in the job sector will find fortune smiling upon their endeavors. For students contemplating participation in competitions or contests, this period promises to be highly favorable.

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Libra natives can expect a promising month of December, marked by opportunities for significant progress. Encountering various avenues for advancement will undoubtedly contribute to a sense of contentment. Those who have faced financial setbacks may now see the possibility of recovering those funds. Businesspersons, too, are poised for success in their endeavors. Your aspirations in the professional realm are likely to materialize, and for single individuals, the dream of marriage is on the horizon. In the workplace, the support of senior officials and colleagues is assured.

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The month of December 2023 will bring blessings from Goddess Lakshmi to the natives of Sagittarius. This period of planetary transits in December 2023 will be very lucky and auspicious for you and will bring progress to your life. You will succeed in purchasing a vehicle or property in case you are considering buying one. Investing in these ventures holds the potential for substantial gains. Those engaged in jobs or businesses will encounter golden opportunities for advancement. If you are contemplating starting your own business or initiating a new venture, this time will be profitable for you. In this endeavor, you are certain to reap benefits.

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The planetary transits in December 2023 will bring highly favorable and fortunate outcomes for you. If you’ve been patiently anticipating a partner to share your dreams with, especially if you are single, your wait is finally coming to an end. Concurrently, any pending tasks on your plate will also be successfully concluded. Financial challenges won’t be a concern during this period, and you can expect to maintain financial prosperity. Your endeavors in wealth accumulation are poised for success. Moreover, long-pending projects will see advancements, and students can anticipate success in competitive exams. In the educational domain, your luck will provide full support.

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December 2023 will prove to be highly auspicious in terms of business and career for the natives of Aquarius. Those who have a job may receive a promotion, while those who own businesses will be seen expanding their market. If you have had to encounter obstacles in your career up until now, they will be resolved soon. Your financial life will stay fine and on track and you will witness an increase in your overall luck. All the plans you have made for your work will prove to be successful and you will get to spend some quality time in peace with your partner.

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