Planetary Combinations Behind Popularity of Gandhiji & Bill Clinton: Are They in Your Horoscope?

When it comes to the success & popularity of individuals, hard work, luck, and planetary combinations play a pivotal role. As per astrology, the planets in the person’s horoscope determine how successful they will be in their lives. 

There are many great personalities in our country who have gained a lot of popularity and fame due to planetary combinations in their horoscopes. Through this AstroSage blog, the readers can analyze the horoscope of great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Clinton, etc. Know why they achieved so much respect, prestige, success, and popularity in their lives. 

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Horoscope Of Mahatma Gandhi 

In Mahatma Gandhi’s horoscope, Venus, the lord of the Lagna house, and Moon, the lord of the tenth house will be in their own zone. But, the Moon is afflicted by Rahu, and Venus is afflicted by Mars. Both these planets are the lord of the fifth and seventh house and have been very strong in the horoscope. 

The presence of Dashmesh in the tenth house resulted in a lot of success in their professions, along with prestige & respect. The Moon is in its own house. Whereas, the Moon is in the center from the Moon and creates Gajakesari Yoga. 

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The Arudha Lagna is positioned in the Cancer sign and the lord is in its own sign. The auspicious planets will be positioned in Arudha Lagna from the center. Saturn is very auspicious for Libra Lagna people as it is the lord of the fourth & fifth house. 

The planets Mars, Mercury, and Venus are in the Lagna. Jupiter and the Moon will be mutually in the center. Jupiter, the giver of fame is in the center from the Lagna. 

Horoscope Of Bill Clinton


Mars, the lord of the tenth house, has a vision in the tenth house. Mars is in the third house with Venus, and thus the popularity of people won’t last for a longer period. With the presence of the lord of the tenth house in the third house, individuals earn a good name in the field of writing. They also become great speakers in their field. 

The auspicious planet Guru, Jupiter is present in the Arudha Lagna. There is the presence of auspicious planets in the center from Arudha Lagna. The lord of the fifth house, the Sun, is positioned in its own house from the Moon. Whereas, Saturn, the lord of the tenth house is positioned in the center. 

Aries is positioned in the tenth house, i.e. the house of popularity. The position of the Moon here ensures the gain of popularity and fame for individuals. Jupiter is at an angle with the Moon and has a vision on the Moon. This results in the fame and popularity of the person. 

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Saturn is in the Lagna house and its vision is in the tenth house. The planet is placed in the tenth house from Arudha Lagna. 

Horoscope Of Albert Einstein

The lord of the Lagna house is in the tenth house in the horoscope and it is getting dissolved and being debilitated. 

The lord of the tenth house, Jupiter, is in the ninth house and the lord of the ninth house, Saturn, is in the tenth house. The positioning of Dashamesh in the ninth house makes the person a pure legend in society. Due to this, light & hope comes into the lives of others. 

Moon is debilitated and positioned in the sixth house. The lord of the ninth house, Saturn, Lagna, the lord of the fourth house, Mercury, lord of the fifth house, and Venus, is in conjunction with the tenth house. This resulted in the creation of a powerful and strong Rajyoga. It is vital to have a relationship between Venus, the lord of the fifth house, and Saturn, the lord of the ninth house. The house indicates popularity in the Pisces sign. Jupiter is located at an angle from the Lagna and in the center from the Moon. The lord of Arudha Lagna is in the center. 

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Q1. Which is the House of Luck?

Ans. The ninth house in the horoscope represents the house of luck.

Q2. Which planet is referred to as the king of planets?

Ans. Sun is referred to as the king of planets.

Which house is meant for wealth in astrology?

Ans. In Hindu astrology, the second house in the horoscope refers to wealth accumulation. 

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