Jupiter, Saturn & These Other Planets Are Responsible For Health Issues; Know Remedies Now!

Nowadays, it is quite normal to encounter lung infection or respiratory diseases. According to Astrology, there is a connection between these problems with the planets. It is believed that if the position of a planet is not correct in a horoscope then that person will be affected by such diseases. It is said that in astrology the connection of the diseases in the lungs or respiratory organs is with the Moon. Apart from this, the person facing the ill effects of the moon will also have a cough and mental health issues. To make the Moon strong in the horoscope one must worship Shiva on Mondays. 

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Planets Responsible For Health Issues

Sun: The planet Sun is considered to be the King of all the planets in a galaxy. If the Sun is in the malefic position then its problems are related to the eyes and brain. To strengthen the position of the Sun in your horoscope, offer water to the Sun at the time of Sunrise.

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Mars: Planet Mars has a direct connection with diseases related to blood, So, if Mars is badly placed or in the malefic position in your horoscope then it is not a good sign. As you will encounter more blood-related problems. To strengthen Mars in your horoscope, worship Hanuman Ji on Tuesdays.

Mercury: Planet Mercury is connected with skin diseases. If Mercury is weak then the person starts facing problems related to skin. To get the auspicious results from Mercury and to remove the doshas of this planet feed green fodder to the cows.

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Jupiter: This planet is responsible for obesity. If the planet is weak in the horoscope then the person will be obese and have abdominal diseases. To please Jupiter one should wear yellow clothes on Thursdays.

Venus: Planet Venus is the benefactor of satisfaction and prosperity. If Venus is in a malefic state then it can lead to many sexual diseases. For the strengthening of Venus, the natives should distribute white-colored sweets to the girls.

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Saturn: If Saturn is weak then the person can encounter body aches, tiredness, injury, and more, to strengthen the position of the planet Saturn natives should offer mustard oil at Shani temple on Saturdays. 

Rahu: If Rahu is in the malefic state in one’s horoscope then the person will have a fever at regular intervals. If you offer food to the person affected by Rahu such as Leprosy, poor, cleaning staff, or a person then you will definitely be blessed by Rahu.

Ketu: If Ketu is weak in the horoscope then the personal encounters with problems related to bones. To stay safe from the ill effects of Ketu, all you need to do is serve your elders and the eldest in the family. Also, feed sugar chapatis to the dog.

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