As Shradh Paksha Begins, Know Which Things Should be Kept in Mind

Many fasts, customs and traditions are a part of Hindu religion and culture. In Hinduism, there is a tradition of performing several sacraments right from a person’s birth until his/her death. Although the cremation of a person is considered to be the last rite, there are rituals that are performed by the relatives or family members even after the death of a person so that his/her soul rests in peace. 

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Pitru Paksha 2020
From September 1 to September 17
Poornima Shradh – September 1, 2020
Sarva Pitru Amavasya – September 17, 2020

Shradh Karma is considered to be one of them. As per the beliefs of Hinduism, Shradh can be performed on the Amavasya Tithi of every month but from the Purnima of Bhadrapada month (Bhado) to Amavasya of Ashwin month, all the days between and including have been designated to perform Shradh so that the soul of the deceased may rest in peace. During these days, relatives and family members perform the Shradha rituals of their ancestors so that their souls rest in peace. This occasion is also known by the name of Shradh Paksha. 

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Importance of Pitru Paksha

As per mythological legends and beliefs, people should worship their ancestors before any ceremony. It is said that if ancestors are appeased, then the Gods are also pleased. Therefore, a ritual is commemorated to respect the elders when they are alive or even after their death by performing Shradh. It is believed that if Shradh is not performed as per the rituals then the one does not attain salvation even after his/her demise.  

Astrological Significance of Pitru Paksha

In the realm of astrology, Pitru Paksha is given quite a grave amount of significance as astrology gives prominence to the concept of ‘Karma’ and past birth. Our present life and also the future solely depend on our previous deeds. Pitru Dosha gets formed when there is a special ‘Grih-Yoga’ combination in one’s Kundli, which can keep troubling you all throughout your life. It is said that when a person is not able to lay hands on any kind of success, even after being very close to achieving it, finding troubles with childbirth, is repeatedly losing money and there is prevalence of stress in conjugal life, then there is a strong possibility of Pitru Dosha being present in the Kundli of that person. In such a situation, an astrologer must be consulted on how to pacify the Pitru Dosha. Pitru Paksha is considered to be the most auspicious and important time to perform such remedies.

According to Vedic astrology, Pitru Paksha is believed to begin on the day when the Sun enters the zodiac sign, Virgo. The fifth house of the horoscope is the significator of the deeds done in the past life. Apart from this, Sun is considered the lord of the fifth house as per the Kaal Purush Kundli. This is the reason why the Sun becomes an epitome of ‘Kul’ or lineage.

kanyāgate savitari pitarau yānti vai sutāna,

amāvasyā dine prāpte gṛhadvāraṃ samāśritā:

śraddhābhāve svabhavanaṃ śāpaṃ datvā brajanti te॥

कन्यागते सवितरि पितरौ यान्ति वै सुतान,
अमावस्या दिने प्राप्ते गृहद्वारं समाश्रिता:
श्रद्धाभावे स्वभवनं शापं दत्वा ब्रजन्ति ते॥

Hence, it can be said that when the Sun enters the Virgo zodiac sign, then our forefathers return back to pay a visit to their descendants. In such a situation, if the Shradh rituals are not completed during Ashwin Amavasya which arrivees during Pitru Paksha only, then our forefathers return unhappily and curse us to come back to us again. This is the reason why you should offer a Tarpan made of a mixture of fruits, flowers, water etc. and try to gain their appeasement and benediction.

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Pitru Paksha : Associated Facts

Although Shradh can be performed on Amavasya Tithi of every month for ancestors’ peace, but organising the same during the Pitru Paksha has an immeasurable significance. Therefore, Sharddha of ancestors must be performed during Pitru Paksha for the peace and fulfillment of their souls. However, if you don’t have exact information about the date (Punya Tithi) of the death of your ancestors, then Shradh should be performed on the day Ashwin Amavasya.    

In addition to this, if a person dies of road accident in an early age or commits suicide, then his/her Shradh is performed on Chaturdashi Tithi. Ashtami Tithi is considered for the Shradh of fathers while Navmi Tithi is for mothers. Know further from this blog which day is appropriate to perform the Shradh ceremonies so as to please ancestors.

Keep reading this blog to know when should the Shradh rituals of different ancestors be performed. 

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How Shradh Should be Performed During Shradh Paksha?

Shradh Karma is that Karma in which the family members worship for the peace of the soul of their ancestors. Shradh is performed from the Purnima Tithi of Bhadrapada month (Bhado) until the Amavasya Tithi of Ashwin month.

Shradh Vidhi

The question arises how the ancestors’ souls rest in peace by performing Shradh. In Hinduism, Shradh has to be performed for the peace of the soul of ancestors and also, for their emancipation from the circle of birth and death. If Shradh is performed with proper rituals then ancestors’ souls rest in peace and if there is a non performance of the same, the souls remain dissatisfied throughout. It is believed that Shradh should be performed by a learned Brahmin/Pandit. 

In addition to this, you will be blessed if you can help a needy person. Food prepared for Shradh should also be given to dogs, crows, cows and other animals. For the commemoration of Shradh rituals, one must know the date of death. Shradh has to be performed on the very date when the person died.

At times, we don’t have any idea about the exact date and in that situation, Shradh Karma has to be performed on Ashwin Amavasya as the day is considered sacred and auspicious. Fast should be observed on this day and Brahmins should be served with dishes like Kheer(porridge).

  • Shradh Puja should start at noon.
  • Hawan is performed on this very day.
  • Mantras are recited and worship is performed with the help of an intellectual Brahmin.
  • After this,a part of the dish offered in worship is fed to cow, black dog, crow etc.  
  • During this, you must remember your ancestors.
  • Further, the brahmins should be served with food and then, given donation.

It is believed that whosoever performs worship for Shradh with due rituals, does not face any problems pertaining to ancestors. In addition to this, the ancestors bless their family members with success, prosperity and happiness.

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Do’s and Dont’s of Pitru Paksha?

In Hindu culture, worship of ancestors and Pind Daan (donation) have a high significance during Pitru Paksha. It is believed the ancestors are pleased by offering Pind Daan and serving Brahmins with food and they bless the sons and grandsons of the departed with prosperity and happiness. 

Things to be Remembered During Pitru Paksha

It is believed about Pitra Paksha that during the period of sixteen days, the ancestors come on Earth to bless their sons and grandsons. Tarpan, Shradh and Pind Daan are to be performed to please ancestors. It is believed that those who do not perform Pind Daan face doshas like Pitra Dosha or Pitri Rin(debt) etc.   

Things must be Kept in Mind During Shradh Paksha

  • The head of the family must participate in Shradh Karma. 
  • Take a bath and wear clean clothes before performing Shradh.
  • Now, wear a ring of Khush grass.
  • Offer a dough form made of barley flour, sesame, and rice.
  • Whatever is prepared for Shradh of ancestors should be offered to crows as the crows are considered to be the messengers of the god Yama.
  • Then, serve brahmins with food.
  • ”Pitru Paksha Mantra to be recited. 

ये बान्धवा बान्धवा वा ये नजन्मनी बान्धवा” ते तृप्तिमखिला यन्तुं यश्र्छमतत्तो अलवक्ष्छति। /

ye bāndhavā bāndhavā vā ye najanmanī bāndhavā” te tṛptimakhilā yantuṃ yaśrchamatatto alavakṣchati। 

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 Shradh Paksha : Things to Remember

  • All auspicious works are not allowed during Shradh Pitru Paksha.
  • Don’t buy any new item during this period.
  • In addition to this, one must not eat non vegetarian food, consume alcohol, smoke cigarettes etc.
  • The person who is performing Shradh should not cut his nails. Besides this, he should shave and go for a haircut.
  • It is believed that during these sixteen days, the ancestors come down to Earth. Therefore, if any bird or a person visits your door should not return empty handed.
  • Shradh Karma should not be performed during evening, night and morning.  
  • Feeding cows, dogs, ants is considered auspicious and sacred during Pitru Paksha.

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Whose Shradh Should be Performed on Which Day?

  • Shradh to be performed on the Chaturdashi Tithi of those who die untimely or at an early age. 
  • Shradh of married women to be performed on Navami Tithi.
  • Navami Tithi is also considered auspicious for performing the Shradh of mothers.
  • The Shradh of saints is performed on Dwadashi Tithi.
  • Shradh of maternal grandmother and grandfather to be performed on Pratipada Tithi of Ashwin Shukla Paksha.
  • Shradh of unmarried persons to be performed on Panchmi Tithi.
  • Shradh of those persons whose death dates are not known to be performed on Sarvapitri Amavasya i.e. Ashwin Krishna Paksha. 

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