Pitru Paksha 2023: Know Date, History, Importance & Correct Tarpan Method

Pitru Paksha 2023: Pitru Paksha refers to the fortunate 15-day time dedicated to our forefathers during which we undertake Shradh rituals, oblations, and other offerings for the serenity of our forefathers’ souls. According to the Hindu calendar, Pitru Paksha 2023 begins on the full Moon day of Bhadrapada month and concludes on the new moon day of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month.

During Pitru Paksha 2023, a person remembers and does Shradh rites for the serenity and salvation of his ancestors’ souls. Aside from that, during this time, a person expresses gratitude to his ancestors for being a blessing in his life. Today, in this unique blog of ours, we will learn when the Pitru Paksha will begin in 2023, as well as some relevant Pitru Paksha 2023 facts that are extremely important for you to know.

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Pitru Paksha Religious Significance 2023

When it comes to Pitru Paksha 2023 or Shraddha Karma, it is extremely important in Hindu belief. We commemorate our ancestors, show our thanks to them, and pray for the serenity of their souls throughout this season. It is believed that when a person’s ancestors are happy or satisfied, their blessings remain in your life and family, bringing happiness, tranquility, and wealth. 

On the other hand, individuals who do not enjoy the blessings of the ancestors in their lives or whose ancestors are displeased with them, the shadow of Pitru Dosha begins to form in their lives. Read our special blog to find out what Pitru Dosha is and who has it in their horoscope. 

Pitru Paksha History 

Many individuals have complete faith in Pitru Paksha 2023, although many are unaware of its past. So, let us know about the history of Pitru Paksha 2023.

According to ancient myths, during the Mahabharata war, the warrior Karna died and his spirit traveled to heaven. During this time, he was served food on plates heaped with gold and silver ornaments, which prompted him to question Indra, the lord of heaven, about why he was not receiving food.

Then Lord Indra told him that he had contributed these same items his entire life but had never fed his forefathers, which is why this was happening to him. Karna responded that he was unaware of this. When Indra heard this, he commanded him to return to earth for 15 days to worship his ancestors by preparing food and feeding them, a practice known as Pitru Paksha 2023. 

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Pitru Paksha 2023 Legacy And Significance 

During Pitrupaksha, many rituals are carried out. Although the details of these rituals differ from person to person, they usually include three elements. 

The first part is Pind Daan, in which we make Pinda offerings to our ancestors. Pinda is goat’s milk, Ghee, sugar, rice, honey, and barley ball. The second is Tarpan, which is served with water mixed with Kusha grass, barley, flour, and black sesame seeds. 

The final phase of the event is the feeding of a respected Brahmin. A Brahmin is invited to the home and fed with respect in this case. Aside from that, great care should be taken here to ensure that the specific fruit of Pitrupaksha is obtained only when the regulations are followed in this manner. 

Aside from that, some tasks have been particularly prohibited during Pitru Paksha 2023 and should not be performed even by accident. For example, at this time, don’t start any new plans or events, don’t consume non-vegetarian cuisine, don’t get your hair or beard shaved, don’t eat onion and garlic, etc. 

Concerning the significance, it is claimed that when a person remembers his forefathers in Pitru Paksha 2023 and feeds the poor in their name, the greatest pains and afflictions leave the person’s life and the spirits of their forefathers find peace. Along with this, a person’s greatest sorrow is relieved. Aside from that, the ancestors are pleased since they are fed in Pitru Paksha 2023, and all difficulties associated with planetary faults are resolved.

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Know Date And Duration Of Pitru Paksha 2023  

When it comes to Pitrupaksha this year, it begins on September 29th and ends on October 14th. We’ve included a list of related items below. 

Date Day Shradha 
29 September 2023Friday Purnima Shradha 
29 September 2023Friday Pratipada Shradha
30 September 2023Saturday Dwitiya Shradha 
1 October 2023SundayTritiya Shradha 
2 October 2023Monday Chaturthi Shradha
3 October 2023Tuesday Panchami Shradha
4 October 2023Wednesday Shashthi Shradha 
5 October 2023Thursday Saptami Shradha
6 October 2023Friday Ashtami Shradha
7 October 2023Saturday Navami Shradha
8 October 2023Sunday Dashmi Shradha 
9 October 2023Monday Ekadashi Shradha
11 October 2023Wednesday Dwadashi Shradha
12 October 2023Thursday Trayodashi Shradha
13 October 2023Friday Chaturdashi Shradha
14 October 2023Saturday Sarv Pitru Shradha 

Pitru Paksha 2023 Tarpan Ritual 

Tarpan has a special significance during Pitru Paksha 2023. You’ll need Akshat, Barley, and Black Sesame for this. After offering the ancestors, you must pray to them and confess your mistakes. You can also clearly chant the following mantras during this time: 

Pitru Paksha Prayer Mantra

pitṛbhya:svadhāyibhya:svadhā nama:।

pitāmahebhya:svadhāyibhya:svadhā nama:।

prapitāmahebhya:svadhāyibhya:svadhā nama:।

sarva pitṛbhyo śrddhyā namo nama:।।

oṃ namo va :pitaro rasāya namo va:

pitara: śoṣāya namo va:

pitaro jīvāya namo va:

pītara: svadhāyai namo va:

pitara: pitaro namo vo

gṛhānna: pitaro datta:satto va:।।

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  • The Shraddha rituals The man doing Shraddha must first purify himself and dress in clean clothing.
  • Following this, a ring made of Kusha grass is worn, and the ancestors are welcomed to reside in it.
  • Following this, Pinddaan is done in Shradh. (Pind is a type of Prasad produced by combining cooked rice, barley flour, ghee, black sesame, and other ingredients.)
  • Water is then poured around the food by hand. 
  • Then they worship Lord Vishnu and Yama Devta.
  • The food is divided into parts. A portion of this is given to the crow because the crow is regarded Yama Dev’s messenger. A cow gets one share, a dog gets another, and a Brahmin priest gets food.
  • After that, the family members eat. 

According to the brief reference given in Narad Purana (page 120) and by reciting the Pitra Stotra mentioned in Markandeya Purana (94/3-13), our ancestors are happy and also fulfill the unsaid wishes of the person. 

amūrtānāṃ ca mūrtānāṃ pitṛṇāṃ dīptatejasām!

namasyāmi sadā teṣāṃ dhyānināṃ yogacakṣuṣām।।

What does it mean? This Mantra means that I bow down to the corporeal and immaterial ancestors, whose glory is broadcast everywhere and who are full of meditation and Yogic vision.

Shradha Astrological Significance 

Pitru Paksha 2023 occurs when the Sun enters Virgo, according to astrology. The fifth house of the horoscope is believed to be the house of a man’s past birth deeds. Aside from that, Sun is the lord of the fifth house in Kaal Purush Kundli, which explains why Sun is also the Informer of our clan.

Simply said, when the Sun enters Virgo, all of the ancestors descend to Earth to meet their family members and offspring. This 15/16-day period is known as Pitrupaksha. It is said that if the ancestors’ Shradha is not performed on Ashwin Amavasya, the ancestors become furious, curse their offspring, and return.

Important Fact: Pitru Dosha Nivaran Puja – If a person is experiencing adverse effects in their life as a result of Pitra Dosh, they should do Pitru Dosh Nivaran Puja to get rid of it and avoid its harmful effects. You can also have the Pitru Dosha Nivaran Puja performed by the country’s finest astrologers and pundits while sitting at home during Pitru Paksha 2023.

Now get the puja done online as per your wish from an expert priest sitting at home and get the best results.

Remedies To Get Rid Of Pitru Dosha  

  • On the anniversary of your ancestors’ deaths, feed the poor and Brahmins, and offer them Dakshina to the extent of your ability.
  • Give the Peepal tree water, as well as flowers, rice, milk, Ganga water, and black sesame seeds.
  • Face south after waking up every morning to remember and show respect to your ancestors.
  • As much as you can, assist economically disadvantaged people. 
  • Light a lamp and recite Nag Strot, Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, and Rudra Sukta or Pitra Strot and Navagraha in the evening.
  • Helping a poor girl get married reduces Pitra Dosha as well.
  • Make a cow donation.
  • By dipping camphor in Ghee, you can lessen the unpleasant effects of Pitrudosh.

Planetary Connections To Pitru Dosha

When it comes to the relationship of planets with Pitra Dosha, Pitra Dosha is also developed due to the poor position of the Sun, Moon, and Rahu in the horoscope. How? Let’s know! 

In fact, the Sun is believed to be the Karaka planet of the father in the horoscope. If the Sun is weak or afflicted in the horoscope, this indicates Pitra Dosh.

Aside from that, the Moon is considered the mother’s planet in the horoscope, and when the Moon is weak, the likelihood of Pitra Dosha increases. In this case, you should donate white objects and take steps to boost the Sun and Moon.

There is no Pitra Dosh if the sun and moon are strong in the horoscope. Aside from that, Rahu, a shadow planet, brings various problems and hardships into a person’s life. Rahu in the ninth house of a person’s horoscope is regarded a sign of Pitra Dosha.

In such a case, the person fails at the new job and encounters difficulties in finishing any task. Talking about additional causes of Pitra Dosh in the horoscope, many times a person has to endure the consequences of sins committed for the ancestors in the form of Pitra Dosh. Furthermore, if the last rites of the descendants or ancestors are not correctly done, Pitrudosh’s fear grows.

Know When To Perform Shradh For Whom

  • Those who have died prematurely should have their Shradh conducted on Chaturdashi.
  • On Navami Tithi, married women should practice Shraddha.
  • Navami Tithi is also considered fortunate for Mother Goddess Shraddha.
  • On Dwadashi Tithi, Sanyasi ancestors are shradh.
  • Grandmother’s maternal grandfather should be performed on the Ashwin Shukla Paksha Pratipada date. 
  • Unmarried persons should conduct Shradh on Panchami Tithi.
  • Shradh should be conducted for all persons whose death date is unknown on the new moon day of Sarvapitri Amavasya, i.e. Ashwin Krishna Paksha.

Questions Arise: How long does Pitra Dosh last? According to astrologers and scholarly individuals, Pitra Dosh has a relationship with Jupiter. If Jupiter is influenced by two malefic planets, or Jupiter is in the 4th, 8th, or 12th house, or in a debilitated sign, this dosha entirely disappears, and this Pitra dosha comes from the last ancestor and lasts for 7 generations. 

Point to remember: The best period for Shraddha is known as Qutup Bela. It is stated that if a person exercises Shraddha during Qutup Kaal for 16 days during Shraddha Paksha, he will obtain the best outcomes. The question now is, what is Qutup Kaal? So, from 11:36 p.m. to 12:24 p.m. The Qutup Kaal is deemed auspicious for doing Shraddha.

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