Pitra Dosha In Kundali? Note Unfailing Remedies, Impact & More!

We all heard of the word Pitra dosha as well as the various myths and belief systems associated with it. Most of the time, many individuals who lack the necessary information become alarmed or can be misguided by some greedy so-called priests who try to take advantage of innocent, naive beings and exploit them. 

However, in saying so, we do not mean that genuine priest who are knowledgeable and generally perform the puja to help individuals do not exist; rather, most of the time, these pujas and rituals such as the Narayan Bali pooja, Preta Udara, Tripindi shradh or the Gaya shradh are very expensive and require professionals to perform the rituals making it difficult for a normal man to conduct them.

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Before we move further and dive deep into this intriguing and important subject of Pitra dosh, first let us know what Pitra Dosh actually is? What is the reason and the importance of relieving ourselves of Pitra dosh and what problems can we face as a result of the Pitra Dosh affecting us? Therefore, In order to understand as to how we can appease our ancestors and to relieve ourselves of the dreaded Pitra Dosh’s negative effects. For your information, this blog has been written by our esteemed astrologer, Acharya Parul Verma, that will provide you with information about Pitra Dosh, the causes, and certain home remedies and rituals that you can perform on specific days and benefit or relieve yourself with the negative impacts of this dosh.

What Is Pitra Dosha?

So, as we may have noticed, ‘Pitra’ and ‘Dosha’, these two words make up the word Pitra Dosha. In which the term ‘Pitra’ refers to ancestors or our previous generations and ‘Dosha’ refers to the curse that is related to our Pitras, The “Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra”, one of the most comprehensive astrology text claims that it is also related to our past lives. There are a total of eight different types of dosha that are formed with various planetary combinations in a chart, but they are all classified as ‘Pitra Dosha’. Sarp shrap, Pitra shrap, Matri shrap, Bhratri shrap, Matul shrap, Brahma shrap, Patni shrap, and Prait shrap are the 8 types of sharps. 

These sharps have a variety of negative effects on native life, but they primarily affect youngsters. But before continuing with this article, we want to let you know, dear readers, that these yogas are created through a number of intricate planetary configurations that are difficult for a layperson or a beginner to comprehend. For this, you must conduct in-depth research in the classics or consult with renowned and experienced astrologers. Therefore, we kindly ask that after knowing about these yogas, you refrain from becoming alarmed or panicked and instead employ the treatments for your benefit.

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Factors Leading To Pitra Dosha In Kundali? 

Pitra Dosha is a very complicated yoga generated in a chart that is difficult to fully explain here. Nevertheless, there are a few things we can observe in our horoscope and get a general sense of. However, you are once more urged not to worry and to look for a solution. Here are a few points in our kundli that indicate Pitra dosha, but before we get to those, we should point out that, in accordance with Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, these doshas only have an impact on you if your lagnesh or the 1st house lord, 7th lord, or the 5th house lord are in a weak position in an individual horoscope. If they are strong, they will not have an impact on you. 

  • Weak position of the Sun conjoined with malefics such as Rahu, Ketu or Saturn causes Pitra Dosha in the horoscope. As the Sun represents our forefathers, it’s known as the Atmakaraka, good immunity and good health and by worshiping Surya Dev we can please our Pitras. So a weak Sun in an individual horoscope indicates Pitra dosha. 
  • Weak position of the Moon, when conjoined with Rahu, Ketu or Saturn,  as the Moon is the significator of our mother and fore mothers as well. This position of the moon also represents Pitra dosha from the mother’s side.
  • If the Fifth house lord is in a weak position or placed in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house in the chart.
  • Malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn or Mars in the fifth house. 
  • Weak position of the ninth lord in horoscopes also represents the same.

Effects Of The Pitra Dosha?

There are some effects or patterns you can see in your family and life that indicate the Pitra dosha because it so happens that sometimes people are not aware of their correct birth details, or sometimes they do not get the proper astrological advice and can’t determine whether they are suffering from Pitra dosha or not.

  • Problems in childbirth.
  • Issues related to children’s health and wellbeing.
  • Obstacle in getting marriage of the eligible natives of the family.
  • Problems in the married life of the newly wedded in the house.
  • Frequent or recurring health issues to family members.
  • Conflicts, fights and an unsettled atmosphere  amongst the family members.
  • Financial uncertainties and losses.
  • No growth in professional life.
  • Seemingly upset and saddened ancestors appearing in the dreams of their family members
  • Disgrace and loss of respect in the family.
  • And in a few cases if the Pitra Dosha is extreme it can lead to sudden deaths in the family.

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Rituals & Remedies To Rectify Pitra Dosha

Our readers may now find themselves wondering as to what the remedies and rituals to negate the bad impacts of Pitra Dosha. As you already know there are different poojas and elaborate rituals such as the Tripindi shradh, Gaya shradh, Narayan Bali puja, and Preta Udara, that the purohits recommend but those are generally exceedingly expensive and most of the people are unable to afford them. Such individuals can immensely benefit from this blog and perform some specific rituals and poojas in accordance with our scriptures. There are some specific days during which we can carry out these rituals and poojas mentioned below that may help us satisfy our ancestors, get their blessings, and reverse the negative effects of Pitra Dosha. 

  • Hang a picture of your ancestors on the south-wall of the house and light a diya, dhoop or incense  in front of their picture. Do this everyday during Shradh Paksha specifically.
  • Always respect your elders and express gratitude towards them for the life they have given you.
  • Offer Arghya to Surya Dev by taking some water and black sesame seeds in a copper vessel and pray to ancestors while doing so. Do this everyday during Shradh Paksha.
  • Worship Lord Shiva, make a diya using  atta and light it in front of him during night time and pray for the satisfaction of your ancestors. Do this everyday during Shradh Paksha.
  • Offer water to and worship the peepal tree, Do this everyday during Shradh Paksha. 
  • Early mornings offer the first roti to a cow everyday and then to crows and street dogs. Do this everyday during Shradh Paksha.
  • The elderly person of the family can do the path of Bagwat Geeta for the sole satisfaction of ancestors.
  • According to Bramapurana the soul of your ancestors gets satisfied when you perform Shradh, Pind Daan, Tarpan Daan for your ancestors on the death tithi during  Shradh Paksha. Invite priests to your home and offer them clothes, food, sweets, fruits and other necessary. 
  • Amavasya tithi is the day of Pitra Devta when you must make donations for them. The Amavasya tithi of shradh paksha is very important  as on this day any one can perform shradh for any of their ancestors of maternal side or paternal side or for even unknown and unsatisfied Pitras. Therefore, for the satisfaction of all our ancestors and great grandfathers, offer them clothes, food, sweets, fruits and other necessary items to the priest on the Amavasya tithi of Shradh Paksha.
  • Also feed the poor and needy people on Amavasya tithi of Shradh Paksha.

In addition to the shraddha paksha, there are numerous other days and occasions on which you can perform rituals for your ancestors, such as on Dev Diwali. However, we have forgotten about these rituals, which has contributed to the Pitra Dosha’s problems as our ancestors get upset when we do not follow the family traditions and rituals they have established.  You are therefore advised to perform the rituals in accordance with your family’s customs.

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Rituals To Be Performed On Diwali

Diwali is the biggest Hindu festival of the year and celebrated with great joy and gusto across the country. It is often called the festival of lights, joy and happiness. We worship the devi lakshmi ( goddess of wealth) and Kuber Devta ( god of wealth) for your growth and prosperity. But there is also one more aspect of diwali, it falls on the Amavasya tithi and is an important day for the Pitru Devatas. After visiting the people during shradh paksha this is the day when they reach the pitra lok and to show them the direction for a smooth journey we must perform the famous ‘Deep Daan’ on Diwali.

  • Clean the picture of your ancestors, offer yellow or white chandan then offer white flower or white flower garland to them and then Light the dia and dhoop in front of them.
  • Pray and pay respect to your elders and have gratitude towards them for the life they have given you.
  • Offer the clothes, food, sweets, fruits and other necessary items to the priest on this day.
  • In the night time light 14 diyas of ghee in the south west direction for your ancestors.
  • Few people are aware of the significant role that akash deep daan plays in our culture in showing our ancestors the way. We have forgotten this activity, but it is one that we should definitely carry out. There are various methods for doing this. For example, you can take a dia of ghee, put a bati in it that is pointing upwards, then take a small amount of rise under the open sky before covering it with a diya. Light the candle and ask your ancestors for their blessings in the following manner: “Dear Pitra Devtas, I pray to God and wish that this candle/ Diya fills your way with light and helps you reach your destination. I also pray to you to fill my life with your blessings.’ Dear readers, you can still perform the Akash Deep Daan  using candle hot air balloons.

Rituals To Be Performed On Dev Diwali Kartik Purnima

Kartik Purnima is also an important day to perform rituals for your ancestors to provide peace to their soul. There is a huge significance of lighting a diya on ganga ghats or any other holy water body.

  • One must wake up before sunrise and take a bath in the Ganga river. If that is not possible you can pour some Ganga jal in your bathing water, this will wash off all your past life sins.
  • Lighting up diyas  on ganga ghats or any other holy water body for the peace of ancestor soul is advised, if that is not possible then you can do the ritual at home like take a big thal or plate pore ganga jal on it and then lit the dia on it.
  • Offering water to the moon in a silver vessel during night time will strengthen the moon in your chart.
  • Donations of articles like clothes, food, pooja samagri, diyas to priests for your ancestors.
  • It is advised to stay away from anger and brutality on this day.
  • Don’t consume alcohol or any tamasic food(Non- veg food).
  • Please maintain a peaceful atmosphere at home.
  • Maintaining celibacy is advisable during this period.

We have come to the end of this blog, and we sincerely hope that it has been an informative and an insightful read for our readers. However, before we sign off there are a few things we would like to add. First, our Pitras or ancestors are the ones who gave us this life. They are also the ones who gave us everything we have today, including our body. Not only should we remember them on these specific days, but you should also always express gratitude for all of your successes and significant life events, ask for blessings, and don’t forget to share your joy with them. In addition, if you are going through difficult times just pray to your ancestors for guidance. They are so benevolent, they will undoubtedly assist all of us.

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