Phulera Dooj: Know Everything About This Day!

Although the festival of Phulera Dooj is celebrated on Dwitiya Tithi of Shukla Paksha in Phalguna month, this year, it is going to be celebrated in the month of March. This day falls in Abuja Muhurat and therefore, all kinds of auspicious activities can take place. In addition to this, this day is considered to be highly favourable for marriages. This festival is mainly celebrated in Mathura, Vrindavan and almost all parts of north India.   

Phulera means flower and the festival of Phulera Dooj is dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is believed that Lord Krishna plays with flowers and participates in the festival of Holi on the auspicious evening of Phulera Dooj. Also, this festival brings happiness and joy in the life of people.   

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Phulera Dooj – Date (Tithi)

March 15, 2021 i.e. Monday

How is Phulera Dooj Celebrated?

  • The devotees of Lord Krishna perform his worship on this very day.
  • Many grand fairs are organised in different parts of north India.  
  • Many people adorn the idols of gods and goddesses in their temples and worship them. 
  • The most important ritual of this day is to play Holi with Lord Krishna with different colours of flowers.  
  • Mainly, grand festivals are organised in Braj as a mark of respect to deities. 
  • Temples are decorated with frills and colourful lights and the idol of Lord Krishnha is installed in a decorated temple. 
  • Then, a piece of colourful cloth is attached to the waist of the idol of Lord Krishna depicting that he is ready to play Holi.  
  • After this, the ceremony of Shayan Bhog is performed and the colourful cloth is removed from his waist.  
  • On this very day, pious community lunch is organised and items such as Poha and other types of Sev are included. Firstly, it is offered to deities and then, it is distributed among devotees in the form of Prasad
  • Besides this, two main rituals are carried out. One of the two is named as Rasiya and the other is Sandhya Aarti.  
  • Many plays and religious activities are carried out in temples depicting several aspects of Lord Krishna’s life and his Leela.   
  • After this, the devotees perform devotional worship (Bhajan-Kirtan) in honor of deities.  
  • The idols of the gods depict the upcoming festival of Holi and they are smeared with Gulaal.
  • Finally, the priests of the temples throw Gulal on people present in the temples. 

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Significance of Phulera Dooj

This festival is considered to be highly important and lucky as there are no ill effects (Doshas) of planets and celestial bodies and therefore, this day is considered as Abuja Muhurat, which means that it is considered to be pious for arranging marriages, buying properties, or carrying out any other auspicious work. Also, you need not consult any priest or Pandit Ji for any Shubh Muhurat for doing auspicious work.     

On this day, people worship Lord Krishna at home and smear Ishta Dev with Gulaal. Besides this, people make sweets, dishes etc. and offer the same to god as Bhog. Apart from this, Abir-Gulal is offered to Radha-Krishna on this very day. Also, the day is considered to be free from all kinds of Doshas and several other ill effects. Many people adorn the idols of gods and goddesses in their temples at home and worship them.

Most of the weddings in the states of north India take place on the eve of Phulera Dooj. Besides this, this day is considered to be beneficial and prosperous for starting a new business. 

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Visit Mathura-Vrindavan for Observing True Colours

If a person wants to really enjoy the festival, they should visit Mathura and Vrindavan as they may get a chance to have a special sight (Darshan) of Lord Krishna in some of the temples. On this day, various rituals are  performed and ceremonies are organised and the idols of Lord Krishna are smeared with colours to indicate the celebration of Holi and the sight is worth seeing.    

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Phulera Dooj Celebrations : Things to Keep in Mind

  • On this day, the evening time is considered to be the best for performing the Puja.
  • Wear clean and colourful clothes at the time of worship. 
  • If you are worshipping for love-related problems, then wear pink clothes and if you are doing the same (worship) to end the problems taking place in marital life, then wear clothes of yellow colour.
  • This auspicious festival of Phulera Dooj is mainly connected with the spring season.
  • Mainly, Radha and Krishna are worshipped on this very day. Besides this, those people who get unfavorable results in love, are suggested to worship Radha-Krishna. 

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