Phalgun Month 2024: Zodiac-Wise Remedies Will Bring Fortune & Long Life

Phalgun Month 2024: The month of Phalgun is a significant month in Hinduism, representing the culmination of the Hindu calendar year. According to the Vikram Samvat, which consists of 12 months, Phalgun marks the final month in the Hindu calendar. In the Gregorian calendar, this corresponds to February and March. Subsequently, the month of Chaitra commences. Each month holds its unique importance in the Hindu Panchang, and Phalgun is no exception. With the onset of Phalgun, the transition to the summer season begins. 

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In Hinduism, the lunar calendar determines the change in months, with the month named after the Nakshatra in which the moon resides. Phalgun is named as such because the full moon of this month occurs in the Phalguni Nakshatra. As Phalgun progresses, warmer weather gradually sets in. This month holds special significance as it hosts two of Hinduism’s most important festivals, Holi and Mahashivratri. It can be said that Holi marks the conclusion of the solar year. In the solar religious calendar, the month of Phalgun commences with the Sun entering the Pisces zodiac sign.

This blog by AstroSage aims to offer you detailed information about the month of Phalgun. We will delve into fascinating aspects like the onset of festivals and celebrations during this period. We’ll explore which remedies prove beneficial during this time, unravel the religious significance of the month, and outline specific considerations for individuals born in Phalgun. 

Additionally, we’ll discuss recommended acts of charity and actions to avoid. Make sure to read the blog in its entirety for a comprehensive understanding of these insights.

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Phalgun Month 2024: Dates

The month of Phalgun is set to begin on Sunday, February 25, 2024, and will come to a close on Monday, March 25, 2024. Apart from honoring Lord Shiva during Phalgun, worshiping Goddess Sita, Lord Krishna, Goddess Lakshmi, and Chandra Deva also yields auspicious results. It is believed that by revering all deities throughout this month, one can find solace from all challenges, leading individuals to achieve prosperity, happiness, and abundance.

Significance of Phalgun Month 2024

The month of Phalgun is of great significance in Hinduism, marked by the celebration of several major festivals. This month holds added importance as it is dedicated to the worship of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Devotees believe that offering prayers to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva during Phalgun fulfills all desires. One of the grandest celebrations for Shiva devotees, Mahashivratri, takes place during this month. Furthermore, the eleventh day of the bright fortnight, known as Amalaki Ekadashi, is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, with devotees observing a fast on this auspicious day.

As the month approaches its conclusion, the Hindu festival of Holi, the largest and most vibrant celebration, is joyously observed throughout the country. According to mythological beliefs, Chandra Dev (Moon) was born in the month of Phalgun, making worship of Chandra Dev during this time highly beneficial. Engaging in acts of charity, such as donating pure ghee, mustard oil, grains, and clothing according to one’s means, is considered auspicious. This not only leads to the accumulation of merit (punya) but also brings peace to the souls of ancestors.

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Festivals In Phalgun Month 2024

The month of Phalgun, which spans from February 25, 2024, to March 25, 2024, will witness several significant fasting and festivals in Hinduism. These include:

February 28th, 2024WednesdaySankashti Chaturthi
March 6th, 2024WednesdayVijaya Ekadashi
March 8th, 2024FridayMahashivratri, Pradosha Vrat (Krishna), Monthly Shivaratri
March 10th, 2024SundayPhalgun Amavasya
March 14th, 2024ThursdayMeen Sankranti
March 20th, 2024WednesdayAmalaki Ekadashi
March 22th, 2024FridayPradosha Vrat (Shukla)
March 24th, 2024SundayHolika Dahan
March 25th, 2024MondayHoli, Phalgun Purnima Vrat

The Qualities Of Individuals Born In The Month Of Phalgun

The qualities of individuals born in the month of Phalgun are distinctive. Those born in this month carry a profound influence of Phalgun on their personalities. These individuals exhibit several positive traits, including a fair complexion and a natural inclination to assist others. Financially, they experience no shortages and consistently lead content lives. Their enjoyment of traveling is evident, often undertaking international journeys. People born in Phalgun are characterized by their reliability, generosity, and affectionate nature. With a charming and attractive appearance, they are well-liked among their peers. Sociable by nature, they relish mingling with others and prefer embarking on journeys with friends and family. Their adventurous spirit brings them closer to nature and exploration, contributing to their success in various fields.

They showcase a heightened level of intuition, enabling them to swiftly make decisions regarding upcoming challenges and issues. Despite their outward appearance of normalcy, their thoughts run deep, guiding them to make thoughtful decisions instead of hasty ones. Their success in every field is evident, owing to their dedicated approach towards their goals.

These individuals possess a strong intuition, allowing them to promptly address impending challenges and emerge unscathed. Despite their seemingly ordinary demeanor, their thoughts are profound, guiding them to make decisions after careful consideration rather than impulsively. 

When it comes to their love life, they approach it deliberately, taking time to develop affection for someone. They make continuous efforts to keep their partners happy and stand by them during difficulties. Even if their romantic relationship doesn’t work out, they strive to maintain a friendship and positive connection with their partner, steering clear of animosity. Committed and dependable, they form strong bonds with their partners.

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The Significance of Charity & Things to Donate in the Month of Phalgun

The significance of charity and the items to be donated in the month of Phalgun are highlighted in Hindu tradition. This month, which marks the end of the Hindu calendar year, is esteemed for its importance. Engaging in acts of charity and virtuous deeds during this time is considered highly advantageous. 

It is believed that individuals should contribute to the well-being of the poor and needy based on their capacity, partake in rituals for their ancestors, and actively participate in other charitable activities throughout the month. Such benevolent actions are believed to free the souls of ancestors and bring blessings upon the donor. The Narada Purana refers to this month as “Manvadi Tithi,” emphasizing the auspiciousness of charity on this day.

Additionally, taking a sacred bath in holy rivers on this particular day is considered beneficial. According to scriptures, the tradition of donating food, water, gold, or clothing is prevalent during Phalgun. Making offerings of pure ghee, sesame oil, mustard oil, seasonal fruits, and other items during this month is believed to result in profound spiritual benefits. The act of donating these items during Phalgun is thought to lead to the accumulation of imperishable merits. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to perform tarpana (ritual offerings) for ancestors on this day, as it is believed to cleanse one’s life of all sins.

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The Significance of Worshiping Krishna in the Phalgun Month 2024

The worship of Lord Krishna assumes significant importance in the month of Phalgun, according to religious beliefs. It is believed that individuals who engage in proper rituals and practices while worshiping the three forms of Lord Shri Krishna – Child Krishna, Youthful Krishna, and Guru Krishna – during this month will see the fulfillment of all their desires. 

Those aspiring for parenthood are advised to specifically worship Child Krishna on this auspicious day. Married individuals are encouraged to worship Lord Shri Krishna to enhance the prosperity and harmony in their lives, as it is believed to bring sweetness to their relationships. Additionally, those who perform rituals to worship Guru Krishna are said to attain liberation and detachment.

Keep These Things In Mind During Phalgun Month 2024

During the month of Phalgun, several religious festivals occur, and changes in the weather are also observed. In this regard, there are several rules mentioned in the scriptures that should be followed during this period. Adhering to these rules benefits both the mind and health. Let’s learn about these rules.

  • It is advisable not to consume wheat and other grains during this month. Instead, try to opt for coarse grains or observe a fruit-based diet.
  • Avoid consuming foods with extremely hot or cold properties during this season, as it may adversely affect your health. Consume fruits and nutritious food as much as possible during this weather.
  • If possible, wear colorful and clean clothes throughout the month.
  • Use perfumes or fragrances. Using the fragrance of sandalwood can be particularly beneficial.
  • Stay away from intoxicating substances during this period.
  • Mahashivratri falls in the month of Phalgun, which holds special significance for Shiva devotees. Holi is also celebrated during this time. Therefore, it is advisable to refrain from consuming tamasic foods like eggs, meat, and fish throughout the month.
  • During this month, perform daily worship of Lord Shri Krishna with devotion and offer flowers to Him.

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Easy Remedies for the Month of Phalgun

Here are some simple remedies for the month of Phalgun:

Relieving Mental Stress:

According to astrology, individuals experiencing mental stress or distress can find relief by daily worship of Lord Shri Krishna throughout the month of Phalgun. Additionally, it is believed that mixing fragrant substances like rose petals, rose water, or perfume in the bathing water before taking a bath contributes to alleviating mental stress.

Overcoming Health Issues:

If someone is grappling with a health problem or facing prolonged illness during this period, it is advisable to worship Lord Shiva. Additionally, applying sandalwood paste on the forehead and offering it to Lord Shiva is believed to assist in overcoming various health issues.

Overcoming Financial Issues:

If you are grappling with financial problems or facing losses, practice the worship of Goddess Lakshmi according to the prescribed rituals during the month of Phalgun and present red roses to her. It is believed that this can provide relief from financial troubles.

Attaining Happiness and Prosperity:

To foster happiness and prosperity in your home while overcoming life’s challenges, recite the ‘Om Som Somaya Namah’ mantra at least 108 times. This practice is believed to yield significant benefits and help overcome various challenges.

Enhancing the Moon’s Position in the Birth Chart:

Worshiping Lord Moon holds particular significance during the month of Phalgun, considered to be his birth month. If the Moon’s position in your birth chart is weak or causing difficulties, make donations of white items such as white flowers, curd, a white conch shell, sugar, rice, white sandalwood, white cloth, etc., during Phalgun. It is believed that this will strengthen the Moon in the birth chart, bringing positive results.

For the Favorable Effects of the Moon:

To receive the auspicious effects of the Moon during the month of Phalgun, engage in the worship of Lord Shiva every Monday and observe a fast. This practice is expected to bring mental peace and help in controlling anger.

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Phalgun Month 2024: Zodiac-Wise Impact


During the month of Phalgun, individuals with Aries sign are advised to drink water mixed with sugar before leaving home. Additionally, they should serve and seek blessings from their mothers.


Taurus individuals should light a ghee lamp in the northeast corner of their home during Phalgun. Daily recitation of the Kanakadhara Stotra is also recommended.


People with Gemini should offer curd and milk to the poor and needy daily during Phalgun. They are also advised to offer water to Lord Shiva every day.


Those belonging to Cancer should sit in the moonlight during Phalgun and chant the mantras of Lord Chandra (Moon) 108 times daily. Additionally, they should donate milk and curd to those in need.


Individuals with Leo should offer water with a little jaggery to the sun god by adding it to a water vessel. Additionally, daily worship of Goddess Lakshmi is recommended.


For Virgo individuals, it is advised to feed green leafy vegetables to cows every day. Daily worship of Goddess Lakshmi with offerings of red flowers is also recommended.

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Libra individuals are recommended to wear white-colored clothes during this period. Additionally, regular worship of Lord Shiva is advised.


Those with Scorpio should offer a mixture of raw milk and water to the moon during Phalgun. Along with this, chanting of Lord Chandra’s mantras is suggested.


Individuals belonging to Sagittarius should perform daily Tulsi worship during this month and consume one leaf daily.


Capricorn individuals are advised to take care of their mothers during Phalgun. Additionally, they should perform proper worship of Goddess Lakshmi with red flowers.


Aquarius individuals should perform daily worship of Lord Shiva and chant the mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” (“ॐ नमः शिवाय”) while offering water to the Shiva Lingam. Also, donating black-colored clothes to the poor and needy is suggested.


On this day, individuals with Pisces should donate items like white sandalwood, ghee, milk, and curd to the poor or in temples. Daily recitation of Vishnu Sahasranama is recommended. Additionally, they should apply a tilak of white saffron on their forehead daily.

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