Were You Born After Sunset? Astrology Reveals Your Personality!

In Vedic Astrology, an individual’s time, date, and place of birth have been given utmost importance. Out of these, the time of birth plays a significant role in determining a native’s personality and various aspects of their life. But does it really matter if you were born during the day or after sunset? Well, yes. Day and night bring out different personalities in a person, which in turn pave the way for their behaviour in different life domains.

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You must have heard the terms “Moon Child” and “Sun Child” that are being widely used these days. These terms are associated with your Day Birth Chart and Night Birth Chart. If you were born after the Sunset, then this blog is for you! Learned astrologers of AstroSage have curated this blog especially for all the Moon Children who want to know more about their personalities and how their time of birth affects different aspects of their lives.

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People Born After The Sunset & Astrology: Relation

To know if you have a day or night horoscope, you can check the timing of your birth. If you were born between the sunrise and sunset, then you have a Day chart, while those born after the sunset and before sunrise have a night chart. Day Chart is also called the Diurnal Chart and Night Chart is called the Nocturnal Chart. In simpler words, the Sun takes the lead on the natives born during the day, whereas the Moon will be in charge of the natives born at night. But these are not the only two planets determining your personality and life. To confirm your birth time, you can always take assistance from a learned astrologer

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Now, if we talk about the people born after the Sunset, then it is seen that such natives have a strong influence of the Moon, Venus, and Mars on their lives. Also, Rahu and Jupiter highly impact the lives of such individuals. Due to this, the people born after the Sunset always have a smooth flow of money and happiness prevails in the lives of these natives. Now let’s read in detail about the Night Chart.

How To Know If You Have A Night Chart?

Having a night chart is more than just being born after the Sunset. It is related to the placement of the Sun in your charts. When you look at your chart, you can see a horizontal line beginning on your Rising Sign. All you have to do is check the placement of the Sun with respect to the horizon. If the Sun in your horoscope is below this line, you have a night chart. It can also be identified by looking at the position of the Sun in different houses. If the Sun is in houses 1-6, then too it is a night chart.

Now that you know how to identify if you have a day or night chart, let’s now check out the personality of people born after the Sunset.

Personality Of People Born After The Sunset

  • These natives are more emotional, reserved, and on the receptive side.
  • As compared to the people with the Day Charts, these natives are shy and don’t like being in the spotlight.
  • Such natives may feel more drawn towards your Moon Sign.
  • These natives are intuitive and let their emotions lead them while making a decision.
  • People born after the sunset have a unique personality. They are visionaries and great thinkers.
  • These natives have a sharp mind and are mostly the most updated ones in the group on the latest news and current affairs. They sweep everyone off their feet with their knowledge and wit.
  • Such individuals are wishful and high-spirited. They are imaginative which gives them an upper hand in creative fields. 
  • People born after the sunset share a strong bond with their mothers.
  • They are detail oriented and observe every minute detail while forming an opinion.
  • They are hard workers and can go to any extent to fulfill their desires.

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Mantra For People Born After The Sunset For A Problem-Free Life

“ॐ श्रां श्रीं श्रौं स: चन्द्रमसे नमः”

“oṃ śrāṃ śrīṃ śrauṃ sa: candramase namaḥ”

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