The Year’s Last Eclipse : Get All your Questions Answered and Horoscope Predictions for this Eclipse

Although lunar eclipses occur almost every year, there are 4 lunar eclipses in total this year. The first lunar eclipse already took place in between 10 to 11 January, the second in between 5 to 6 June, the third on 5 July and the fourth now on 30 November. The lunar eclipse affects the Moon and the Moon is an important planet in our birth chart because it signifies the water element. Our body also has more than 70 percent water, so the Moon is more important in affecting our body. If you have any kind of question about your life too, you can ask questions related to this to our expert astrologers now.

Fourth Lunar Eclipse of the Year will Occur on 30 November

This lunar eclipse will occur on Monday. Monday is also dedicated to the Moon. In such a situation, this eclipse will become very special. One of the features of this eclipse is also that this lunar eclipse will not be a full or partial lunar eclipse but only a Penumbral (Upchaya) lunar eclipse.

Where can Lunar Eclipse be seen  on 30 November 2020

As per the Hindu Panchang, this eclipse will take shape on Monday on Kartik Purnima in Taurus and in Rohini Nakshatra. Taurus is the zodiac sign owned by the planet Venus and the Moon is considered to be exalted in this zodiac and Rohini Nakshatra is the Nakshatra of the Moon itself. Thus, it is a special lunar eclipse because it is occurring on Monday, in the higher exalted sign of the Moon and the Nakshatra of the Moon itself. This Upachaya lunar eclipse will be seen in  some parts of Asia, Australia Pacific Ocean and America.

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Timings of Lunar Eclipse 

The fourth lunar eclipse of the year 2020, which is a Penumbral lunar eclipse, will be in Indian time from 1:04 pm to 5:22 pm. Thus this lunar eclipse with a duration of more than 4 hours will occur during the transit of the Moon in its exalted sign Taurus.

How is the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Different From the Rest? 

It is known to all of us that according to astronomy, lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and the Moon come in a straight line, that is, the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, and the shadow of the earth stops the sunlight from reaching the moon. Due to which the sunlight does not reach the Moon but it does not happen many times. Many times, the Moon enters the Earth’s shadow but exits and does not enter the Earth’s actual shadow. In this case, the Moon does not seem to be afflicted, but there is a slight blur on its surface. It is so light at times that it cannot be seen easily with the naked eye. In such an eclipse, not even a fraction of the Moon is affected, but it only becomes blurred. This is called the Upachaya Chandra Grahan or a Penumbral lunar eclipse.

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Penumbral Lunar Eclipse and the Sutak Period

Sutak period is the time during any eclipse which is not considered good for any auspicious work. The Sutak period usually begins nine hours before the lunar eclipse and the Sutak period ends at the end of the lunar eclipse, but only on partial or full lunar eclipses.

According to the ancient scriptures, in the Upachaya lunar eclipse, only its shadow is clouded, hence it is not kept in the category of eclipse and that is the reason why the sutak period is also not valid. On this day, all types of fasts, donations, bathing, pious deeds etc. can be done. If you want to get detailed information and personal guidance about yourself according to the position of the planets, then AstroSage Brihat Horoscope can prove to be a helpful option for you.

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In contrast to the present time, some people have started to believe that the Sutak is effective in the Upachaya lunar eclipse. In such a situation, we leave it to you what you believe. We have made you aware of the actual situation.

 Zodiac Wise Predictions for this Eclipse

The Moon will be affected during the eclipse period and this eclipse will occur in Taurus and will take shape in the Rohini Nakshatra. This means that people of Taurus zodiac will get the effect of this eclipse in particular and people of other zodiac signs will also get good results according to the position of the moon. Let’s know what will be the effect of lunar eclipse for your zodiac sign. 

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Financially, time will be average for you, but health problems can be troublesome. There will be a possibility of dispute in family life. Speak carefully and try to avoid choosing the wrong words. Eat a good diet and consume pure water.


You may face some mental stress during this period which can affect your work and also cause a delay. Health-related problems may also occur during this period, it is advised to drive carefully. Physical pain or being obsessed about anything will be harmful. Instead of being alone, share things with your loved ones.


You can feel somewhat distant from your family. You can also be mentally stressed during this period. Expenditure will be more than the income, so it will be better to plan a budget. Health problems can be disturbing. Health problems are also possible due to a change in weather.


There may be some mental stress that may worry you, but on the other hand you will get financial gains during this period. You may also be respected and get fame in your social circle. There may be some good news coming your way from your friends. You may get successful in all of your works which will give you happiness.


You will indulge in your work and will remain busy. There is a good chance of increased workload. You will get new opportunities for gaining money. There will be chances of advancements in jobs and gain in the business sector. There will be a feeling of happiness in the mind. There will be little tension in family life. You might have to travel a lot for work.


Increased stress will cause trouble due to which long distance journeys can be painful. Work can get disrupted and you will have to struggle hard to get name and fame. Relations with father will be negatively impacted and economic challenges will arise.

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You may have to face some health related problems. Unwanted travel and stress in life will reduce the happiness of the mind. Sudden money loss or defamation is possible. There will be interruptions in work, which will decrease enthusiasm. Any misunderstanding will increase the tensions in a relationship.


Relationship with spouse can have a bad effect and disputes can arise in marital life. Health problems can also cause pain to the spouse. Business interruptions will cause problems and relationships with the business partner may deteriorate. Social image may be weak. Health can deteriorate.


You will conquer over your opponents. Success will be achieved in cases related to court. There will be success in work which will bring mental happiness. The desire to complete tasks with zeal and enthusiasm will be the root cause of success. You will get relief from mental stress.


In family life there may be some differences with the child and the child may suffer from health problems. Lack of concentration in reading and writing will be a hindrance for students, which will lead to disruptions in learning. Increasing misunderstandings in love relationships will increase problems in your relationship. More efforts will have to be made to achieve success in life.


There will be a decrease in the feeling of joy and happiness in the mind. The mind may become depressed. Mental stress will increase, due to which the work will be delayed. Discord in family life may increase. Mother’s health may also suffer.


Courage and might will increase. Increased self-confidence and will power will help in success. You will get a chance to explore your hobby, as a result of which you can also earn good money. You will bond and strengthen your relations with Siblings  and with their help you will do some good work. There may be a short trip that will provide pleasure.

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