Eradicate Problems Through Ritualistic Worship Of Peepal Tree

As per Hindu beliefs, the Peepal tree is considered one of the most auspicious trees. Many people have received miraculous results after worshipping the Peepal tree, according to the scriptures. Most Hindu communities, including Buddhists and Jains, worship this sacred tree. Devotees believe that Shani Dev resides in this holy tree, and by worshipping it on Saturdays, they will be blessed with prosperity, and good health. It is believed that by offering water to the Peepal tree, Shani Dev is pleased and he releases a person from any kind of sufferings. 

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Why Peepal is Considered a Sacred Tree?

Various beliefs are associated with Peepal, being one of the most sacred trees among all others.

  • In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says, “I am the Peepal Tree (Ashvattha) among the other trees. This is the reason why people associate this tree with Lord Vishnu.
  • Some people believe that the Trimurti resides in the Peepal tree, where Brahma is the roots, Vishnu is the trunk, and Shiva is the leaves of this sacred tree.
  • This tree is said to be the home of ancestors and the great Gods.
  • The medicinal and healing qualities of the Peepal tree are well known to people worldwide.
  • This tree attracts positivity and is a source of energy.
  • The peepal tree is well known to be a source of luck, good health, fortune, wisdom, and childbirth. 

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Which Aspects of Life are Impacted by Worshipping the Peepal tree?

  • Worshipping the Peepal tree removes hurdles from the life of married people.
  • It results in the better growth and development of a child. 
  • It brings stability in life and thinking of a person and makes you a better human being in general.
  • It helps in improving your professional life by giving a boost to your business and upgrading your job skills.
  • It brings luck and intelligence to the lives of the worshippers.
  • It is a powerful source of eradicating disorders and improving health and general wellness.
  • It resolves issues in the horoscope like Mangal Dosha, Shani Sadesati, Navagraha Badha, Rahu, and Ketu issues, etc.

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How to Worship Peepal Tree According to the Grahs in your Chart?

  • Mangal Grah: Offer water to the divine tree from a copper vessel followed by taking 8 rounds of the tree.
  • Moon: Put some wood of the Peepal tree in water and take a bath with it.
  • Mercury: On Wednesday, offer green Masoor and take 3 rounds around the tree. Also, light a Diya filled with chameli oil.
  • Jupiter: Make full use of the Yellow colour. On a Thursday, offer the tree yellow flowers, turmeric water, and yellow sweets. Besides this, in the evening, you must mix water and milk and offer it to the tree.
  • Rahu: On Saturday, offer honey to the sacred tree.
  • Ketu: Light a Diya of Alsi oil and offer Gangajal.
  • Shani: Offer raw milk mixed with jaggery water on Saturdays, and light incense sticks followed by taking 7 rounds around the Peepal tree. Also, in the evening, light a Diya filled with mustard oil.

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Rituals to be Followed to Get Rid of Specific Problems

  • To be blessed with a son, women must tie a red thread or red cloth around the tree.
  • The people seeking for obtaining wealth must worship the Peepal tree on Saturdays as it is believed that the goddess of wealth, Laxmi, resides under the tree on this day.
  • Water the Peepal tree to obtain benefits for the growth and development of your children.
  • Devotees can earn materialistic happiness if they place a Shivling under this auspicious tree and worship it regularly.
  • To attain spirituality and positivity, one must recite Hanuman Chalisa while sitting under the Peepal tree.
  • People facing hindrances and turbulence in life must sit under the Peepal tree, take 11 Peepal tree leaves, and write “Shree Ram” on every leaf using Chandan paste. These leaves should be offered to Lord Hanuman to reap the fruits.
  • To see a growth in business, one must worship the Peepal tree on Monday and put a freshly plucked Peepal tree leaf in the cashbox. 
  • People can get rid of any prevailing chronic disease or illness by watering the Peepal tree regularly. The concerned person must touch the roots of the tree with their left hand and should also keep a Peepal tree leaf under their pillow to see the results.
  • The married couples who are unable to conceive must take a Peepal tree leaf and immerse it in water. After at least an hour of soaking the leaf, take it out and place it under a tree. The couple must consume the water after performing these rituals to see the benefits for themselves. 
  • If forefather’s debts are troubling you, you must water the Peepal tree for 43 days, excluding Sundays.
  • For attaining prosperity in life, worship the holy tree by offering Diya of camphor.
  • The people having Manglik Dosh can put Peepal tree leaves in water and take a bath with that water after straining it.
  • One must never water Peepal tree on a Sunday as it is considered taboo and has adverse effects.

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