Panic Attacks Causing Planets: Saturn & 3 Other – Note Remedies Now!

Panic Attacks: Depression creates havoc in the lives of individuals and results in a higher amount of stress across different activities. It also becomes the reason for panic attacks that last for varied timelines. In Vedic astrology, the position of planets can result in different types of health troubles and a rapid rise of panic attacks. There are 4 planets whose presence in different houses will cause panic attacks. The AstroSage blog contains relevant information on 4 planets for panic attacks in Vedic astrology that result in inauspicious outcomes.

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List Of 4 Planets Responsible For Panic Attacks


The specific positioning of planet Mercury in the horoscope creates troubling times for the natives and panic attacks become very common in it. Mercury is in charge of your nervous system and brain function with logic. The weak position of the planet in the horoscope results in different types of anxiety & panic attack issues. The placement of Mercury in the 6th or 8th or 12th house or aspect with other malefic planets like Rahu & Ketu can lead to multiple psychiatric troubles. It also results in bad moods and erratic behavior due to the positioning of planets for panic attacks.


The next in the list is planet Saturn and it becomes the reason for different types of panic attacks in life. Positioning of planet Saturn in the eighth house will result in higher chances of panic attacks. Different zodiac signs like Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra will get anxiety. The bad positioning of Saturn in your horoscope will be the reason for panic issues and deal with the trouble with specific remedies. 

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Rahu is one of the inauspicious planets for anxiety attacks whose presence in the horoscope will result in serious troubles in life. Panic attacks are a common phenomenon when Rahu is in a weak position in the horoscope. The bad positioning of Rahu results in other troubles like accidents, or some kind of health issues. The entire decision-making capability of individuals decreases with the presence of Rahu in the horoscope. 


The Moon is another planet for panic attacks and the factor of mind. It is responsible for different effects on your brain. If the Moon is placed in a bad position in horoscope, it can result in heart concerns and anxiety attacks. Also, a weak moon signifies troubles at different stages of life. If Moon is afflicted by Saturn, it will result in suicidal tendencies and also lower self-esteem. The position of the Moon should be evaluated correctly in the horoscope to get relevant remedies for the troubles. 

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Multiple Astrological Remedies To Tackle Panic Attacks 

  • Whenever you face any kind of panic attack situation, reach out to a doctor for suitable advice. Next, pay attention to the astrological details and come up with desirable astrological remedies. 
  • To ensure the strong position of the Moon in the horoscope, drink water in silver glass, also fast on Mondays. 
  • On Wednesday, donate different green items to strengthen the position of Mercury. Also, chant the mantra ‘Om Bum Budhay Namah’ regularly to control the bad effects of the planet. 
  • Chant the mantra ‘Om Ra Rahve Namah’ 108 times regularly to improve the position of Rahu in desirable ways.
  • Wearing the Pearl Gemstone to improve the Moon’s position in the horoscope and also worship the Moon God on the full moon day.
  • Worship Shanidev to improve the position of Saturn and offer mustard oil on every Saturday.

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