Pandemic & Mental Health: An Astro Analysis

A pandemic is an outbreak occurring over a wide geographic area such as (multiple countries or continents) and typically affecting a significant proportion of the population.

The 1920 flu was a pandemic and it claimed millions of lives. The pandemic occurs 3 times generally and this is the cycle that happens at the interval of 100 years, and this phenomenon happened in 1820, 1920 and 2020. 

The pandemic is a phase where Kali Yuga is in its setting phase and things are getting worse. This echoes the times of Mahabharatha wherein several lost their lives. It is also believed when the Earth is not able to withstand too much population and then the pandemic occurs as a balancing act to reduce the lives of people and to curb the negative or bad things happening in the Universe. 

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The two nodal planets Rahu and Ketu which is an imaginary planet is the main cause for this pandemic which happened. Jupiter and Mercury are also responsible for this destructive act as this denotes the lungs and respiratory tract where this disease has spread. This pandemic started in February 2020 and it started in the Gemini zodiac sign where the nodal planet Rahu was there and Ketu in Sagittarius with Jupiter, Mars was aspecting Rahu. Rahu and Ketu are the chief cause for this virus to spread. 

Above Jupiter is the planet that expanded the cause of the problem when Ketu was in Sagittarius and Mars as that time was in Scorpio aspecting Gemini sign and Rahu was present there. All these planets triggered the pandemic and the Gemini sign is an airy sign ruled by Mercury. The above planet movements happened in the first wave. 

How is the Pandemic Affecting The Minds of People: Causes

The pandemic is a phenomenon that is happening around the world and it is not confined to one country if it is one country then it is an epidemic and it will not spread. 

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Astrological Factors Responsible 

Moon is the planet for the mind and it also rules the fourth zodiac sign and the fourth zodiac sign denotes comfort. Moon was caught in between the axis of Rahu/Ketu at the outset of the first wave in 2020 and Mars as the planet for relationship was caught in between the axis of Rahu/Ketu in the first wave in 2020. Due to this planet’s positions-there were disturbances in the minds of people globally and as a result, relationships were affected. Due to the strain caused by Rahu/Ketu, there was frustration in the minds of the people as they could not maintain happiness. It is mentioned that Mars was responsible for this pandemic as it was caught within the axis of Rahu-Ketu and many people faced disturbances in mind psychologically and could not carry on with happiness and could not show to their friends, relations etc.

This pandemic from the beginning was creating relationship issues and last year 2021 was severe as during this time Rahu-Ketu is placed in the zodiac signs Taurus and Ketu in Scorpio ruled by Mars. Here Mars is for relationships. During the early 2021, Jupiter was in Capricorn with Saturn and Saturn in his own sign, Jupiter was debilitated and Both these major planets- Jupiter/Saturn was in a trine position that it was placed in the fifth house in Taurus. Here Rahu is in a weak position and Taurus is for the throat and people were infected with throat problems and breathing problems. Many people unfortunately also lost their lives and close relatives during this period. 

The pandemic started in China and the main reason was to create panic among people and emerge as global leaders. The Chinese had their symbol as Dragon and here Rahu is a Rakshasa and the dragon symbol denotes. Rahu is a foreign planet and China is a foreign country.

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China started this biowarfare, which this pandemic is referred to as and spread all over the world. The phase of this pandemic began in 2019 itself and during this time the solar eclipse came and it was intense in Dec 2019. During this phenomenon, the Sun was in Sagittarius with Jupiter, Saturn, Ketu and Rahu were in Gemini, Mars in Scorpio. This eclipse created bad signals and certain harmful waves which started expanding the pandemic.

Further Mars was passing in Taurus with Rahu by the middle of the year 2021 and this was in the second wave. Due to this, lung infections and breathing problems were more. These indications were severe and the death rate increased due to the placement of Saturn in Capricorn, Rahu in Taurus with Mars. When the month of July 2021 came, Mars was placed in the Cancer sign and was being mutually aspected by Saturn from Capricorn and the second wave of the pandemic became severe. Also to add here—Mercury and Mars exchanged their signs in Aries and Gemini means that Mars was in Gemini and Mercury was in Aries. Due to the above combination, intense fever was present in the 2021 pandemic second wave. 

Death rate in 2021 was high due to Saturn placed in Capricorn and Rahu placed in Taurus in trine position and when Jupiter was placed in Aquarius in 2021, the severity of the pandemic was increased. 

Jupiter in Capricorn in debilitation started the pandemic in 2020 and in 2021 in retrogression in Aquarius further expanded the problem.

The term CORONA is synonymous with material with leather and Rahu denotes leather and this CORONA is a SYNDROME Related to lungs in medical terms.

Which Zodiac Signs Are Most Affected Due To This Pandemic:

  1. Aries– Rahu was placed in second and eighth houses till now. From early 2020 till September 2020, Rahu/Ketu was placed in third and ninth houses in the signs- Gemini and Sagittarius and this position was the developing phase for several problems. These natives were facing money and psychological problems.
  1. Taurus– Rahu was placed in second and eighth houses till now. From early 2020 till September 2020, Rahu/Ketu was placed in second and eighth houses in the signs, Gemini and Sagittarius and this position was giving severe problems. These natives were facing health and relationship problems.
  1. Libra– Rahu was placed in ninth and Ketu was placed before in 2020 till September 2020 and was placed in the signs, Gemini and Sagittarius and this position deprived these natives of luck and delays. Then Rahu was placed in eighth and Ketu in second houses in Scorpio and Taurus for Libra natives after September 2020 till now. These natives still suffer from money and health problems. They were facing relationship issues also.
  1. Scorpio– Most affected zodiac sign after Aries was Scorpio as Rahu/Ketu was placed in second and eighth houses and now first and seventh houses till now. This zodiac sign faced health issues, money problems and loss of job. 
  1. Capricorn– Last affected zodiac sign was Capricorn as Rahu was placed in the fifth house in a debilitated position and Ketu in the eleventh house and Saturn in Capricorn. This position of Rahu with Saturn in the first house triggered -health issues, delays in getting high benefits, fear and insecure feeling about their future etc.

Remedies for the above zodiac signs

  1. Recite Durga Chalisa.
  2. Chant “Om Durgaya Namaha” daily 21 times.
  3. Do Homa/Yajna for Rahu/Ketu on Tuesdays.
  4. Perform Pratyangira Yajna/Homa on Fridays.

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